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Review #1, by Doug The Sands of Time

18th August 2015:
This has always been a favorite story. And like Ron and Hermione, it's aged well. :-)

Anyway I thought I would just drop by and say hi. And also, Happy Birthday, to us!

All the best...

Author's Response: Happy belated birthday to you, Doug! I was surprised to see I had a new review, and thrilled to see it was from you. Thanks for coming back and rereading, and for bringing a smile to my face. This has always been a favorite of mine as well, and feel extremely blessed to have someone in my life now who feels this way about me as Ron does Hermione. Hope you are well!

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Review #2, by theelderwand The Sands of Time

18th November 2011:

That is one of the best R/Hr one shots I've ever read. And I find it completely in character for Ron, especially at this time in there lives, and given this subject matter to say the absolute RIGHT thing.

True love is not blind - instead it has eyes that can see what others can't. You've captured that brilliantly.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and for the lovely words. It made my day to see I had a new review, and made it even more to read such a nice one.

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Review #3, by Ford The Sands of Time

13th April 2011:
Every so often, I like to go back, search out and read a favorite story. And this has always been one of my favorites.

We should all be as lucky as Ron and Hermione.

As always, very nicely done.

Author's Response: It's so good to hear from you again! I hope you are doing well, and thanks for going back and reading. It's always nice to see that a new review has popped up, especially if it's from an old friend!

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Review #4, by magiccarpet The Sands of Time

21st November 2010:
This is beautiful and perfect. I'm absolutely convinced that Ron and Hermione would be this devoted to each other 25 years later.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I always love when someone new has found one of my stories and it touches them.

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Review #5, by Paloma Patil The Sands of Time

22nd March 2009:
So lovely. I'm not surprised at all that they still adore one another.

Well done. Paloma

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is one of my favorites :o)

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Review #6, by icefire_lioness The Sands of Time

4th October 2008:
Heya! I know I reviewed this a while ago, but it must have been erased in the crash. :( I really love this fic, it's so sweet. The idea is a great one - I love the fact that you don't portray Ron as an idiot, like so many people do, and he's just so...he's just so darn sweet! Great use of adjectives, grammar was wonderful, all that jazz. ^_^ You're a brilliant writer, keep it up!
Absolutely spiffing, my friend! See you around SAYS. And HPFF. I love being able to say that. *is sad and has no life*

Author's Response: Thank you dear! I just write Ron the way I want my man to be, lol. I appreciate the kind thoughts. This story is particularly dear to me as I keep getting older and need to remind myself, that I've earned these signs of aging, lol. Thanks for reading and reviewing (again! darn server). :o)

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Review #7, by shadowycorner The Sands of Time

31st May 2008:
This was a truly beautiful piece. In such a short piece you captured the essence of life and love magnificently. I always say simplicity is gorgeous, and it was true in this case. i liked the not complicated descriptions and the fleeting feeling this story carried.

Ron has grown so much and I truly believe it's absolutely possible of him to say something like this. As for the things he said, I can't even describe it, but they were heartwarming and apparently uttered by a man that truly loved his wife just like Ron loved Hermione. And while saying all those lovely things, I loved how you conveyed the never-ending chemistry between these two. How Ron still makes Hermione blushed and how she still can chase his exhaustion away.

Gorgeous piece. :)

xoxo Elizabeth the Flowerpot

Author's Response: Thank you, Liz! This was a lovely review. He's had 20 years to learn the right things to say ;o). Thanks so much for reading! I'll read yours soon, I promise. :o)

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Review #8, by Sundevil6 The Sands of Time

20th April 2008:
hehehe good job! for once ron said the right thing! lol

Author's Response: He's got to get it right sometimes. Thanks for reading! :o)

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Review #9, by EternalGold394 The Sands of Time

29th March 2008:
Hey, that was extremely good. Well done. Beautiful even.

Author's Response: Thank you. I appreciate it! :o)

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Review #10, by mrs_heather_grint The Sands of Time

28th March 2008:
Ahh, if only we could all find men who would find our flaws beautiful. *sigh* I couldn't help but smile as I read this. True, it didn't seem like Ron...but it was a sweet nevertheless. It's a good story to read when you're feeling not-too-pretty. Wonderful job writing it! :]

Author's Response: Thanks! We all have our "not so pretty" moments. And our guys could take a lesson from Ron on this one ;o). But he did have that book Fred and George gave him, "Twelve-Fail Safe Ways to Charm Witches" or whatever it was called, so he did have a little help over the years. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :o)

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Review #11, by Quiddichref The Sands of Time

28th March 2008:
As a member of the club, all I can say is "PERFECT!" 10/10 with a standing ovation, my highest award.

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! Growing older isn't always fun, but it doesn't have to be painful, lol. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :o)

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Review #12, by RonxHermione The Sands of Time

28th March 2008:
aww that was cute(:
i love ron in this story♥

Author's Response: I love Ron, too. Thanks for reading! :o)

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Review #13, by kissedbyavampire The Sands of Time

10th February 2008:

i love reading your fanfics! such a brilliant writer.

i can definitely see this in their future, this small moment where ron does something right for a change. ;-)

i'm glad that i (hopefully) won't age for another ten or fifteen years or so. hey, i'm still a teenager!! yay! where is neverland, i want to live there.

anyways, i'm never disappointed when i read your work. you never cease to amaze me.

as always,


Author's Response: kbav~

Thank you so much for the glowing review once again. Sadly aging affects us all at some point or another, just remember to accept it graciously when it does happen to you. Thanks for reading! :o)

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Review #14, by GubraithianFire The Sands of Time

9th February 2008:
If HPFF would let me sque+e properly, I completely would, but this is the closest I can come to it: S Q U E E E E E E E E! Ohmigosh, I've been meaning to venture down to your page again and I'm so glad you guessed right and thus have made me review at long last.

