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Review #1, by lilyjames Meet the Siblings

24th January 2008:
This is awesome! butterfliesneedwings recommended it to me. She claims it's a story that I'll love and she's right. I loved it and i hope you update reallly soon!

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Review #2, by butterfliesneedwings Meet the Siblings

8th January 2008:
This is awesome!!! I have a question though. Why are they finding out now and why do they have to go to their parents. Also why were they given up for adoption in the first place. I'm guessing one of them is a Weasley child but then again maybe not. Why wasn't Sabrina just sent to be with the Dursley's or at least another wizarding family. And if Sabrina and the others are related to wizards surely they'd be one too and would have gotten their letters inviting them to come to Hogwarts. but then again the letters could have been hidden by the adoptive parents, but if so why would they be telling them now.
I hope these are answered in the upcoming chapters because I'm definitely going to read them. I think this would be an extremely hard plot but you're doing excellent so far. A reader is supposed to have questions after they read or what's the point of reading.
10/10 and I'll add it to my faves so I can keep up with it.

Author's Response: Well,there finding out now because their adopted parent's wanted to keep them. They have to go to their parents because their parents need to share a secret with them a secret that will change thier lives.

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