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Review #1, by AK Carmel Expectations

24th April 2009:
Great chpater keep working!!

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Review #2, by AK Carmel Among the Rhododendrons

24th April 2009:
Great chpter I really enjoyed the story!!
Keep writing I wonder where this is going!!

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Review #3, by jenrabbit Expectations

17th May 2008:
Hmm, interesting start, but how do Hermione and Draco meet? And where does the kid fit into all this? update, Update, UPDATE!!! Excelent first couple of chapters, certainly goin on my faves list!!! Totaly a 10/10!!^.^

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Review #4, by pixiefy Expectations

13th May 2008:
his name is Cormac of Cormack, not McCormick.

Author's Response: I'll look that up,
Thanx for the review!

Luv ya!
Chocolate :)

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Review #5, by lily rose potter Expectations

13th May 2008:
This is a good chater. Can't wait to read the next one.

Author's Response: Awww, thanx lily rose potter!
Hopefully the next one will move things on a bit more!
Thanks a million for the review!
Luv ya!
Chocolate :D

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Review #6, by gitgit Expectations

13th May 2008:
YAY an update
o the story is getting interesting i wonder whose baby that is
and i also cant wait to see what happens when hermione and draco meet up ... e so excited :D

Author's Response: Oh they meet up really soon, I was trying to get that into this chapter, but it wasn't happening!

Thanks for reviewing gitgit! :)

Keep reading!!
Chocolate ;)

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Review #7, by casa_bella Among the Rhododendrons

19th March 2008:
oh yayness! I love this!
please update soon!

Author's Response: lol
thanx for reviewing BOTH of my stories! I'll update asap!!!!
Luv, Chocolate ;)

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Review #8, by gitgit Among the Rhododendrons

28th February 2008:
that was an awsome chapter and an awsome way of beginning your story cant wait to read what happens next dude that was aamazing!!! keep it up :D

Author's Response: OMG!
thanks gitgit! I'll get the next chapter in real soon hopefully!

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Review #9, by Beautiful Darkness Among the Rhododendrons

13th February 2008:
Great. Really Good.
Love the way you write, and I want to read more already. Very intriguing. Thanks for the great read.

Author's Response: Thanks for the awesome review Beautiful Darkness!

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Review #10, by Sirius_Love2868 Among the Rhododendrons

10th February 2008:
Very interesting so far, i can't wait to see where Hermione fits in. Hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll update as soon as I get this chapter done, sorry it's taking soo long, I had to take a short break from HPFF for a while!
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by CoyotegurlNikki Among the Rhododendrons

10th February 2008:
Ok, you've caught my interest! Good chapter!

Author's Response: Have I? Have I really? Well I'd better keep going before I loose it I guess! LOL
Thanks for dropping a review!

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Review #12, by *~dracoslove~* Among the Rhododendrons

9th February 2008:
WOW! Your story was really good, you wrote it well for a start. I really enjoyed reading it, but if you could go into a bit more detail about draco then that would be good, otherwise it is great. GOOD JOB!

Author's Response: Thanks for the amazingly sweet review! There will be more on Draco's place and situtation in the chapter I'm currently writing!
Thanks sooo much for the amazing review! :D

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Review #13, by K B Lynne Among the Rhododendrons

8th February 2008:
so i'm not the only one who has a bed but insists on sleeping on the couch? cool! roflmao... quite interesting so far. Can't wait to see what else this story has in store! 10/10

Author's Response: lol nope, its funny you noticed that (there might be a lil more to then you think!) lol
Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #14, by sammm Among the Rhododendrons

8th February 2008:
interesting chapter, look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Thanks sammm! I'll try and update asap!

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Review #15, by minmi Among the Rhododendrons

8th February 2008:
oh wow this looks like it's going to be good. i even put it on my fav. update soon

Author's Response: Awww! Thanks minmi! *blushes* sorry It's been sooo long I'm going to try to update reallllll sooon okay? Thanks sooo much for the amazing review!

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Review #16, by Sylas_Jacks Among the Rhododendrons

6th February 2008:
I like. I'm not a big Draco fan but this has a different approach. Very cool. Cheers!

Author's Response: Funnily enough neither am I, LOL, but he was the only character that the plot line worked quite well with, so CHEERS! :D

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Review #17, by TheDirigiblePlum Among the Rhododendrons

3rd February 2008:
I am intrigued. .. .as to what happens next!

You write very well!

Thanks for your review on my story!

Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks soo much for reviewing mine!

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Review #18, by rosai_gryffindor Among the Rhododendrons

27th January 2008:
hey there! im here to return a favour! :D and i like this so far! it is different to other stories that i have read, especially the draco working with muggles, everyone wizarding thinking he is dead plot, that is interesting!! and ooohhh, i am now intrigued about the baby! and nice one to helen for tricking him like that! her character was well written... anyways, i think this has great potential! i will now read on!
Rose :)

Author's Response: Awww thanks soo much for reviewing Rose! Hmmm...yes the baby! lol I guess you can assume that Helen cared more about the money then the baby!
Thanks soo much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by inkismyworld Among the Rhododendrons

20th January 2008:
Definity unique, I'm interested to see where this leads Though I suggest that you could add more detail, like Draco's location, what his new friends looked long he had been living that way and so on. * favorites*

Author's Response: thanks for the suggestions! I'll take em up when I edit this chapter in the future! Thanks so much for the review!
favorites? *blushes*
thanks! Keep reading!

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Review #20, by Hispanicangel46 Among the Rhododendrons

13th January 2008:
wow wee wee wow,
that was a good chapter.
i like this so far,
with draco poor and down to nothing...

update soon?

Author's Response: Thanks soo much for the review Hispanicangle~!
I know poor poor Draco...
lol I'll try to update asap after finals!

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Review #21, by Lil lily71 Among the Rhododendrons

10th January 2008:
Wondeful start can't wait to read more i am so glad you asked me to come read this story. Please update very soon.

Author's Response: Thanks so much lil lily71! I'm soo glad you reviewed! :D
I will update soon! :)
Thanks again
luv AK

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Review #22, by Weasley_Wizard_Wheezes Among the Rhododendrons

8th January 2008:
really intense lol. great start to what im sure will be a great story :D

Author's Response: lol
it will get better! Thanks soo much for reviewing ;)
please keep reading~

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Review #23, by jayme Among the Rhododendrons

8th January 2008:
i like it keep righting and i will review every time i read a chapter

Author's Response: Oh that would be so lovely Jayme!
Thanks so much!
I will update pronto! :)

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Review #24, by kyrandia Among the Rhododendrons

8th January 2008:
oh this is good keep up the good work please update again real soon

Author's Response: Oh thanks, I will hopefully have the next chapter done soon!
Thanks so much for being my first reviewer kyrandia!

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