Firstly, as I think you know, I'm not a huge Ronmione shipper and read them very rarely. Yes, they're meant to be, but I just have a sizable... indifference... to the characters JKR has already expanded on in the books, so it's very hard to grow attached to them in fanon. But honestly, this was one of the sweetest fics I've ever read, not just Ronmione one-shots. It is SO sweet and SO in character and... *sighs dreamily* There are plenty of fics that go into the next generation but never this far, or indeed keep it around this generation as well. But ohmigosh, this was ADORABLE! For having been 25 years in the future it is absolutely adorable and so Ron to have him able to say these things about his one true love. Hermione's always struck me as more insecure, but then again so has Ron - he's quick to see what's good about other people instead of himself. And on that note I'm relieved Hermione didn't rattle off a list of reasons why Ron is just as perfect or even more so than he was twenty five years ago. It would have both stretched this gorgeous fic too far and wouldn't have been... natural.

Eeek! Gorgeous, gorgeous, lovely fic my dear! You have a sweet-Ronmione-one-shot gift! *hearts* And of course you get a big fat ten and a bigger huggleglompsquishtackle! *huggleglompsquishtackles*

Author's Response: Yay!! I'm so glad you liked it. I'm sure that a lot of Hermione's "braininess" was to cover up insecurities. There's something to be said for taking the barely introduced characters and making them your own. But if you think I've taken well fleshed out characters and kept them true to form, well, that's even better! Thanks for reading, Love. And thanks even more for brightening my day with your lovely review! :o)

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Review #15, by Labby The Sands of Time

7th February 2008:
Why haven't I read any of your work before? This was SO good! I really enjoyed it. It was just such a nice, simple story showing their love. It was written so well and I love the older touch to it. I love reading stories of when they're older - it's just not done too often. Hehe.. I loved the plastic surgeon comment - that was pretty funny. I really enjoyed this story - I like your writing style a lot!

Author's Response: Thanks, Labby! I liked the plastic surgeon line, too, lol. I hope you'll check out my other stories. I need to look into some of yours. Thanks for reading! :o)

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Review #16, by Live_For_Life The Sands of Time

7th February 2008:
Hi...I just had to comment on this - never read anything like it and it is very true and so well written! Someone as creative as you should try publishing. This sort of thing could cheer a lot of people up and...make a lot of people see sense about ... as you say ... ageless beauty! Well done.
10/10 and it's definately going on my favourites!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words. I've seen some who are so much more talented than I, but I enjoy writing and getting reviews like this! As an eternal optimist, I try to find the silver lining in things. This was my silver lining to the signs of aging I was seeing in myself. Thanks again for the lovely review.

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Review #17, by Remember Hedwig The Sands of Time

1st February 2008:
Beautiful, more please!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will ;o). And of course I'll remember Hedwig. :o)

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Review #18, by blanca The Sands of Time

1st February 2008:
Nah, some of us who read are older (btw I'm a single mom of 2 also, though rather recently and now job hunting). Only a snitch of gray in my brows, but ouch those lines.
Nice story! Glad someone's got a decent husband, even if it is in fiction!

Author's Response: *Hugs* on the single mom, thing. I'm a little over a year into mine, and just started teaching full time again this year. It's tough some times, but you can do it. And I think we'll both find our Ron someday. Good luck! :o)

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Review #19, by kyrandia The Sands of Time

31st January 2008:
Men like Ron in your story are rare , like princes,, there maybe be frogs everywhere but your frog prince has not jumped to you yet but dont worry someday he will, ;~{)'

Author's Response: Thanks! For reading and the vote of encouragement. He's out there somewhere, my Ron. :o)

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Review #20, by apAidan The Sands of Time

30th January 2008:
Very nicely done, indeed. Question. Did Ron pull this from that infameous book? Nah. I think it's more the real Ron that Hermione brings out in him. Very good

Author's Response: Answer: I honestly had forgotten about the book when I wrote this, so this was all Ron ;o). That said, after 20 years of saying the wrong thing, and having the book to help, he has finally figured out the right thing to say...sometimes. :o)

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Review #21, by Ron_Hermione_Forever_246 The Sands of Time

30th January 2008:
This was such a beautiful and touching story!!! So well-written! I really loved how you made Ron, and I totally agree with how you said sometimes he gets it right, sometimes he gets it wrong. Lovely story! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks! Even Ron has to get it right sometimes, lol. :o)

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Review #22, by Timechild The Sands of Time

30th January 2008:
Fascinating work here...

Nicely written

Author's Response: Thank you! :o)

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Review #23, by xXmalfoysgirl4everXx The Sands of Time

24th January 2008:
I've never really read into fics that go into their future lives, or written any. This is pretty amazing, and wow, twenty years! We see a side of Ron that we normally don't, but all the same, it's a good one. Great job :D -malfoysgirl 10/10

Author's Response: I like seeing how people think the characters will be in the future. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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Review #24, by MoonNRoses The Sands of Time

17th January 2008:
Well... please tell that to my gray hair! I must say I sighed over that wonderful picture. To have a man look at what I see as my flaws and point them out as virtues, as testaments, and as something attractive to him and only him. *sigh* I love Ron. He seems like he can be that man. Sure he can be thick sometimes, but he always pulls something out brilliantly and it seems as you have caught him in one of his brilliant moments. Another 10/10.


Author's Response: I tell myself all these things, but somehow I think it would mean more if I heard them from a man, lol. And I adore Ron ;o). Thank you so much for taking the time to review. :o)

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Review #25, by GateGirl1 The Sands of Time

17th January 2008:
Lovely story. Keep on writing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I will :o)

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