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Review #1, by Fireball Nymph Love is Patient

30th May 2009:
It's really good. I read through this and your other one before, and I love them both. I'm glad that James and Lily didn't die. I love them! Well, great one! I love Emma!

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Review #2, by doglover Love is Patient

27th October 2008:
wow they are engaged again. you know they never stopped being engaged, seeing as they never broke up...

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Review #3, by doglover Love is Kind

27th October 2008:
um...okay then...right...

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Review #4, by doglover Uncle Siri

27th October 2008:
what? how are none of them mad???

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Review #5, by doglover The cold, hard truth

27th October 2008:
omg omg omg!!! i dont know what to say!!!

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Review #6, by doglover An Important Discovery

27th October 2008:
what the heck??? this is confusing.

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Review #7, by doglover This Delicate Life

27th October 2008:
wow well that is really depressing!

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Review #8, by Book077 Love is Patient

2nd April 2008:
AWESOME chapter! I loved it!

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Review #9, by xlilyx Love is Patient

20th February 2008:
aww, yey they are engaged.. again!! lol. i hope she doesnt pretend to die again this time

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Review #10, by Cadyn Black Love is Patient

19th February 2008:
It was short-pout-but still good...and funny..and sweet, i teared up when he proposed-i am just emotional right now-for no reason, really...
It was great and you need to update more!!! 9/10
Love, ~Cady

Author's Response: Wootttttttt! lol i know- am i lazy or what? Anywho, glad you liked it =]]]


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Review #11, by puppieluver88 Love is Patient

17th February 2008:
Oh very good!! I loved it!! Awsome!!

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Review #12, by harrygall Love is Patient

17th February 2008:
wow thats really late or early depends on the way u look at anyways love the chapter please update soon

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Review #13, by Book077 Love is Kind

29th January 2008:
Great chapter!
Update soon!

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Review #14, by full_moon Love is Kind

21st January 2008:
Great story so far. I love it. Update soon.
=0P megan

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Review #15, by xlilyx Love is Kind

19th January 2008:
hey, fab sequal :) now that i have finally read it :P keep up the good work

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Review #16, by full_moon Uncle Siri

16th January 2008:
I love it!! Absolutly LOVE it! Can't wait for the next chapter!
=0P megan

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Review #17, by ir9035 Uncle Siri

13th January 2008:
omg! the longest chapeter and one of the best!! it was AMAZING!! i cant wait for the next update ... this one was spectacular! great job 10++/10

Author's Response: Thank youuu! Next chapter should be up around monday or tuesday night...let's hope :D

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Review #18, by Harry_Inu_lover Uncle Siri

13th January 2008:
Wasn't Tally pregnant at the end of the last series?



Author's Response: nopee. That was Tally's twin sister katie :D

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Review #19, by Book077 Uncle Siri

10th January 2008:
Whoa! Long chapter. Wonderful chapter! Lvoed it! They're finaly reunited!

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Review #20, by Cadyn Black Uncle Siri

9th January 2008:
Okay...YAY THEY FOUND EACH OTHER!!! happyness!!! now don't you go messing it up! I like it this way everyone is so happy and Sirius and Emma are together again-i love them!!
One thing i had a problem with was Sirius in the beginning...i mean i know he thought she was dead and all but really when you see someone you thought was dead, especially if you loved them like Sirius and Emma, wouldn't you hug them or say something, or at least make your presence known? I don't know it just kinda wouldn't be how i would react...
Well LOVED it and hope you update soon!
YAY I AM FIRST REVIEWER!!! you need to respond to your reviews!
Love, Cady *dance* I am so awesome in here!
a gazillion/10 and yes gazillion is a number! :P

Author's Response: -responds- AHHH, cady no kill becca -hides-
Lol. Well i was like "welll Emma is still under the assumption that Sirius hates her." and with the whole "sirius no talky" thing, it helped her fuel that XD that way it made it sweeter when they said they still loved each other XD lmao.
I am insane.

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Review #21, by Book077 The cold, hard truth

7th January 2008:
Can't to find out what happens next!

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Review #22, by Cadyn Black The cold, hard truth

6th January 2008:
I did change my hair color! I was leaning towards blonde but i have dark brown hair...that and i got my eyebrows done and now they look nice...sorry you didn't need to know that i bet. And practically everything i say is random...
Let Emma have that life, i like that life for her it fits her nicely! I like her with Sirius-they are SO cute!
Okay so have a happy ending, don't make me cry!!
UPDATE SOON PLEASE!! ~Cady 10,000,000,000/10

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Review #23, by Book077 An Important Discovery

5th January 2008:
Great Chapter! He's gonna find her! *is happy*

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Review #24, by Cady An Important Discovery

4th January 2008:
You're killing me here, I mean you brought them back to life and you're letting them live...DON'T KILL ANYONE-good advice that also applies to real life!
NO ONE DIES! If some one does then I'm gonna...*insert something threatening that scares you here* Yeah, I'll do that!! *smirk*
Love the story, obviously, and update soon please!! THEY WILL FIND EACH OTHER! ~Cady 10/10

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Review #25, by California An Important Discovery

3rd January 2008:
im so sure you leave us here lol. i want more!! update soon :)

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