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Reading Reviews for The Name Game
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by AddictHeroHP The Game Begins

10th February 2010:
idk why but i kind of pictured the slytherin girls to be badder that this, but great story by the way.

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Review #2, by Jessie C. The Game Begins

8th January 2010:
okk..well you have a great story...just please correct your spelling and grammar mistakes..i mean you misspelled Quidditch! and it's capitalized...your story would be so so much easier to read if you corrected!

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Review #3, by harry_lover_09 Chapter 6: Draco's Party

3rd January 2010:
cute chappie britt lol love it

love ya


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Review #4, by Liljsweetie Can things get any better??

18th July 2009:
It's very funny. I like it. Good job.

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you like it.

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Review #5, by harry_lover_09 Can things get any better??

18th May 2008:
good chappie bb keep up the good work

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Review #6, by kel Can things get any better??

5th May 2008:
cute story but you really need to fix and work on your grammer

Author's Response: sorry....i know i can't spell.....i will try to be more carefull....it's just when i write sometimes i think so fast that i can't type half as fast.......thanks for being honest......

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Review #7, by AWESOME REVIEWER Can things get any better??

5th May 2008:
write soon please please!!

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Review #8, by Mikia Shirtless Boys and Crazy Girls

16th April 2008:
Will you please hurry up and update!

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Review #9, by Mikia Shirtless Boys and Crazy Girls

8th April 2008:
Hurry up and review!

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Review #10, by harry_lover_09 Shirtless Boys and Crazy Girls

28th January 2008:
you butt head i need to know who i have to kiss it best not be no one gross either lol

Author's Response: lol..i didn't get that chapter up yet i'm still workin on it...

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Review #11, by WhitchAtHeart Shirtless Boys and Crazy Girls

28th January 2008:
dude u have to right more! this is freaking halrious!

Author's Response: no need to worry their will be more

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Review #12, by R.W n B.Z R MINE!!! The game continues......

27th January 2008:
once again pretty good but can i ask why does everyone say ya'll?? Loved it aw poor blaise i love him but its ur story not mine

Author's Response: everyone says ya'll because i forget that not everyone is from the south like me and i keep putting it......sorry i'll try harder to stop myself from using to much LA slang.

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Review #13, by R.W n B.Z R MINE!!! The Game Begins

27th January 2008:
Gud gud love the idea of the name game aye?? well done well done u deserve a review!

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Review #14, by Christine Shirtless Boys and Crazy Girls

23rd January 2008:
I am sick of OCs being more popular than the canon characters. Pansy clearly is the one and only leader of the Slytherin Girls gang. Too much Americanism in the story. And wow, Draco/OC, why am I not surprised...

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Review #15, by harry_lover_09 The Game Begins

16th January 2008:
im in this one two lol go me go me

Author's Response: lol.....u so crazy!!!

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