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Review #1, by Phantasymmetrical Let it Snow

12th June 2011:
Awwwh! So sweet! :D
I love this pairing - and you caught it so perfectly here, like a snowflake on eyelashes.
I think you nailed Severus' and Hermione's characters - they're fluffy, but real and true to themselves, not someone else's interpretation, and I really enjoyed reading it. :)

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Review #2, by Skizzy Let it Snow

20th June 2009:
!!!YAY!!! I love this ship. It so cute. I no not many people like it but I do. I think you should write a story about it. About how they meet.!!

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Review #3, by henryjones Let it Snow

17th April 2008:
so this felt really weird for me to read. i think it was because it was between snape and hermione, however, and not for your writing. i did like it. although i must confess that ive never seen all of its a wonderful life, so perhaps i didnt get everything. but i did like it. nice job! ;)

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Review #4, by delta Let it Snow

3rd February 2008:
You know, I read this first on your livejournal after Mon (I think it was Mon) recommended it when I was bemoaning the lack of HGSS stories that didn't include twenty chapters of sex and more sex and that I hadn't read yet in the c-box.

Hermione/Snape is my absolute OTP and you captured it here perfectly. Even though Snape is undoubtedly in love here, you still have his prickly personality down beautifully. Hermione is also extremely in character, from her love of Christmas to the way she handles Snape. I think this story has been one of the few instances in which I actually enjoyed fluff.

Beautiful job here. =]

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Review #5, by Leanne Malfoy Let it Snow

22nd January 2008:
That was really good. I didn't think it would be any good because of the pairing but it was awsome. It was so sweet!!! 10/10!!!

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Review #6, by Snarky Let it Snow

21st January 2008:
Aww, how sweet.

I like how throughout the whole thing you manage to keep snape in character, despite it being horribly fluffy. For that, I consider this piece amazing, you manage fluff without sacrificing either character.


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Review #7, by SiriuslyCrack Let it Snow

20th January 2008:
Omg, this is so cute, Jessi. I absolutely hate Severus Snape paired up with anybody, even Lily, but this... I enjoyed reading this story so much that I think I am going to issue a challenge on SAYS for Severus paired up with someone, probably Ginny (since I have a couple of Snape/Hermione-s). Oh, and am I glad there was no explanation of how they got together. LOL. I like the way you have written this. Straight-forward, cute, Christmassy and romantic. Loved it, Jessi *hugs* I am so giving you a nine!

Oh, and one more thing, can I say I totally want to kiss Snape after reading this? :D

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Review #8, by essenni Let it Snow

19th January 2008:
I love how you captured Severus's character! Very nice job. It's sometimes hard to make him hate Christmas and ignore all the fun, but you didn't change him. I admire it.

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