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Review #1, by Yuk ...Just Another Ordinary Day...

21st October 2010:
Undiluted crap even more this low quality site.

Author's Response: Its no use arguing with an idiot, they drag you down to there level and defeat you with experience!

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Review #2, by HG_HP_fan ...Chop, Chop, Lets Get To It...

30th August 2010:
Was all that really necessary? I mean come on, where's the magic? all that tech jargon tkes a waty from the fun.

Author's Response: I'll take your comments under advisement.thank you!

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Review #3, by trae ...Kindred Souls...

11th August 2010:
next chapter,Next Chapter,NEXT CHAPTER DAMMIT. just messing with ya but really next chapter this is a awsome story

Author's Response: Im getting right on it captain.

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Review #4, by trae ...Chop, Chop, Lets Get To It...

11th August 2010:
i really like the story and the chapter called yyyeeess mmyy pwecious sounds like a funny chapter

Author's Response: Sorry for the long wait...I have just finished my service in the army and will update and fix all my stories. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Kyoshi ...Isn't That Kinda Dangerous???...

15th January 2009:
Too much theory, and absolutely no action, very boring!

Author's Response: I'm sorry you feel this way...I have just finished my service in the army and will update and fix all my stories. Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by Wolf26 ...Ahhh He Finally Awakens...

8th January 2009:
I thought this was a Harry/Hermione story? Not a Ron/Hermione

And I think your getting a little to close of makeing Harry like Voldermont

Author's Response: True.but the story has yet to end, more like voldemort you say? ya'know i've always wondered about something. If the dark arts are so "frowned upon" by the many and the majority of normal magic is taught at hogwarts, how do you define light magic? there is no set guidelines or rules to magic, magic is simply what the wizarding world makes of it!

Thank you for the review...

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Review #7, by zissa24 ...Chop, Chop, Lets Get To It...

3rd November 2008:
way too much technology and info for me
i think there is too much muggle and scientific things going on
its supposed to be "magical"
yeah this chapter was really hard to concentrate on because of all the explaining montes had to do
i feel like Montes is a bad guy...and is using harry?
idk if thats right...lol
anyways even with all that stuff going on i still wanna know what happens nexy

oh, and with all that stuff with technology that was going on
it was hard to really understand what the emerald actually did...
i think you should have concentrated on that more then that thing that Montes made for harry, the armour
yeah, okay
keep up the good work(=

Author's Response: Well you know that scientific and technology stuff is up there as a buffer, I mean i know thats its supposed to be magical but you see...only people who are really interested in the story will read past all that to get to the magic. The magic is not in the story its in you!

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Review #8, by zissa24 ...More Needles, First Meeting...

2nd November 2008:
this chaapter waas aalriight
ii meaan ii wiish thaat haarry haad more of aa paart...
but over aall iit waas good(=

Author's Response: Yeah bout that, just trying to give the story abit more of a wider range!

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Review #9, by zissa24 ...Of Flames and Cocktails...

2nd November 2008:
good chapter(=
still dont like the evil dumbledore...
but otherwise
i love it
keep up the awesome work

Author's Response: Thanks...by the way dumbledore is not evil, when Im writing...he isnt evil in my mind, he just umm has really really strong beliefs.

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Review #10, by zissa24 ...What You Seek...

2nd November 2008:
oh wow
great great chapter
still not understanding how harry gets to "potter mansion"
is it inside the trunk?
idk, kiinda confused
i doont like how dumbledore is baad)=
but i guess it makes the story more interesting
anyways i love this story soo much(=

Author's Response: Thanks again for the review, like I said dumbles aint bad yo! oh and the potter mansion thing? a combination of two things one montes and two his pendant im sure I mentioned it in the chappie? didnt I?

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Review #11, by zissa24 ...This Choice I Make...

1st November 2008:
this chapter i probably understood the most
just a bit confused on how he actually gets to the trunk
or sees whats in it...
i think i totally missed that part last chapter
i am REALLY enjoying this story
Harry Kicks ASS!
i just want hermione to be as cool, lol

Author's Response: Dont worry your girl hermione is gonna be supercool in my story, well about the trunks, i sorta came up with something abit loopy the trunks themselves are the piercings on his body and to how he gets there? the trunks exist in subspace pockets that literally pull him outta one plane of existance into another...dimension??? any of this making sense?

