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Review #1, by Rave Gift of Legends

27th February 2013:
Where are you, OP :( Been waiting for 3 years now, no kidding.

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Review #2, by Jo Gift of Legends

12th February 2013:
This is amazing, will you ever continue it? Please please do :)

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Review #3, by dragongurl Gift of Legends

8th July 2012:
This fic is so good! Please continue!!! :)

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Review #4, by Lyni Gift of Legends

25th December 2011:
Great story! Very haunting and emotional :)
Merry Christmas!

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Review #5, by laurenhermione Gift of Legends

29th April 2011:
Fantastic. xx
Brilliant. xx
Amazing. xx
Wonderful. xx
Beautiful. xx
Great. xx

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Review #6, by LeightonAliceAphrodite Gift of Legends

21st April 2011:
You have GOT to update soon! Please, I beg of you!!

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Review #7, by kattyblack Gift of Legends

10th April 2011:
Please write another chapter. Your stories are magnificent and you write Sirius in way that is so unlike anyone else does, and at the same time very very canon. You write like a dream, and your stories deserve to see light. Don't let a few lost readers stop you, write and they will come crawling back.

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Review #8, by Rave Gift of Legends

7th December 2010:
Come on what's taking you so long!?
Sorry just cant wait for the next chapter. You're doing an incredible job!
'The Present' isn't one of my favorites BUT my ultimate favorite and I've just LOVED 'Echoes of Fate' till now too :)

Update soon!

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Review #9, by Mrs Sirius Black Gift of Legends

28th November 2010:
ah welcome back.. glad to see you haven't given up on the story.. when do you plan for the next chapter to be up?

poor sirius :(

thanks for the good chapter.. was a nice suprise :)

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Review #10, by Marzipan Acceptance

12th November 2010:
Hi there, back again! There is no fear of me not returning! To warn you, though, I probably won't be powering through the rest of the chapters as quickly I did the first three. So my apologies in advance.

Another great chapter. With each chapter we are given a fresh glimpse into the characters and their lives. Here we have a tender moment between Sirius and Hermione, but even now Sirius is still keeping his distance. Although all his thoughts and actions seem to scream the contrary, he maintains that he doesn't love Hermione. Boo, Sirius, what is your deal? Loosen up a little and learn to enjoy yourself.

And woah, Sirius and Lily had been pregnant in the past?? Way before Lily and James? Holy freaking cow. I assume this is something I would be caught up on if I'd read that Sirius/Lily prequel you mentioned, but as it is I'm totally "OMG did not see that coming"! That makes Sirius' super weird behaviour towards Hermione a bit more understandable.

I feel myself getting even more drawn into the story with each chapter: what is going to happen with Lucius? Is Sirius going to get his head on straight? Who is the father of Hermione's baby? (I know who I'm rooting for on this one!!) Can't wait to find out the answer to these questions!! (and the one hundred more I will probably have before the story is over!)

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Review #11, by clare Gift of Legends

12th November 2010:
Your back! I was absolutely over the moon when I saw this story in the que and it absolutely lived up to expectations :) The dialogue betwee Sirius and Remus is, as alway, amazing - life would be so much more fun if everybody was that witty and cool in the real world!

Thankyou for a fantastic chapter and I really hope you update soon
clare :)
p.s I might be completely misunderstanding what you were saying but I think you might possibly mean King Henry and the Tudor years rather than "King Edward..." - sorry if I'm over stepping bounds I just thought a story as fab as yours deserves to meet your high standards of writing factually, if you understand what I mean:)

Author's Response: I'm trying to be back. I've been gone for so long that I seem to have lost most readers and I was super terrified to even post this so...I just wanted to say I'm so super happy you took the time to stop back by and leave a review. I was getting so disheartened and then to come home to your kind review was wonderful! So..thank you!

And...*blushes* I did mean King Henry but during the Boleyn years. I think I was watching "The Other Boleyn" when I wrote that part :D I've gone and fixed it :)

Again, thanks for the review. It really does mean alot! *hugs*

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Review #12, by math Gift of Legends

11th November 2010:
dearest that last sentence was chilling. I love the friendship you gave them. James and Sirius were brothers, but Remus was there too & so I love that you are giving that friendship a chance.

Oh and let it be Sirius' child. The poor lad deserves it.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing I'm so glad you liked Remus because I do worry about writing him so much. Thank you!

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Review #13, by AndrinaBlack Gift of Legends

11th November 2010:
I love the way you include some Black family history kind of casually in the story. You know not the way that you hit it right in the reader's face, like "this is black family history" but have it there and give the story some more background and flesh on the bones. Not that it's just bones otherwise, but you know what I mean, I hope. It kind of creates an atmosphere as well like with Sirius walking around the room thinking about old gloomy things. I also love the way you have made the house in your stories, full with mysteries and hidden rooms. That was a bit hinted on by Rowling, but you really have delved deeper into the mysteries of Grimmauld place.

