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Review #1, by light_blue Albus's POV

12th January 2008:
XD LUvely and hilariously funny.

I loved the Lily-and the alliteration idea. You are very creative! :)

Awesome story-even at its first chapter!

Great job and good writing-don't stop writing! :)

Rating: 10/10

From light_blue

PS XD I think ill join the review revolution too-again, that was a fabulous alliteration idea! :p

Author's Response: i'm soo happy you like it and you actually took the time to read my bio :D :D
thankyou thankyou thankyou for the lovely review!!
it makes me feel good.

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Review #2, by Jamiee Albus's POV

7th January 2008:
finally, a story where albus IS NOT an anoyying bookworm!
fabulous story made me laugh especially the frying part :D
quickly write more chapters!!!

Author's Response: i have a feeling i know who this is.. surprised?
anyway, thanks for your review! glad you liked:):) second chapter's already written, will send for validation when i get a few more reviews.

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Review #3, by Steffzah Albus's POV

6th January 2008:
Pretty good so far... Seems like it's gonna be pretty awesome. ^-^

Anyway, update soon. But it's a bit short...
So 1/10! :O JUST KIDDING, 9/10 .. ;]


Author's Response: im glad you like it!!
and i'll defintly work on making the next chappie longer.. one word extra maybe? KIDDING! will 1500 words be okay?
anyway, hope you keep reading:):0

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Review #4, by Ginny953 Albus's POV

4th January 2008:
Wow, that was really great! I liked it, especially the unidentified frying objects. The last sentance was really good to, sorta a closure for your first chapter. I liked how you also introduced Lily and James (and Hugo!) and made it interesting.

Keep up the great work! Can't wait until your next chapter!


Author's Response: thankyou sooo so much for your wonderful review. the frying object thing actually happened with me and my mum .. silly i know... so i decided to put it in there!
love ya and hope you keep reading!

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Review #5, by Timechild Albus's POV

3rd January 2008:

This was really funny!

Well Done, especially about the acne

Author's Response: thankyou soo much timechild! your review makes me very happy. hope you keep reading!

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Review #6, by Sessalinelee Albus's POV

3rd January 2008:
I don't get it... DUH?!

Author's Response: unidentified FRYing objects.. he cant ccok. i dont get it.. do you like it or not?

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Review #7, by Luna Loony Albus's POV

3rd January 2008:
I love this story so far! Awesome!

Author's Response: thankyou soo much loony luna for my first review!! i'm really glad you like it :):)

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