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Review #1, by LeaMalfoy Where it ALL began...

14th July 2010:
interesting.. *has hands on chin*

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Review #2, by casa_bella Where it ALL began...

19th March 2008:
oh wow, update please!
I love this, random as it is! (in a good way!)
Update soon please!

Author's Response: lol
isn't it though?
I'll update soon! Hopefully before March 26!
Thanx for the sweet review Lisa ~~!
Chocolate ;)

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Review #3, by sirius_the_best Where it ALL began...

8th February 2008:
One word: WOW!! I enjoyed this chapter so much! I was smiling all the way! Its really good how u portrayed Albus.. I always pictured him different, but I liked how portrayed him here. cant wait to see where this story goes.. you MUST update soon!!

Author's Response: Awww, That is exactly what I like to hear!
Sorry I haven't updated, I've been forced into HPFF rehab for a while to work on REAL schoolwork I'll be starting this up again reall soon though!
Thanks for the review sirusly your the best ;)

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Review #4, by TheDirigiblePlum Where it ALL began...

3rd February 2008:
I want to find out what happens!

grr please post the next bit son???


Very well written but whoever thought a Potter would be in Slytherin. . . .

I like that!


Author's Response: lol
Thanks so much for reviewing my story! :)
lol who knew... eh?

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Review #5, by charmface Where it ALL began...

29th January 2008:
good job cant w8 to read the next chapter


xoxo charm

Author's Response: I'll try to update asap! Thanks for leaving me a review charmface! :)

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Review #6, by rosai_gryffindor Where it ALL began...

27th January 2008:
ooohhh! i love this story!! i have come across many rose and albus stories recently, they are really popular, and yet every one is different and i have come to enjoy them all! :D this one is different again, as it is from albus' point of view, and he is in slytherin for once! i think that is pretty cool! and i am intrigued as to what happens, and what has just began, and what the biggest mistake of his life is! plus, you write this really well, and have his voice just perfect, as well as his friendship with rose and scorpius! well done! i look forward to reading more!
oh, and about my review for your other story, i said i was going to read on because i though there were 2 chapters up, only to afterwards find that that was the only one at the moment! ;) ah well, looking forward to updates on both your stories!!

Rose :)

Author's Response: Thanks soooo much for this amazing review Rose! This review is utterly amazing! I don't know what to say except, I'll update asap!
Thanks again! :)

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Review #7, by xlilyx Where it ALL began...

27th January 2008:
good start, please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks soo much! I'll update as soon as I get a chance! Thanks so much for leaving me a review xlilyx!

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Review #8, by nonentity Where it ALL began...

15th January 2008:
Scorpius's advice to not make eye contact is a hoot. I like the wry comment about how the parents were okay with the Malfoys until Scorpius declared undying love for Rose. The enlarged snitch is funny too.
"no were insight"-->> "no where in sight"

Author's Response: aww thanks! I love when reviews tell me their fav. parts
ohh haha i should fix that, shouldn't i? this is what happens when you stay up till 2 am writting huh? LOL
Thanks for the review!!

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Review #9, by afan Where it ALL began...

15th January 2008:
really continue, want to see where this is going!!update asap

Author's Response: thanks for being my first reviewer! YAY :D
I have more chapters! But i can only work on them AFTER finals :(
Ill update asap !

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