Your descriptions are great as always and make me jealous!

One thing I have never really understood is how people always recognise other people by the smell of their perfumes or colognes. I definitely can't. Maybe it's because I have never settled for one scent myself and I think everyone else keep changing them too and I don't really recognice anyone else's scent.

Wow! Lily and Sirius had a child?!? And his telling the truth!!! But how did she hide it if she was pregnant, so no one else ever knew?

If I'm allowed to be nitpicky for just one moment: "Was it to late to take it all back?" There's a to which should be a too.

I might have said it a lot of times already, but it makes me so happy to read a Remus and Sirius scene. You write them so well and interesting and you write the dialogue between them so great!

But if it didn't become clear already, this was again overall a great chapter. It's always great to come back to this story.

PS. Could we have a flashback or something? I want some Sirius/Lily. Please.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, hon! We've already discussed the scent issue :P but I still wanted to respond and thank you for reviewing. They did have a child but lost it early on...early enough that no one would notice it. Thanks for the typo and...I agree..I'm about desperate for some Sirius/Lily *sighs*

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Review #14, by marinahill Gift of Legends

11th November 2010:
Oh I do love angst, and I especially love angst written well. I loved the insight into Sirius's thoughts we got here, very deep and certainly very moving. I believe everything I read here, it's so very realistic - I know you must tire of me repeating that, but this story is really realistic and believable. I can really get into Remus and Sirius's relationship and you portray their friendship strongly. Absolutely loved it - and what's more amazing than your ability to craft such a deep story is the fact that you pick it up less regularly than I ever could. To have the motivation to keep returning is enviable. I'm very much looking forward to the next update!


Author's Response: I don't get tired of it because I was so terrified to get a review that its wonderful to hear something nice! I'm glad you like Remus. I do really struggle with him and that I can pull their relationship together with any realism is a great thing to hear so thank you! Over and over again, thank you!

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Review #15, by marinahill Memories in Question

11th November 2010:
Remus is so wonderful -swoons some more- I am very fond of your Remus indeed, he's exactly as I pictured him to be from the books and I don't think you can ask for more than that in a canon character. Once again, fantastic dialogue, it's so realistic and I really could be sat in a room with them, it's really believable. To see Remus and Hermione's doubts really adds to the authenticity; of course they'd doubt Sirius, everyone always has that little doubt in their mind about something or other and that's another thing that makes it all realistic. Your characters are like realistic. Fab stuff.


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Review #16, by marinahill Avada Kedavra

11th November 2010:
This chapter makes me want to read the prequel, I must admit. I need to know the back story to this! You're doing a good job of writing a sequel that is pretty much stand-alone - yes, I'm a tiny bit confused, but instead of being deterred I wish I knew more. So at Christmas I know what my job will be :P To be honest, the writing and storyline make up for the back-story I don't know. I'm really curious to see how this drama resolves itself! I can't believe she was going to avada kedavra them! Literally nail-biting stuff. Great job!


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Review #17, by marinahill Collusion

11th November 2010:
Ah your dialogue is to die for. I really hope I've learned something from reading this, I've never been able to grasp the art of excellent dialogue. What really makes it strong is your characterisation - it's so easy to rely on situations to hold up a character, but yours are so well-developed that I'm sure nothing could happen at all in the story and they'd still hold their own. Such a pleasure to read (and admire).

So Bill and Sirius are taking matters into their own hands, this will certainly be interesting.


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Review #18, by marinahill Acceptance

11th November 2010:
More excellent in-character dialogue, it's wonderful to read. I feel like I learn more about Sirius with each chapter. His wanting to cleanse his family name is interesting and certainly something I could believe he would want, though definitely a tough task. As the name is something he has grown up resenting, it's admirable that he would take the time and effort to change people's opinion of it. Very loyal indeed.

So we have conflict - who will the father be? I'm very interested in seeing how that turns out, lots of potential for drama. Lovely!


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Review #19, by marinahill Old Vendettas

11th November 2010:
I can't believe I haven't read any fanfic for so long... reading this has reminded me why I loved it in the first place. I adore Remus for one, in general, and the way you write him almost makes me swoon. That perhaps wasn't your intention, but anyone who can write a good Remus is always in my good books. You write him perfectly. His relationship with Sirius is also very well written, I envy your skill - the dialogue is realistic and in character and the whole chapter flowed really naturally and was so easy to read. There's something natural about your prose that I can't exactly pinpoint, but you have a great balance of narrative and dialogue. It's not too fast paced but neither does it drag. You hit the nail on the head with this chapter.

I wonder if Sirius will go after Malfoy or not, there's so many elements of his character that suggest it could go either way, so I'm looking forward to which he chooses.


