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Review #1, by Courtney Jo In Diagon Alley

19th February 2018:
Please, please, please, continue writing this story! I need more! I need to know what happens next! I love It! I know it has been a long time but please pick it back up!

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Review #2, by rosiusmaximus Looking Ahead

29th July 2015:
This is one of my favorite stories, and I've read it several times over the years. I don't usually comment, but I can't go without saying how much I love this chapter. You have done such an excellent job of staying canon and making this so much more than a romance. As for this chapter, it always makes me tear up when I get to McGonagall's POV. She is my favorite character in the series, and you do such a beautiful job of potraying her. It's been over a year since you've updated, and I understand how much life gets in the way of writing, but if you still read your comments I want you to k ow that even if you've abandoned this story, it is one of my all time favorites, and you have done an excellent job!

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Review #3, by snuffles12526 In Diagon Alley

28th October 2014:
Omg i'm dying here. When is the next chapter coming out... i'm loving this story and even though i know how it ends im still dying to read it!!!

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Review #4, by snuffles12526 In Diagon Alley

28th October 2014:
Omg i'm dying here. When is the next chapter coming out... i'm loving this story and even though i know how it ends im still dying to read it!!!

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Review #5, by Anonymous In Diagon Alley

1st October 2014:
Have you given up on this story??? :( Please don't go... This story has me checking the site ever few days for the little number 62 up at the top! Please keep writing this!!

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Review #6, by Guest In Diagon Alley

10th May 2014:
I love this story and the characters, I started reading it a few weeks ago and now I'm done, so please update as soon as u can! U r a great writer!!!

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Review #7, by NightGold In Diagon Alley

25th April 2014:
loving it!!! cant wait for more!! keep it up acciolove! p.s is that your pottermore name coz if you get a friend request from NightGold12526 please accept!! =D xoxoxoxoxo

Author's Response: My Pottermore name is Oakcat88, actually

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Review #8, by hedwig23 In Diagon Alley

11th April 2014:
I have been reading your work since past one year approximately and I just can't put into words how much this story means to me. This is the first fanfiction I have read and the best ofcourse.
I had been waiting so eagerly for you to update that I reread the whole of it thrice from the beginning.At first I thought that you would have continued the story with a new title since the first part ends on chapter 60 as you had told earlier, but I searched for it using your penname but couldn't find anything. For a moment I thought that you would have given up on the story but thank God you posted. I was so excited that you posted that I thought I'd first write to you and then read the chapter.
Lots of love to you and I hope you post soon. Take care :) :*

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Review #9, by Haley In Diagon Alley

13th March 2014:
I love this story!! Its been so long since ive been on the site, and i think its so funny how one of the first days ive been on in a year is right around when you updated haha :) idk why but i felt like sharing... I cant wait for the next update! Such a great story

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Review #10, by Kate C In Diagon Alley

12th March 2014:
You're back! I am so excited to continue this fantastic book. Congrats with your teaching, I have a lot of respect for teachers. Thank you!

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Review #11, by Domine In Diagon Alley

12th March 2014:
HI!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that you finally updated! This is by far my favourite story and it's a HUGE inspiration for me. I've been checking practically every day (except for March because March is hectic for me) to see that little 61 ! Anyway, you mentioned earlier that Voldemort manipulated his followers by fulfilling their wildest dreams, and we finally saw that in action! I love the way you pulled off the Barty/Voldemort scene. I definitely wouldn't be able to do it nearly as well. Anyway, I would just be over the moon if you could update again soon, but I understand that school and work have to come first. Speaking of which, I'm not sure if I congratulated you on your teaching job in a review for the last chapter, so just in case I haven't, congratulations!

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Review #12, by Court In Diagon Alley

11th March 2014:
Sorry for the long review but I just read the whole story and wanted to leave one review for all the chapters. I know we're way past this at this point in your story, but I just have to say that after the way James treated both Lily and Daphne, I really lost a lot of liking and respect for him and really don't get why Lily would be so into him or willing to trust him so quickly. He was supposedly in love with her for years, yet his actions show that he never really cared about her feelings at all. He had no problem making sure that Lily would never get a date while constantly sleeping with tons of other girls, and didn't care how hurt and insecure LIly would feel with no guy ever showing an interest in her or how his callous using of girls for sex would affect them. Then he has the audacity to get all hurt and offended that Lily kisses Snape after they've become closer, even though he is still sleeping around. Then he and Lily almost have sex and he declares his undying love for her, only to go off on a more than friendly rendezvous with Daphne that ends up with them dating before even talking to Lily and trying to figure out what is really going on between them. He then dates Daphne and is all lovey-dovey with her while still acting like Lily owes him something and he is the one who has been hurt and wronged. Why should Lily have ever given him a chance or think he really cared about her when he never stopped hooking up with other girls, even after they had all these moments together?

And his whole relationship with Daphne just made him look like a jerk to both girls. While I'm fine with him trying to genuinely get over Lily, the fact that he so easily cheated on and would have dumped Daphne without a moment's notice and never told her about the kiss shows that he never really respected her, despite the fact that she was one of his best friends. And I thought it was dumb that he didn't think Lily had a right to be upset that he stayed with Daphne after their kiss. It wasn't Lily's responsibility to tell him to break up with Daphne; if he really cared about Lily he would have done that anyway instead of acting like she had to choose for him, and he would have broken up with Daphne after the kiss like Lily did with Adrian as Lily cared so much for James that she couldn't be happy with anyone else and realized she was being unfair to Adrian. But James just lied to Daphne and happily went along sleeping with her while acting like Lily was the one who had treated him wrongly. And when he broke up with Daphne, he let her think they were on a break even though he had no intention of getting back together with her, just again leading her on. And the way he kissed her forehead that last time when she got all hopeful was totally inappropriate. He clearly doesn't know how to have a non-physical relationship with her since they have always mixed sex with friendship and it's not fair to Daphne or Lily for him to be all touchy-feely with Daphne after they've broken up as he's just once again messing with her feelings. I suppose I can sympathize with James not realizing at first how serious Daphne was about him, but he should have definitely ended things with her a long time before he did, but instead throughout the whole thing he was just selfish and hypocritical and didn't care about how much he was hurting Lily or Daphne.

