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Review #1, by Lizbiz One For Memories

3rd January 2011:
I really love this story, you've got me enthralled!! ur great at writing. please write more soon!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing :)

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Review #2, by Fireball Nymph One For Memories

28th May 2009:
You're such an awesome writer. I love your work and the plot of this story. It's really good. I just can't wait for more. I just keep on drinking it in. Great one!

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #3, by i love prongs A Change in Change

19th January 2009:
Are you ever going to update? ive been waiting for ages to find out the whys, whens, whats etc i will be so disapointed if i dont get to find out as im sure many others will be. you have a fantastic story going her please keep going with it. Chelsea
P.S please atleast answer this review with whats going on not knowing is killing me.thanks

Author's Response: :S I know. :( This story is going to get finished... But... I'm just very very busy at the moment AND inspiration has pretty much left me... :/ Ill try and get back to writing on this, but I'm pretty much hit the world's biggest writer's block. I'm trying, I seriously am, it's just hard.

Hope you'll still read this story when I once get past this block :/

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Review #4, by iha_02 One For Memories

30th November 2008:
omg this story is so good! i love it! but when is james gonna come back? or when are we at least gonna see him, like not in a dream or something?... please update soon!

Author's Response: its coming! im having a writers block at the mo, but its coming!! thannk you for reviewing:]

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Review #5, by Evans_Potter_Perfection One For Memories

7th June 2008:
omg excellently written! i luv this it makes me so sad inside..but i luv stuff like me pessimistic? but im the brightest/happiest/loudest person out there...o the irony! any bak 2 the story! marlene rele made my heart break. it was amazing how james left her when she rele needed him i was like m m m m m m. then he came bak rele scared n i was like AHH! ok im done now but UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: HAHAHA!!! omg that was nice! At the end I was like ..... what? Fast talker! yay, thanks, update soon!

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Review #6, by Dreamchaser One For Memories

4th June 2008:
OH god, i'm crying. I love this story, I'm in the mood for it. Bit in a sad mood, don't know why. Anyway. Lovely story. I'm adding this to my favourites

Author's Response: Thanks:] I also often find myself in 'the mood' when I write this story.. yeah, thanks:]

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Review #7, by heyITSme One For Memories

2nd June 2008:
dude! updates soon!!

Author's Response: yeah yeah

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Review #8, by eclipse One For Memories

1st June 2008:
When I saw this story was updated I thought I was dreaming. It was a good chp but did the dream really happen.And I am not complaining and all but when is James coming back, and when are we going to know why he left in the first place ?

Author's Response: the drean was a flash back sort of thing... it did happen, and yeah it's coming, it's coming!

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Review #9, by kathryn One For Memories

1st June 2008:
awww that was so sad! beautifully written though! james was so sweet to lily. and MARLENE NO!!! ahh i was crying at her death scene! but great job!

Author's Response: thanks:]

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Review #10, by Gemma One For Memories

1st June 2008:
I absolutely love this story1 it's depressing, but sad in a good way, you know? the part where marlene dies is very well-written, it was sad and touching as well when lily tried to go back for her. it sort of gives insight into why lily and Grace became friends again. Plus, it shows that Grace isn't the best person on the planet. Keep up the awesome writing1

Author's Response: Thanks:]

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Review #11, by marislily A Change in Change

22nd May 2008:
I must say, really like this fic! Honestly, it's brilliant! And the Morgana-part isn't bad! I mean, seriously, everything is so well described! Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks:] Well-described? Thanks, that really means a lot since I'm absolutely rubbish at description:)

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Review #12, by JulezTeal Variety is the Spice of Life

12th May 2008:
Great =]] I loverr your story, just update faster!

Author's Response: yeah yeah yeah... I'm not a machine:P But I'll see to it... Thanks.

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Review #13, by heyITSme A Change in Change

9th May 2008:
omg, this is like, freaking amazing!! p;ease update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you:P

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Review #14, by NeLLyRaE A Change in Change

4th May 2008:
It was a pretty good chapter, altho i liked the others a lot better. I thought that the bit with Morgana was unnecessairy and random. I don't really see it's point in the story. The chapter seemed a bit akward.

But, compared to some other stuff i've seen on this site, it's stellar. :D The only reason i'm crticising it is because it's good enough to actually care! You're a very talented writer and this is a really interesting plot, different from the other stories on this site.

please never take that long to update again!!!

Author's Response: Well thank you:] I'm glad you told me that:)
I love getting critique actually, really nice to get something to work with.

I'm not going to change this chapter and it was an important one nonetheless, Morgana... Well, I loved writing it, but I kinda just got a bit caried away with it and afterwards realised that maybe it didn't fit that well. I decided to keep because I loved the bit even though it didn't fit there.

I won't take that long on an update again, hopefully:] Can't promise anything but I'll try.

Thank you for´calling me a talented writer, that really means a lot.
Yeah I know some of the stuff you see on this site is - well, you know, and I just really, REALLY get tired of reading about the stereo-type girl and all that. Clichés are just not my cup of tea, and DEFINETELY not after having read the same story ten times before only in different qualities.

well thank you for reviewing!:] I think this is the one review I appreciate the most:)

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Review #15, by Gemma A Change in Change

1st May 2008:
This is an amazing story! I liked the part about Morgana because it sort of shocks you into the horrors that are going on in Lily's world, which are nothing less than that-horrible. i especially liked the character of Gerald. I want a friend who cuts my hair fabulously for free and helps me figure out life! and grace was just puzzling in this chapter. From the earlier scenes, i never realized she could be so mean. There's something about her left arm, isn't there? Just speculating, but i think it's sort of peculiar that she doesn't let anyone see it. Amazing story, keep up the brilliant writng!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so happy that you like the part about Morgana, I really liked it myself and I loved writing it, so I'm so happy people think it's good!:]

Thank you!!!

