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Review #1, by ovia 25

1st January 2013:
hey , its not fair , u can't end a story like that , atleast write a sequel and its absolutely crazy that hermione's son will become the new dark lord . Other than that it was a brilliant story , i especially loved the booby traps part.

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Review #2, by dracos lover 25

10th August 2012:
WHAT a cliffhanger for an ending. Anyway an amazing book.

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Review #3, by Aliee 25

13th March 2012:
That was a wonderful story... till the end!

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Review #4, by JennaLee1684 25

30th July 2011:
Loved the story. Please let me know if there is a sequal!

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Review #5, by jess 25

10th August 2009:
omg r u sayin tht hermone and dracos baby is the new dark lord?

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Review #6, by groteskq_fatality 25

6th July 2009:
ah!!! haha...the end..two way meaning huh? haha. that was awesome though! gosh everything was just brilliant! :) from the crazy lovers to the crazy weasley twins! goodness that was just awesome...i loved every bit of it! :)

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Review #7, by Dracomalfoyfan 25

12th June 2009:
I loved this story!!! It was amazing! I loved snape in this story! It was just like i would see him being when u get him out of the classroom so to speak! This was fantastic keep writing!!!

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Review #8, by roxie 25

8th November 2008:
I love this story!!!
Its different from most dramione stories that i have read
Not to mention the twist at the end of the story.
I absolutely LOVE IT!!
good job =)

Author's Response: Thank you for the nice review, I really appreciate it. Although I don't view this story as one of best, I'm glad you enjoyed it just the same.

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Review #9, by Anon 25

30th October 2008:
horrible story horrible "cliffhanger" ending. crap. no logical sequence

Author's Response: Funny how you read it all the way through... must not have been that bad. Oh, and piss off...

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Review #10, by Trogdor2030 25

11th June 2008:
Hot damn. (I honestly don't understand that phrase) I hate you for that ending, in a good way, of course. Incredibly well written, and much fun to read. (the whole thing, not just this chapter)

Author's Response: Why thank you!

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Review #11, by alexourHERO 8

26th May 2008: that was a random chapter.

Author's Response: It was? I can't remember what happened! LOL!

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Review #12, by HPLeanne 25

26th May 2008:
This was an amazing story I'm sorry if i havent reviewed before but i just wanted to read on and on!!
How could you end it like that though - I want to know what happens!!! Is it actually finished because the status still says WIP???
Anyway well done

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! The queue is down right now and it won't let me change the status, but it IS finished!

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Review #13, by SlytherinPrincess 25

25th May 2008:
Amazing. That is a fantastic story. Dramatic ending or what? My heart was going dundun dundun through some of this! Love it! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was kind of scared to post the last chapter here, because when I wrote this a few years ago, I was called every name in the book for ending it the way I did.

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Review #14, by Krystle Lynne 25

24th May 2008:
*shakes head* Some how I'm not surprised that you left us with a cliffie for an ending, but amazing job either way! I look forward to reading more of your work soon!

~Krystle Lynne~

Author's Response: Thank you! Not sure if I'll be posting anything else though. I'd have to edit it to within an inch of its life just to get it posted on this site!

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Review #15, by 4Dracoseyesonly 25

22nd May 2008:
What?!?!?! You can't end it like this! This sucks! Please tell me there is going to be a sequel of some sort!

Author's Response: Nope... sorry, but I can't please everyone I guess! This is the end, and I like it that way. I know it was evil of me, but there's isn't a sequel. Thank you for taking the time to read and review, even if you weren't happy with the ending!

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Review #16, by BlackDemonAngel 25

22nd May 2008:
What happend huh?

Author's Response: That's up to you!

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Review #17, by dracoluvr347 25

21st May 2008:
your kidding! that was gret but u end there?! is there gonna be a sequel??

Author's Response: There is no sequel. I ended it that way on purpose so that the readers could imagine what happens next. Thank you reviewing!

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Review #18, by ira 25

21st May 2008:
awww they're married! sad it's the end though.. but the story ended with a cliffhanger! How can that be?

Author's Response: I LOVE cliffies and I thought this would be the biggest one of them all!

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Review #19, by blondeWeasly 25

21st May 2008:
WOW!!! so hermiones kid is evil?? . . . . hm and does "The End" mean this story is completed? Sorry im alil out of it this morning lol good job though

Author's Response: Yes, that was the end of the story! Evil of me to leave a cliffie, huh?

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Review #20, by alexourHERO 1

20th May 2008:
oh snap whats gonna happen

Author's Response: That was the end... so what happened next is up to your imagination!

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Review #21, by dracoluvr347 24

17th May 2008:
OMG that was great i am a huge fan of this story!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #22, by KilosLupin 24

17th May 2008:
lol!! WOOT! i love the YOUR WIFE!?!? that's so funny, =]

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy the last chapter, it should be up soon.

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Review #23, by Krystle Lynne 24

17th May 2008:
Yay! The battle is over! Though I was sad to see that Severus, Kingsley, and Mad-Eye were all killed. Great job on this chapter and I cannot wait for the next one. Post more soon please!

~Krystle Lynne~

Author's Response: Thank you. Last chapter has been submitted and should be posted soon.

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Review #24, by Krystle Lynne 23

17th May 2008:
Oh, that's just mean to stop there. Though the way that Harry and Regulus killed Nagini was great. I cannot wait for the next chapter. Great job and post more soon!

~Krystle Lynne~

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the nice review! The next chapter has been waiting for validation for over a week- so frustrating!!!

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Review #25, by BlackDemonAngel 23

11th May 2008:
Omgosh love the way the mad fun of Draco and now the battle! Who is going to win? UPDate soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Next chapter is waiting for validation...

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