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Review #12, by zissa24 ...To Each His Own...

31st October 2008:
i am really confused...
like i really wanna find out moree
but i dont really understand his whole task, and what happened at Gringotts.
can that be explained a little more clearly...?
otherwise this story is really interesting!

Author's Response: Im sorry I cant explain those two things that'll give away the story, its actually a good indication that im getting through if your confused. its what im going for at the finish line and you'll be like..."ohhh, now I get it" so hang in there.

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Review #13, by zissa24 ...Just Another Ordinary Day...

30th October 2008:
haha,i love harry's image
i just dont like the ear piercing...
oh & i am a little it confused about how those compartments or whatever work, can you explain that a little more clearer? to me at least?

Author's Response: Thanks for the wonderful reviews so far, sorry the piercings arent your thing but there sorta necessary for the next scene. The compartments work on a subspace theme in that harry can store and extract literally anything and make it look like his pulling stuff outta thin air.thats what I was going for anyway!

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Review #14, by HPfanDVM ...Isn't That Kinda Dangerous???...

21st May 2008:
I like what Harry is doing w/ Montes, but the details into everything Harry is "learning" is getting redundant. You could say what it is, how it works, and put the link for the information at the bottom instead of getting into the excruciating details.

The chapter was more of a science lecture than a HPFF. But, I'll still follow because I liked the beginning plot, so keeping posting! lol

Author's Response: your right you know, even I got bored by the end of that chapter lol but thanks for the review and the confirmation, my brother is a big fan of things that go boooommm...so that chapter is more or less for him cause he's trying to build his own watered down version of a h-bomb outta kitchen ingredients.

basically the only thing I wanted put in was the mechanised suit...ive got all these cool things for that all planned!

thanks _DMC_

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Review #15, by thegillitine ...Chop, Chop, Lets Get To It...

10th May 2008:
Awesome job on this chapter and thanks for putting on chapter 10 so quickly.

Author's Response: Your welcome mate, although the next two chapters will be abit technical in that it involves alot of explanation before I can start with the fun stuff!!! Thanks for the review...

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Review #16, by thegillitine ...Fires, Fortunes and Trigger-happy Ole Me...

10th May 2008:
I don't know why, but when I read this chapter I thought of Rambo.

Author's Response: Im not surprised ha ha ha ha...yeah I wanted to create the image of a trigger happy wizard on the loose??? so im guessing it worked...? maybe? thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by ev11000 ...More Needles, First Meeting...

8th May 2008:
why no more big cool demon thingy i liked it it was fluffy :P but seriously i want to see some caboom style payback maybe an explosion they claim to be a nuclear device hehe 51 megatons and the record is broken

Author's Response: I know but its hard trying to balance out the demon thingy!!! I mean is the bosy completely equipped to handle such powers...what the hell Ill chuck it in as a comeback or rather as a dark side to his personality so stay tuned...thank you for the review and the idea!! I like the 51 megatons hint hint....KAAAABBOOOOMM!!!!

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Review #18, by Horcruxhuntersdotcom ...Just Another Ordinary Day...

8th May 2008:
wow. this story is really good. i would read on but i need to get to school. the only flaws i can spot are: Bein' doesn't have a double 'E' in it. and in some of your sentences you seem to forget commas. so it doesn't sound right.


Author's Response: ...Been...
This verb is defective, and the parts lacking are supplied by verbs from other roots, is, was, which have no radical connection with be. The various forms, am, are, is, was, were, etc., are considered grammatically as parts of the verb \\\"to be\\\", which, with its conjugational forms, is often called the substantive verb.

To be, or not to be: that is the question. --Shak.