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Review #20, by Marzipan Old Vendettas

11th November 2010:
I think this will be my last review for tonight - three chapters will be my limit for one evening, and I'll come back for the rest later! And let me tell you, I'm looking forward to it because this was once again an awesome chapter!! Things that were great about it: Remus. Remus/Sirius bromance. Hung over Sirius. HOMG, intrigue because Lucius was at Grimmauld?!?! Remus and Tonks possibly moving in! Um, yeah. Obviously the quality of my reviews has gone downhill significantly. A sign that it is indeed time for me to say farewell for tonight. I haven't gotten to the new chapter yet, which was the goal, so I will definitely be back! And hopefully will be more coherent when I return!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for doing this! I know how tired you were and that you came over to read this for me was just so thoughtful. I hope you come back and read the rest of the chapters and tell me what you think!

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Review #21, by Marzipan Mrs. Black

11th November 2010:
Hi, me again. So, I don't really know where I was expecting you to go with the story when I finished the first chapter, but I know a sudden party in Sirius' room over Lucius Malfoy's capture was definitely not it. Poor Sirius, I can't really blame him for being grumpy as a bear - it is the morning after his wedding, one would hope for a bit more privacy than that! Also a bit surprising to see Hermione and Sirius in such a bitter fight so soon after their wedding - no such thing as the honeymoon phase, here! - but given the subject matter it is completely understandable that both would have such a strong reaction.

Good to see Juliette again, even if she just popped in for a brief visit. I'm sure there will be more of her, though, so I'm not too upset about that. And Remus is there! Yay! *swoon* Hermione can have Sirius, I'll take the werewolf any day. It would actually be a rather squishy bedroom party if it weren't for Lucius, hanging over everything like a dark cloud. Ugh, Lucius - he's the worse. What is Sirius going to do?? I'll have to read and see, I guess!

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Review #22, by Marzipan Betrayal

10th November 2010:
Hi there! This isn't going to be a long review, because I'm lazy and tired, but I thought it would be easier to review as I went through the story instead of having to come back. So here it is.

I didn't realize that this was a sequel for TWO of your previous works. I've read the present. before (most of it, anyway - I'm not sure if I ever finished. Will have to rectify that) so I have a bit of an idea about what's going on, but I've never read Reckless. I'll be optimistic and say I'm only half as confused as I could be :D

That being said, I really like it so far. You're imagery is beautiful, it is really a joy to read it. You definitely have a good grasp of Sirius' character (not that I would expect anything else ;)) And a very ominous ending to the chapter! Can't wait to read on and find out what happens!

Apparently I lied, this review isn't really "short". Ah well, I'm sure you don't mind :D

Author's Response: *hugs* Thank you sooo much! It means the world to me that you did this review after such a long day and nano-ing and everything else. Thank you!

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Review #23, by jessicaaa Memories in Question

13th September 2010:
Pleaseee keep writing this... pleasepleaseplease.

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Review #24, by AndrinaBlack Memories in Question

22nd August 2010:
I actually read this chapter before, but never got to reviewing it then. But nows as good time as any to reread and review. :)

This is a great chapter (as always)! There was so much in this chapter again that I really have to think what I was going to say (should write the review while I'm reading I guess). While you have a lot of information in chapters, it still doesn't seem like you forced it all in there but it comes really naturally and easily, without making anything rushed.

Whatever you may say, I think you write Remus brilliantly! I can't but feel sorry for him in this chapter as he, like so often has to be the sensible and calm one, and I can see it's getting to him. Well Hermione has to take the same role too to some extent but I feel like it mostly falls on Remus. I really like the conversation here between them and how close they are.

I'm not sure if it was earlier in this story or in another story of yours where Sirius has a memory of a dog incident in his childhood. The dog was killed or tortured, I think. Was that what he was thinking about when he knew what Juliette was going to do, or am I imagining things? Maybe you even said something about that before, which is why I'm getting it in my head now, or then I'm just really imagining things.

That's interesting with the memories. I always thought it was a bit weird how they get a really clear memory to the peniseves with every detail of conversations in it. I don't remember things that clearly anyway. Or maybe the person kind of fills in the blanks when they put it in a pensieve and most memories have some "lies" in them. Anyway, I think that it makes sense that Sirius' memories wouldn't be that clear. It makes sense for most people's memories. Or maybe I just don't have an especially good memory.

To stop my ramblings: I really enjoyed reading this chapter again and I'm hoping there will be more soon! :)

Author's Response: You picked up on the dog! *is so thrilled* I wasn't sure anyone would. But yes, that was from a different story...The Edge of Light. I wasn't sure anyone would even recognize it. But yes, he did do the killing curse as a child and realized Juliette's actions from that so either his memories are lying or Hermione is lying to Remus.

Thanks, hon, for such a wonderful review. *hugs*

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Review #25, by MusicLife2288 Memories in Question

19th August 2010:
Oh please keep writing! I promise I will review every chapter if you do!

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