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Review #1, by Anonymous Immaturity Is Not A Sin

24th November 2009:
Good Story! (: It had good grammar and spelling, which is great! The plot line is nice, but I think it's a bit hurried. Other than that, very good story and I would love to read more! Also, you might want to fix up your summary a little bit... Make people want to read the story more. When I read the summary, I, almost, decided not to read it.

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Review #2, by palmieee Immaturity Is Not A Sin

1st May 2008:
u deserve lots of cookies Aimsieee
(I can do little stars with ma name too)

Author's Response: hahaha i love cookies!!!!! i think you deserve some too, cos you reviewed!!!

yay! oh and btw you have to put up the next chapter of your story cos its totally awesummus.

***stars are special***
teeheehee! have fun at work experience!!!


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Review #3, by GinnyChaserSuberb Surprise!

30th April 2008:
love the story so funny!!!

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Review #4, by cnewk Um... Friends?

29th April 2008:
I like the story but tonks and charlie are too old. They should be about 4 or 5 not 11

Author's Response: i'm glad you like it. i wasn't really sure how old they were meant to be, but i made a guess and figured that it didn't really matter... ok ok i know it's a huge mistake to some people and i'm sorry, but i just wanted to put them in because they might possibly be important in one of the coming chapters... plus that's just how it goes in my head.

i apologise to any die-hard tonks or charlie fans.


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Review #5, by whatever War!

9th April 2008:
hey! i thought it was really good, but short. hope there is another soon (hint, hint)

Author's Response: the next chapter will be up as soon as i can be bothered to type it all!!!

its a bit longer and yes, i know that this one was unbelievably short but the next one won't be.

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Review #6, by palmieee War!

9th April 2008:
Very good
spongieee bob!!

Author's Response: thanx palmieee let me no when ur storys up, kay?

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Review #7, by Gemma War!

8th April 2008:
First of all, I love this story! Secondly, i really, really want to find ot whta happens between lily and Marlene. And Lily and James. I mean, they're not exactly together, are they? More please!

Author's Response: i'm sorry but if i tell you what happens, then theres no point in reading any further!!! no, lily and james aren't together... well, not EXACTLY, they're just 'friends'. for now, anyway...


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Review #8, by whatever Fury of the Green Monster

7th April 2008:
that was amazing! more more more!

Author's Response: next chappie up soon (i hope)
its a lot shorter than my other chapters but i hope you'll read it anyways!!!


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Review #9, by jenny Fury of the Green Monster

7th April 2008:
i think it is so good! cant wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it and as always i'm still surprised to hear that people review my story!

next chapter should be up within the next few days...

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Review #10, by tam dogs Fury of the Green Monster

7th April 2008:
i no how to make a banner if u want me to, cous i made one for myspace

Author's Response: ok yes pleases tami you have to have to HAVE TO help me cos i wouldn't have a clue how to make one!!!

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Review #11, by way2geeky Fury of the Green Monster

7th April 2008:
weird thats all im saying!
you better be at school tomoz...

Author's Response: weird? weird?! WEIRD?!!

how dare you call my precious little story WEIRD?!

nah its ok i get it u hate the story. *sigh*

nah i'm not going to school cos i don't have to!!! don't you dare come over here and try to drag my sorry butt away from the computer, cos thats IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

o and btw tami wants to post her story so i'm gonna show her how... eventually...

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Review #12, by Jameslover Fury of the Green Monster

5th April 2008:

Author's Response: I"LL MAKE SURE I DO!!!!! next chapter up as soon as it's validated, which should hopefully be soon, and it's from james' POV. enjoy!

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Review #13, by Spongieebob Fury of the Green Monster

4th April 2008:
very good aimseee
green monster? that idont get
but very good!
ill send u mine or maybe even post if for you, if i can figure out how!

Author's Response: BAHAHA
thank you palm- i mean, SPONGIEEBOB.
the green monster was supposed to be marlene (monster-angry-like the hulk-GREEN hair-get it now?)
the sooner the better, S.B., cos i NEED to read more!!! ITS SOOO COOL!!!!!

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Review #14, by stoirmeacha Fury of the Green Monster

4th April 2008:
This made me laugh out loud. I love it. Update soon?

Author's Response: oooh fight! i hope you find it funny, even though i'm certainly not the world's best comedian! next chapter up as soon as it's validated. which should be soon. i hope.

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Review #15, by stoirmeacha Surprise!