Been, or ben, was anciently the plural of the indicative present. \\\"Ye ben light of the world.\\\" --Wyclif, Matt. v. 14. Afterwards be was used, as in our Bible: \\\"They that be with us are more than they that be with them.\\\" --2 Kings vi. 16. Ben was also the old infinitive: \\\"To ben of such power.\\\" --R. of Gloucester. Be is used as a form of the present subjunctive: \\\"But if it be a question of words and names.\\\" --Acts xviii. 15. But the indicative forms, is and are, with if, are more commonly used.

Syn: To be, Exist.

Usage: The verb to be, except in a few rare case, like that of Shakespeare\\\'s \\\"To be, or not to be\\\", is used simply as a copula, to connect a subject with its predicate; as, man is mortal; the soul is immortal. The verb to exist is never properly used as a mere copula, but points to things that stand forth, or have a substantive being; as, when the soul is freed from all corporeal alliance, then it truly exists. It is not, therefore, properly synonymous with to be when used as a copula, though occasionally made so by some writers for the sake of variety; as in the phrase \\\"there exists [is] no reason for laying new taxes.\\\" We may, indeed, say, \\\"a friendship has long existed between them,\\\" instead of saying, \\\"there has long been a friendship between them;\\\" but in this case, exist is not a mere copula. It is used in its appropriate sense to mark the friendship as having been long in existence. Webster\\\'s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.

So I dont mean to sound like an ole fart but my english just has a slightly older tang to it...I blame my ole catholic tutors but thanks for the review though, much appreciate!!! I hope to get rid of those flaws soon but alas Im only human...

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Review #19, by HPfanDVM ...Fires, Fortunes and Trigger-happy Ole Me...

7th May 2008:
When's the next chapter going to be up?

Author's Response: lol sorry I been outta touch with a comp this past month...been in the bush, aint no techs where I come from!!! but Im back in civilization and hope the chapters will be rolling by non-stop...

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Review #20, by purewings ...To Each His Own...

26th February 2008:
I loved it! really, I think it's gonna be an excellent story. I've put it into my favs. I'll leave you more detailed reviews soon. wings

Author's Response: thanks I can only try...hehehehe, thanks for the review, Id write more but my lil sis has been bugging me for ages to write more on my other fanfic so ill try to fit in more when I have the time...

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Review #21, by Happy Rotter ...Fires, Fortunes and Trigger-happy Ole Me...

22nd February 2008:
Awesome chapter, not much to say, just awesome.

Oh, the first chapter on my new story is up, hope you can read it and hope you like it.


Author's Response: cool, thanks for the review will check out your story...cheers!!!

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Review #22, by Will ...Fires, Fortunes and Trigger-happy Ole Me...

21st February 2008:
Why such a short chapter I was hopping for a longer one.

Author's Response: sorry dude I wanted to leave a teaser off in this chapter while I work on my other story sorta go back and forth in between em...thanks though, for the review. much appreciate! promise to update soon...

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Review #23, by Happy Rotter ...More Needles, First Meeting...

16th February 2008:
Gah, caught up to you, guess that's good, because i've got stuff to do that i REALLY need to get ready for now.

Awesome chapter, with that last bit, what was that all about? i didn't quite get it and i think you should edit it, yes...

You put an Australian in it! I'm an Australian so that's awesome, even if he's one of the bad guys.


Author's Response: I know the last bit is a lil shaky but im working on it, I just dont wanna go overboard and not be able to reconcile the story with well...the story. However congrats on noticing the australian, its funny i based his character on a kiwi mate i work with in brissy...cheers mate!

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Review #24, by Happy Rotter ...One Last Run...

16th February 2008:
Awesome chapter, i've nearly caught you up, so please get the next one up soon.

As i got on the computer this morning and checked my favourites page, i was suprised to not see this there. Better fix that.


Author's Response: thats a classic ginger bread line...I will have the next chapter up soon. I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review and the add to favourites.


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Review #25, by Happy Rotter ...This Choice I Make...

16th February 2008:
Awesome chapter, so were the last 2, just was doing stuff at the time so i couldn't review.

Not much else to say except 'Awesome'.

Happy Rotter

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I still haven't finishing my editing but thanks anyway though...cheers!

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