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Review #1, by jacks_angel2007 The Family

12th March 2008:
this story is great! i can't wait for you to update!!!

Author's Response: thanks. my computer crashed so i gotta figure a way 2 get it from offline back 2 the computer... but i will update

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Review #2, by Christy86 The Family

18th January 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

Author's Response: thank you! i willl... sooon. i hope... within a month. im sorry. i'm thinkin bout the school.. to tell or not 2 tell

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Review #3, by Lily123 The Family

17th January 2008:
That was very cute! By the way, half of the story is repeated... :S

Author's Response: dang it! thanks . .. i was having a little trouble with the computer... so i'll fix it..... soon.

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Review #4, by Tajzanna What Love is

14th January 2008:
I liked it! but I really think that you should get the next chapter up, and please make it a little longer next time, this one was so short!!
P.S. 10/10!

Author's Response: thanks. i just want 2 look over the next chapter a couple times before i put it up. should be up within a week, making it a bit longer to be read. sorry. but i had to type it in. yeah, i know this was short, actually, it was originally much shorter, but it wouldn't let me put it up. so i took some from the second chapter. the next chapter is about twice as long. but please keep reviewing cuz i tend to ramble.

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Review #5, by RoseWeasleyMalfoy What Love is

12th January 2008:
cool! continue! can't wait!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #6, by corcey What Love is

11th January 2008:
i think it's pretty good.

Author's Response: thanks! u know, i appreciate any review, even just a this is good, but what i really LOVE is a nice critisism. thats really nice to hear. me gettig mad e fun of. ha!

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Review #7, by Lily123 What Love is

9th January 2008:
I like this!! Please update soon, 10/10 :D.

Author's Response: thanks. i'm planning on it. it'll be before february. but, unfortunately, it takes mine a bit to get past the waiting stage and into the validated. but i will get it up

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Review #8, by Karma's Advocate What Love is

9th January 2008:
I love love love it
yes i do know what love is and though it is NOT the way my mother looks at my father it was the way i used to look at "him"

any way 10/10

Update soon

Author's Response: o thank you! so glad i could get someone so exited! u just made my day. and it has been a long one. i'm typing up the second chapter, then i think i know where i'm going to go... maybe. but i may have 2 talk 2 my muse.

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