I understand and think it's totally realistic for James to try to get over LIly and I'm really glad that Daphne was such a well-developed and fun character and wasn't totally demonized. But the relationship seemed inconsistent as at times you made his relationship with Daphne so perfect and him so into her that I couldn't really see why he would want to be with Lily over her; and then at other times it was like he didn't really respect Daphne at all, with how easily he cheated on her. And I definitely don't see why Lily would be so wiling to jump into his arms after the way he treated her and Daphne.

While I think Lily should have eventually give him a chance considering he is a teenager and confused, I definitely think they would have more trust issues and that she is justified in worrying about him cheating on her given his past behavior. He owed her and Daphne a huge apology and more groveling-haha. Obviously they all made mistakes and Daphne's lie about the bet was pretty bad, but James treated her really badly and I'm glad you didn't have her come off as a total villain.
I guess in the end I think James got off way too easily for the way he treated both Lily and Daphne and even though I know that he and Lily are together now, I think he needs to do more to prove he has changed and will actually care about the person he's supposedly in love with more than his own selfish desires. I'm glad that Daphne has stayed in the story and hope she can find her own happiness with someone who will care about her.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your story and I hope you can tell from this long, passionate review that I care about your characters and can't wait to read more!

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Review #13, by Kate Turning Point

15th February 2014:
I keep rereading in hope of another chapter! But I understand how crazy life gets! Hope to see another one maybe in the summer!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your understanding and support. The next one should be up in a few days. I just submitted it for validation.

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Review #14, by Sonora Turning Point

11th February 2014:
Please continue the story I really miss it. And it was really getting good!

Author's Response: Thanks! It should be up in a few days. So sorry about the long delay!

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Review #15, by Grammar Nazi Facing Demons

28th January 2014:
You realize that there's a typo near the end? You put Regal's name instead of Gentry's.

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Review #16, by Bec Facing Demons

27th January 2014:
Loving your story so far! Just thought I should mention one thing though, at the end, when you have Gentry Baddock talking to Lily and James, you have written "Thankyou" REGAL said. I don't think it's regal considering she was killed in the last chapter (which was totally unfair! Waaah :( ) but apart from that, loving it!

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing this out. The new chapter should be up in a few days.

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Review #17, by Holly Smith Turning Point

23rd January 2014:
This is THE most incredible piece of fan writting I have ever read. i love it to bits and hope to god that there is a second part to this coming. Please for my sanity let there be x

Author's Response: Next one should be up in a few days. Thanks so much for the kind words and support!

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Review #18, by JamesPotterReborn Reunion

3rd January 2014:
Okay, I just first want to say that this story is amazing. You've set it up perfectly for the Harry Potter books. Everything from Daphne's obsession with lavender to Leena and Xeno dating, this is by far my favorite story on here. One thing I think you missed, though, is that in this chapter you mention how Snape has never really paid attention to McNair, but in Chapter 1 Lily is thinking about how Snape is friends a with Malfoy, Mulciber, and MCNAIR. This can be solved by editing Chapter 1 a little to change McNair's name to Avery, as in the chapter The Prince's Tale from The Deathly Hallows, Lily tells Snape that she detests Avery and Mulciber. Still, aside from that, this story is flawless.

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Review #19, by DracosSexxiSlytherins Turning Point

4th December 2013:
I love your story!! It seems to be a lot like what I imagine actually happened, please keep writing more chapters!!!

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Review #20, by sadtoseethestorygo Turning Point

22nd November 2013:
What happen its been so long since the last update i guess its been forgotten

Author's Response: Not forgotten I promise! I've just been crazy busy! The next chapter will be up in a few days.

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Review #21, by JamesPotterReborn Turning Point

22nd October 2013:
You are, without a doubt, my #1 favorite author on this entire website and this is my favorite story. This story is absolutely amazing, but that goes without saying. I would rate this story as "best fanfiction in the universe" if I could. As soon as I got an account, I favorited you, but I have been reading this story for several months prior to getting an account. I'll continue to read this story until its end and leave reviews for every chapter, then continue to support every story you come out with. You're just overall an amazing writer and I hope to see more of your amazing work soon.


Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #22, by vendetta Turning Point

5th October 2013:
keep it up its good.

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Review #23, by Lord Sir Turning Point

28th September 2013:
Dermagerd! I love this story! I've spent many late nights reading it.:) This was one of the first stories that I read on this site and I'm blaming you for getting me addicted to this site. I started reading last August and this is by far the best and most accurate/realistic story I've seen on this site. Thank you for providing your loyal audience with this amazing fanfic. I completely support this story and will read it till the end. I would, however, love it even more if you would pretty please with a cherry on top update ASAP so we can have more of your amazing work to enjoy while we wait for the next installment. I was also thrilled to see that you are planning on a sequel. I can't wait for it! :) I'm also angry at this site for not letting me rate this story higher than a 10/10. If I could, I would rate it at a 1,000/10.

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Review #24, by ShieldPatronus Turning Point

11th September 2013:
Congratulations on your teaching job! I love this story and I will look forward to updates. Please continue on writing this story!

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Review #25, by ESA1996 Plans

4th September 2013:
Having technical problems? :)

Great cahpter again. Also, I've been reading this story for over 3 years at the moment! (I started between the release of chapters 32 and 33)

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