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Review #1, by alyosha The first day is always scary, but this was different

7th March 2009:
Strange that you dont have more reviews.

Author's Response: Why is it strange? :)

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Review #2, by alyosha Falling

23rd March 2008:
I like this story. Your illustration of Dumbledore is believably written. Sure, he was a very wise wizard and had attained very much. But at the end of a life whose objective seemed to be the accumulation of prestige and the thwarting of evil wizards, he would of course feel that he had missed out on many normal life-experiences. I would imagine that his life wasn't very peaceful, and it is only natural that he would have second thoughts about ending it so abruptly and for such an impersonal cause. Perhaps his biggest regret was how he chose to spend his life, and even though he did do essential things, he could not essentially know what he was doing and to what extent they would be profitable. Placing your hopes in the hands of a young boy isn't an assured victory, certainly.

What was I even saying?

Oh, I guess it all boils down to is this, your story is good, and i particularly like your nice sentences. In his childhood sequence, there are some sentences that i thought were especially wondrous.

*most convoluted and pointless review ever*

Author's Response: It wasn't covoluted or pointless at all actually. Just very informative. An di do like the way you described Dumbledore.

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Review #3, by pagnotta Falling

20th March 2008:
what a great begining! This is wonderful.*tears*
"Oh poor Dumbledore.Why did you have to go!"
Great work A+!

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Review #4, by JamesPotter1992 Falling

25th January 2008:
Loved the start, and it really works. WONDERFUL SHANNON!

Well done 10/10

Author's Response: YE

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