4th April 2008:
It's good, but maybe moving a bit fast? I may be missing something here though. (To the next chapter I go ...)

Author's Response: sorry if you think its moving a bit fast, but thats how it is in my head (eww sussness). if you're missing something, then you'll have to keep reading to see what it is!!!

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Review #16, by stoirmeacha Um... Friends?

4th April 2008:
It was really good, and left me wanting to read more. (Off to read next chapter ...)

Author's Response: ...i'm glad you think its good - i try my best!!!

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Review #17, by skyesloane Um... Friends?

19th March 2008:
hilarious chapter! only one thing: shouldn't lily not know about the marauders until she and james becomes a couple? but whatever. i'm not sure about that.

anyway! positively brilliant chapter and i'd read more if only i don't have to get out of my lazy arse and do something productive. (or so my mum says)

10/10 and 100 gold stars!! wo!! :D

Author's Response: ok, i just wanna say that lily knows about the marauders cos they're sort of infamous for BEING the marauders, so everyone knows about them... hey! i'm reading your story too and its AWESOME!!!

my dads a bit like that. i think he's afraid of the computer...

YAY!!! gold stars!!!

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Review #18, by Sal1705 Surprise!

19th March 2008:
I love your story, it's awesome! Can't wait to read the next chap!


Author's Response: good to know! next chappie up soon i hope...

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Review #19, by Sal1705 Um... Friends?

19th March 2008:

I just finisher reading Don't Ever Let Go by siobhan_malfoy and I saw your review and yu said you were from Aus too and I got all excited and decided to read your story.


Author's Response: mmkay cool. maybe it isn't so hard to find aussies on the net after all... oh and btw readers, Don't Ever Let Go by siobhan_malfoy is a good story. read it!!! now!!!

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Review #20, by Ginny45 Surprise!

5th March 2008:
Omg love both chapters my favo bit has to be this though

And then I'll adopt the giant squid, marry Potter, hijack the school train, break into Azkaban, join You-Know-Who, and skip off into the distance singing about rainbows and lollipops!

its geniosity, it really is anyway love the story Emma x

Author's Response: you've really made my day!!!

i haven't been able to update for AGES because we're changing our internet and i have to rewrite my whole third chapter due to validation issues and i haven't been able to do ANYTHING, but i'm trying!!!

thanx for calling it geniosity... thats a new one!

please keep reading!!!... well as soon as the next bits up, but you know what i mean!!!

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Review #21, by hem_hem Um... Friends?

26th February 2008:
this is such a great story!!
i love how you're making lily be a lot more normal than some of the stories around this site.which is AWESOME, by the way
i mean, i dont know what gender you are. so yeah. hope i didnt offend you!
love it so far

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I've had hardly any reviews lately so it was grest to hear from you!!!

and yes I am a 'GIRLIE'. don't worry. i'm not offended. it can be really hard to tell sometimes.

oh and by the way, i'm reading your story 'The Marauder's Last Task' which is awesome by the way!!!

i try to keep the characters as normal as possible but it can actually be a bit hard when you're not normal yourself!!! ;P

anyway, thanks for reading!!!


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Review #22, by extratorestrial Surprise!

23rd February 2008:
more on james hotness to come??

Author's Response: of course!!! how could there not be???!!! James is one of my favourite Gryffindors, and he's one of the main characters, so i couldn't possibly leave him out!!!

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Review #23, by Tj Surprise!

23rd February 2008:
only 2 guesses
the movie was good. u shoulda cum!!
hope u like what i brought u/ us

Author's Response: you do realise that this is where you put reviews for the story, and not comment on school and everything...? not that i don't appreciate it Tami!!!

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Review #24, by Lucy Morag Surprise!

22nd February 2008:
yay - like this story! keep up the writing! Though... maybe more of an explanation as to lily's actions?

Author's Response: i'm glad you like it - marauder fics are my favourites!!! i'll definitely keep writing and i'll keep your comments in mind! next chapter should be up in a few days!

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Review #25, by JazzRocknRollSoul Surprise!

21st February 2008:
james is hilarious. more soon pleases and thank yous :) xxx

Author's Response: aww thanx for reviewing, you've made my day!!!

i've written up to i think chapter 10, but since i can only post them one at a time, the next should be up as soon as its validated.

thanx again for telling me what you think! the story switches between james and lily every chapter, so there'll be more potter-ness soon!

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