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Review #1, by Katielynn PROLOGUE: Not Yet Goodbye

24th February 2009:
Oh dear. I love James :)

Author's Response: Me too. :)

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Review #2, by K PROLOGUE: Not Yet Goodbye

2nd February 2008:
Amazing, I came to your page to see if you had updated "Never All Together," and I found this which I'll say it again, it was amazing. I can't wait for you to update again and to see what happens, and to see what has already happened. Great Story!!

Author's Response: Oops, I'm sorry. I don't think "Never All Together" will be updated any time soon, as I'm sooo busy with school. (I'm a graduating student!) :D But I'm glad you like this (although this is probably further on my update list than Never All Together, haha). Thanks for reviewing!:D

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Review #3, by Summerdream PROLOGUE: Not Yet Goodbye

31st December 2007:
oh, HIM again. Don't worry, I'm quite glad to see it's him...LOL..I'm afraid I might be in love with him too ;)
Hm...Where to start? SDo I have to say enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed reading your other stories? You're an amazing writer. I can see this is going to be a very interesting story; for this prologue left many questions open..I have a hunch about what happened but i'm not going to say anything in case i'm wrong;)
fav line:
."With her index finger, she traced the hard lines of his neck, trying to find the beat in rhythm with hers..."#
amazing. can't wait for next chapter...10/10
happy new year!

Author's Response: Summerdream,

One of these days I'm going to do my excuse ("Remus is actually my favourite Marauder but I just find James so interesting") some justice and actually write about Remus. I was worried I've been too into James (rawr) and that nobody will like this anymore, but well... Thanks so much for reading this!

You're right; the prologue was written precisely to leave some questions hanging. I can see why you'd have a hunch; this isn't going to be a complicated story, and it's actually pretty obvious, so you're most likely correct. :D

Happy new year to you as well! :D

P.S. We should start a James Appreciation Society or something. Haha.

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Review #4, by Girldetective85 PROLOGUE: Not Yet Goodbye

29th December 2007:
Oh no!!! He can't leave her! Who cares about Harry and Lily? (j/k ... kind of) Okay I've only read one chapter and already I love James and Celeste together. Their relationship is just so sweet, and you can definitely tell how much he loves her back, since he knew for a month and still stayed with her! This is really bittersweet ... I hope it doesn't end this way. :( I loved reading it though, you really have a way with words and you know how to write emotion without going overboard. The simplistic language is gorgeous and seems like it's just enough to convey what you're trying to say. I especially love when they're in bed trying to hold on to one another as the seconds tick away - beautiful imagery. Just gorgeous! 10/10

Author's Response: Hahaha. I care about Harry and Lily (lest I be labelled a real anti-James/Lily, LOL). This chapter's part of the end, haha, and he loves her because she somewhat represents his peace, but he knows he has to go back to the War... I guess I'll expound on this later on. :) I was kind of worried the whole thing was written too simply since I wrote in while doing grocery with my mom. Haha. But I didn't want to reveal too much anyway; in any case, I'm relieved you love it. :)

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Review #5, by GubraithianFire PROLOGUE: Not Yet Goodbye

27th December 2007:
I promise I'll finish Never All Together... soon. :P But I couldn't resist reading this, especially since I can finish it faster than nineteen chapters :) But I'll shut up about that now, so I can rave about this.

It is just a prologue, I understand, and as such is meant to raise more questions than to answer my initial ones. First: how did James end up married to this Celeste Laurent? (An absolutely gorgeous name, by the way. Slightly cliched, but still gorgeous). Clearly we'll find this out soon, but I can't help but be curious. Another question: why haven't Lily or Sirius found James yet? It is such a perplexing situation, but it's wonderfully portrayed. I automatically sympathize more with Celeste and like her, I dread the coming of morning and James' return to Lily. Because you've given us enough insight into your OC's mind that we do have enough to go on to sympathize with her. In this one scene, we see she is strong and quite intelligent, and of course becoming a doctor. (Is she a Muggle, then? Is that why Lily and Sirius can't find James?) And she adores James, of course, and he adores her. Phrases like "reverent kiss" really warmed me up to this pairing.

Wonderful start to what I'm sure will be an intriguing fic :) Well done indeed!

Author's Response: Why do I always get that nervous feeling when I see your name on a review? Hahaha! It's a compliment; your opinion of what I wrote means much to me. :)

This is the first time I'm writing something with a prologue and an epilogue, writing part of the end first before starting again. LOL. And I don't usually say explicitly the date and place of each scene, so sometimes it gets confusing. But I'm glad you get it so far.

First off, thanks for noticing the name! I thought it was dreamy myself. Haha. Yes, she is a Muggle. And here I actually thought the story's summary and the prologue would be enough to tell the whole story. :) I think I'll be able to answer your first question, but as for the second, maybe not, since I plan to finish this in as few chapters as possible and so will not probably include the story from Sirius and Lily's POV. :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing this! :)

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Review #6, by Zazuli PROLOGUE: Not Yet Goodbye

26th December 2007:
That's so sad! AUURH! Can't James just say sorry I found someone else and I'm staying here? I suppose that would be a tad selfish though. GRR. I can't wait to see what happened to James. :O

Author's Response: OMG. It's you again! :) Hello and happy holidays! To answer your question, no, I guess not. Haha. I'm glad you didn't get lost about the set time and date of this scene. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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