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Review #1, by HannahHufflepuff Been Far Away For Far Too Long

22nd August 2010:
Aw This is Really sweet
I love Seamus aswell and I love the way you have writen your OC. It's such a beautiful story. I can see she feels scared of the war that her parents died but Seamus is like her Prince Charming and always being there for his girlfriend so sweet

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Review #2, by Ellie Been Far Away For Far Too Long

25th November 2008:
How sweet! Did it take place right after the battle?

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Review #3, by quidditch77 Been Far Away For Far Too Long

28th January 2008:
Very very sweet. I'm glad I read it! This is now the second Seamus/OC story I've read (the other being Coffee Stains)...great job with this, and beautiful banner. ALL of your banners are perfect- dont ever change them :)

Author's Response:
Aww, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed reading it and enjoy the banners. ^__^

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Review #4, by Ginny_Hermione Been Far Away For Far Too Long

10th January 2008:
Awww!! That was really sweet!! I've never read one about Seamus and his girlfriend after the war... But really, this was really good! It was really well written and I think it just deserves a great big AWW!!

Good job!!

Author's Response:
Thanks. (:

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Review #5, by Anon Been Far Away For Far Too Long

8th January 2008:
I love Seamus Finnegan and the fact your name was 'proud hufflepuff' I couldn't resist seeing I'm one myself.

Anyways This was a great story.I hope my writing might get as good as yours one day.I seem to drag everything on forever.

Author's Response:
I'm glad you liked it. (: I'm a big fan of Mr. Finnigan myself. ^_^

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Review #6, by maskedsiren Been Far Away For Far Too Long

7th January 2008:
Aw, that was sweet. You never really see a well written Seamus/OC fic anymore, or at least I don't! Keep up the good work with your writing darling, you are very talented!

Author's Response:
*blushes* Thank you. (:

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Review #7, by quailsrock23 Been Far Away For Far Too Long

6th January 2008:
aw, this was cute. i liked it. good job (: 9/10.

Author's Response:
Thank you. (:

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