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Review #1, by booksponge "My Life..." NEW / UPDATED VERSION!!

8th May 2011:
Nice, thoroughly enjoyed it. Though i think it could do with a little more elaboration. That last scene kind of came out of nowhere. Still, it was good :)

And wow, James is such a bum! Haven't read such a scathing portrayal of him in... ages. Not that it's a bad thing, it was just different.

Anyway, good job. Hope to read more from you.

Author's Response: Yeah, I really just need to sit down and thoroughly revamp this story, I didn't spend as much time as I could have on this one.

And yeah, I like experimenting with different extremes of personalities every now and then :) It keeps things interesting.

I suggest checking out some of my other stories (they're more thought-out and developed, I promise!) if you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the review!


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Review #2, by Middle_of_September Original Version (for history's sake I'll leave this up here)

19th March 2011:
(This applies to the new and old story) First what you did right; the beginning was very well done and you described everything well. The pacing and speed were perfect. It was a really good story... until you wrote the ending. What happened? All of a sudden, Sirius is all alone in the Shrieking Shack, basically tells Remus's secret, and all of a sudden they start kissing each other, even though they barely know each others names? I'm sorry, but the ending ruined it for me.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! It's a realyyy old story that I wrote like... wow it must have been around 6 years ago now :X


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Review #3, by me!!!!!!!! Original Version (for history's sake I'll leave this up here)

24th March 2008:
ummm.james likes lily lol!did ya forget?

Author's Response: No, I didn't forget. It's just a story for if James didn't like Lily.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by I_Love_Sirius_Black Original Version (for history's sake I'll leave this up here)

3rd March 2008:
Nice story! It's always a bit refreshing to see a James who is not obsessed with Lily. This was great!

Author's Response: Thank a bunch! I'm always glad to get feedback for my stories!
Thanks again for the review!

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Review #5, by T_mara Original Version (for history's sake I'll leave this up here)

16th February 2008:
this is bloody brilliant ..

keep going with it..

cant wait to read more


Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the positive feedback!
And this story is actually a one-shot; but maybe if I get some time later I'll make it into a short story or something.


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Review #6, by Chelly Original Version (for history's sake I'll leave this up here)

30th January 2008:
Oh! this is so cute! I love it! only a couple things I would change though, the soccer shirt from 1st year and why sirius was in the shrieking shack by himself. But other than those, It was awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks a ton for the review!! ^^

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