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Review #1, by MilyMB A Very Black Christmas

20th January 2008:
Great story, can't wait for the next chapter!
Lots of Love

Author's Response: Haha, thanks, but the story is actually already complete. Glad you liked it anyhow, and thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #2, by ginny_malfoy22 A Very Black Christmas

28th December 2007:
Happy Birthday for yesterday! Your birthday's the day before mine! Haha!

I love the story (as always) but for once, I have a bit of nit-picking...I thought Andromeda was the middle child? Also, if Bellatrix and Narcissa were betrothed from birth, wouldn't that make Andromeda betrothed from birth? (just a little bit of confusion there!)

Other than that, well done!



Author's Response: Happy birthday to you too, then!

Yes, yes, I know that Andromeda is the middle child, but that wouldn't have worked for this story, so I changed it around a bit *woops*. And she probably would've, but also did not work with the story. Thanks for pointing it out nonetheless.

As always, thank you very much for the lovely review!


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Review #3, by padfoots girl A Very Black Christmas

25th December 2007:
Awww. A story for me? I feel so loved! =)

It was a great read Di! Really really nice. I like how you went through each of the Black kids and explained stuff, you know? I also really liked how you portrayed Andromeda, though, I think you're timeline is a little off, that's okay. I love AU stories! =P

Great story, Di! I'd love to see a novel out of this. ;)

Author's Response: Haha, yes. And I do love you, silly ;D

I'm so happy you liked it! I was worried that it would be too dull or something, it was more like an essay than a story. And Andromeda's timeline was very off, as she's supposed to be the middle sister and younger than Sirius, but that was the only way it would work the way I wanted to.

Hm...I don't think a novel, but maybe a short story. I probably will expand on this, as I'm growing quite fond of Andromeda. Maybe I'll write about her! Anyway, thanks so much for the lovely review!


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Review #4, by Natalie Thomson A Very Black Christmas

25th December 2007:
Very Cool! I like how Sirius just got coal.

Author's Response: Haha, I'm happy you liked it! That was my favourite part to write. Thanks for the review!


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