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Review #16, by kathryn A Change in Change

30th April 2008:
hello :) i really enjoyed this chapter! and sorry i got kinda outa control with my suggestions in the last chapter review (i reread it and was like holy crap where did i come up with that dark idea hahahaha) anyways i thought the bit with morgana was good.. i like that it sorta shows how badly things can go if you rush into them. it depends on the people i guess. anyways i love that lily has a new hair cut and is set to get her life back on track. i am thinking she will probably be seeing james in one of the upcoming chapters (speaking of jamesie i wonder what he has been up to). anyways take your time with whatever you need to do (finals are absolute hell so i completely sympothize:) ). great job and keep up the great work! ohh one last thing that i just remembered: i wonder what sirius needed her for?

Author's Response: Hi:]
Heh.. well I didn't mind your suggestions at all :]
Well, the finals are just coming and I kinda just haven't realised they're coming so I'm still in a daze and I'm just writing and writing at the mo, so a few updates on various stories (one in this!!) and then I probably won't post too much after that, before starting again at the end of June:]
sorry, me babbling off...

Good you liked Morgana, I was a bit nervous about that since I've had one saying it was weird and didn't fit the story, but yeah, great and thanks for reviewing:]

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Review #17, by Tammy Variety is the Spice of Life

30th April 2008:
Wow, I think this story is great. I love the way that you convey Lily's emotions, I can really empathise with her. Her stream of conciousness is exactly how I would imagine it to be. I'm really excited to read more, I hope there are updates coming!

Author's Response: Haha, well thank you:] There is an update coming any moment now!!!:P

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Review #18, by heyITSme Variety is the Spice of Life

29th April 2008:

so, incredibly good. your really good at displaying emotions, too. please update soon!

the cancer thing--made complete sense. complete.

i think james left b/c soem death eater targeted him and he wanted lily safe?

lol. i have a lot of thoughts, but that's my favorite b/c its the best reason. lol

so, as i said before, my life depends on this: UPDATE SON

Author's Response: Thank you!:] UPDATE IS COMING VERY VERY VERY SOON!!:P like tomorrow or something:]

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Review #19, by eclipse Variety is the Spice of Life

29th April 2008:
I loved the memory with James and Lily. It showed that James didn't want to leave her because he kept on kissing and hugging her. Anyway I like the story and I like how u write because the memory really made me want to cry because of Lily and her reaction.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!:]

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Review #20, by awesomeness Variety is the Spice of Life

15th April 2008:
its great writing but i want lily and james back together, or at least find out y the broke up. grrr.

Author's Response: ha ha... you will - in time:P

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Review #21, by kathryn Variety is the Spice of Life

14th April 2008:
hello :) so i was just checking in because i already reviewed this chapter and i certainly dont want to pester because i know you are doing the best you can but i was wondering how the next chapter was coming? :) anyways great job... hoping james will come to his senses soon :) also i think that there should be a confrontation between lily and james...o ok this is just a random idea but what if lily sees james with a new girlfriend and gets so upset and starts using drugs. just throwing that out there although im sure you already have your plot worked out and i bet it is marvelous:) anyways great job so far and update soon :) !!!

Author's Response: Ha ha... getting impatient are we:P

No, the next chapter is ready and all, I had just been hoping that I could wait for my beta to give me back chapter nr one, which I'm still waiting for, so I could post that before I posted chapter four...

Your idea; great one, where I can say - without giving too much away - that I have got something along the lines worked out:] So yeah, great minds think alike:P

I AM working on this, promise! Chapter five is also nearly done, I just wanted them looked over before I posted, but with the rate I'm going, it probably won't happen...

Be patient and wait and see, there WILL come more to this story:)

Thank you so much for giving your time to review my story AGAIN and throwing an idea in, two heads are always better than one...

But thank you, thank you and thank you:]

Hopefully update soon!!:P

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Review #22, by ojosverdes Changes

9th March 2008:
wow this is shaping up to be a really good story!! can't wait to read the next chapters! good job!

Author's Response: Thanks:]

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Review #23, by padfoot4ever Variety is the Spice of Life

9th March 2008:
This was really great - can I ask, were you inspired by the book "PS I love you"? Grace seems very like Sharon and Lily like Holly...and of course the hairdresser chapter! I really like this story, update soon!

Author's Response: Actually yeah:] It did in a way. If you noticed, the book PS. I love you is also lying in Lily's room where Grace picks it up. The similarities between the book and this story end there though. Sure, the hairdresser is a product of this also, and the first chapters are as well, but the story will go in a whole different direction;] So slightly inspired, I'll admit:)

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Review #24, by padfoot4ever People Change

9th March 2008:
Great chapter...but I really wanna know why they broke up! (Perhaps I should read on!) I really love your little think though:
"And she was no differenter than me"
'Differenter' isnt a word, it's 'more different'

Apart from that it was superb! (",)

Author's Response: Thanks for catching that:] Thank you again:)

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Review #25, by padfoot4ever Changes

9th March 2008:
Amazing first chapter! I'm off to read some more! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you!!!

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