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Review #1, by tomfeltonisdeadsexy Confrontations

14th June 2014:
Bloody fantastic! Not only are you a fabulous writer with an expansive vocabulary and an excellent picture painter, you writer Dramione with prowess. I truly enjoyed the way you kept tight to their true characters, which makes it that much more delicious to read.

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Review #2, by Shortie Confrontations

16th May 2012:
Love it :) Is there a sequel?

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Review #3, by confusedlover Confrontations

19th April 2012:
very lovely.

this was amazing, as are all of your other stories. you did a wonderful job of setting this one up and making everything believable. your characterizations were incredible, as always. wonderful job! keep up the amazing writing!! (:

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Review #4, by J Confrontations

22nd February 2011:
Whoa. I didn't expect to find another DraMione story this good. I know that when I read Blood in my Heart, I knew that I would be going to your ID and checking out which other Draco/Hermione stories you've written, because I'm a sucker for them and because I tend to like other stories of the same pairing when written by the same person.
Some times.
But I didn't expect this.
For one, Draco and Hermione's obvious annoyance with each other in the beginning was just so... amusing. The way the other so constantly irritated them, and the other was constantly on their minds was so true, because people have a habit of thinking more of the people who annoy them.
But when Ron decided to take a break from Hermione because of her "obsession" with Draco? That just made me grin wide.
And then Draco's want for her, and how he was ignoring her so that she didn't find out what he was thinking, and she couldn't, that was also amusing.
And the end? I wasn't quite sure what to think. My mouth was hanging open.
And what Draco said? ďLet me get this straight, Weasley breaks off his engagement to you because itís bloody obvious to him that you want me, you then go and prove his point by shagging me in a storage closet... And then, you seem to think that you two are getting back together?!"
Yes, that was basically the essence of the whole story jammed into one sentence.
You really write amazing stories.
I'm going back to your ID and checking out the other DraMione stories you've written. Again. :D

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Review #5, by BabyPhat Confrontations

8th February 2011:
Great job! I think a lot of your D/Hr (I absolutely hate the word "Dramoine") stories are interesting, because they stay away from the usual, sorta cliche stories that get them together. I liked the tension you slowly built up (in the course of 8000 words, which is extremely long for a one-shot) and as sad as I am with the short ending, I don't think it could've been better :) I wish there would be a sequel of some sort!

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Review #6, by FanFiCritic Confrontations

29th December 2010:
"Bone-melting contentment". Well I know how that feels. LOL!

Wow, you sure know how to write the sweet... and the spicy.

And I loved it that when it was over, he still kissed her shoulder and lips again. It shows a bit of caring on his part and almost a 'thank you' of sorts.

Beautifully written... as always. Thank you for sharing your talents!

This one was HOT!

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Review #7, by blue2 Confrontations

8th December 2010:
sexy or what! loved this - thanks. x

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Review #8, by spreaddapoo93 Confrontations

7th December 2010:
Absolutely beautiful!!! This is ... this is ... I don't even have the word for it. You are a literary genius!!! I haven't come across a fanfic this intricately written; the psychology behind the characters, as well as the pristine writing style and the witty dialogue; it's perfect.

This shows immense flexibility in your writing, from the very academic, almost semi-formal fashion which you began this with (captivating all the way through) to the intense, passionate love scene between Draco and Hermione, and the cliffhanger ending; it's an immortalised work of art!

If you're still only writing fan fiction, I hope you get to your senses and start getting some work published, because you are brilliant!

10/10 and favourited

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Review #9, by happy Confrontations

7th December 2010:
A second reading. (Sigh.) It's so very satisfying. Thanks for sharing your magical skill.

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Review #10, by hermioneism Confrontations

6th September 2010:
Wow... I rarely find myself in awe of a one-shot. This was amazing. Not at all OOC. Normally, I find sequels to one-shots be poor follow-ups that are better left undone... but this? It demands more. Too much is left unsaid, unexplored, undone. I find myself reading it over again to find unseen details.

Put my poor unsatisfied mind at ease. Please update? :)

Author's Response: Haha with such a plea, how could I refuse? :P There is definitely a sequel to this one. Still in the works but hopefully up soon. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it.

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Review #11, by NessaTelemnar Confrontations

26th August 2010:
This is one of the most FANTASTIC stories I've ever read !
Your writing style is superb, this is the first text EVER on hpff for which I had to look up words in the dictionary (my mother tongue is not english you see, I'm from Belgium) and in my eyes, that's a good omen ^^ The story develops in a very natural way, not forced or farfetched as some other dramione stories ...
I was really impressed ! :D

Nina x

Author's Response: Haha that's wonderful to hear :D I'm thrilled I added to your vocabulary as well. Thanks so much for the lovely review :D

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Review #12, by quirkycharm Confrontations

20th August 2010:
wow. i really enjoyed this. it really got me hooked once i started it.

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Review #13, by justonemorefic Confrontations

16th August 2010:
Highly, highly amused xD That narrator! I hear a dry English butler for some reason. I rarely ever read D/H, but a good snark (and high vocabulary) trumps that, and you've got both!

Author's Response: I literally snorted aloud when I read this. You really can't go by a really good English butler for narration can you? :P Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by Salogel Confrontations

15th August 2010:
This is a wonderfully written one-shot. Loved it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #15, by amy Confrontations

15th August 2010:
brilliant one shot i loved it

Author's Response: Thank you :D

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Review #16, by happy Confrontations

15th August 2010:
Fabulously delicious. LOVE how you keep them in character. But you left me hanging like that? Too cruel!! Do you want us to beg you for another chapter? Okay, I'm begging. Love your vocabularly - really fun to read. Thanks so much!

Author's Response: Woo hoo! I love begging :P Actually I have a semi-completed sequel to this on my desktop.. I'm trying to motivate myself to finish but lovely comments like yours certainly help lol. Thank you!

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Review #17, by paulababe Confrontations

14th August 2010:

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Review #18, by darkakane Confrontations

30th June 2010:
O.o Amazing.. and Adorable... I love it.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #19, by brookeee Confrontations

12th June 2009:
very interesting story. the fact that it is only a one-shot is disappointing, but other than that, great job.

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Review #20, by SkinnerBxSlytherin Confrontations

16th December 2008:
OMG L0v3d iT...

Soo0ooo sw33T...

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Review #21, by Jemione Confrontations

13th December 2008:
First of all - have you published this piece somewhere else before? I think I've read it on some other site.

Anyways, whether or not I've read this before, I must say that this is an excellent piece of writing. You are a great writer, as I'm sure you already know. I have absolutely no complaints or anything I'd like to point out. Well - I suppose I could point out that Draco is utterly delicious. I wish it was me working with him. :D

All in all - great job.


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Review #22, by Roo Confrontations

10th December 2008:
You will continue this right? Too good not to.

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Review #23, by xxSorcereSSxx Confrontations

10th December 2008:
I found this small mistake:
You said before: "...if one was interested in that whole blond-haired, blue-eyed and wealthy kind of handsome..." ; then you described his eyes as grey. No big deal, but I thought I might mention.

I liked it. It was believable, and quite un-cliche if you ask me. I'm glad you made Hermione subtly sensual rather than the impossible transformations most people seem to think is plausible.

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Review #24, by Deni Confrontations

9th December 2008:
That was a good story :)

Also, your banner is absolutely beautiful, you really have skills in making them.

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Review #25, by jenrabbit Confrontations

14th May 2008:
hehehehehe, evil laughter, it sounds like there's a very interesting sequalout there. Now i need to go look for it, excelent though. Totaly a 10/10!! ^.^

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