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Review #1, by Skigirl1967395 Sweet Poisen

30th May 2011:
Awesome story! Can't wait for another update!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much! I haven't written for this story in a while but I do know where I want it to go so hopefully a new chapter will be up soon!

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Review #2, by Emeralddutchess Sweet Poisen

16th October 2009:
i will die without finishing this story it is AMAZING

Author's Response: So sorry to keep you waiting! Hopefully you haven't died yet ;)
Update is coming

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Review #3, by Kenzie Sweet Poisen

28th March 2009:
this is awsomelicious! =D

Author's Response: thanks!!! :D

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Review #4, by Dracos_missus Sweet Poisen

21st February 2009:
AWESOME! please keep writing

Author's Response: more is coming son!!! :P

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Review #5, by whatevercentral Sweet Poisen

12th December 2008:
Update soon!!!

Author's Response: glad you liked it, more coming soon! :D

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Review #6, by hashuri Sweet Poisen

5th December 2008:
okay ya know wat like last month when i read the other chapter before this i had a dream about wat you might put in here and this is exactly wat i dreamed of and it's scary how im reading my own dream :-D ha ha

Author's Response: haha... maybe you can read my mind while im writing or recieve my brain waves once your asleep... that would be scary though... :)

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Review #7, by 2408memory2408 Sweet Poisen

2nd December 2008:
Could have a bit more information. But, all in all rather good

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback, will take it into account for the next chapters!
Glad you like it!!!

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Review #8, by Deni Sweet Poisen

2nd December 2008:
Great story so far. Please update quickly.

Author's Response: More is coming soon!

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Review #9, by jaymie Sweet Poisen

1st December 2008:
What happens to them. you have to write more please.

Author's Response: thank you so much! i didn't know if people would like this chapter or not. i am glad you want to know more. should be writting more soon!

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Review #10, by BlondeChick2009 Extremely Unexpected

11th June 2008:
Oh how I love the banter between them ;)

And I'm wondering what Ginny will do with her new discovery...

And Ron is being a bit paranoid...rightfully so, I suppose...but he is annoying me :)

I really like this chapter, and I like how Hermione knows how everyone feels at a given time. Update soon!

Author's Response: thanks so much!!! Ron is getting annoying even when i type, i don't know what to do with him... maybe i will think of something!!! XD
next chap should be coming soon... once i have written it that is.. lol

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Review #11, by Tigermusic Extremely Unexpected

10th June 2008:
ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING...keep it coming...please dont be a stranger with this story i really looking forward with an update pretty soon :D
keep the great work up :D

Author's Response: thank you so much!!! i've been trying to flip school work, this story and the book i'm writing and i have to tell you it is hard... :(
glad u liked this chapter though!! more coming soon!! LD

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Review #12, by Raven Hiroshima Threats cut deep

28th May 2008:
ha ha draco.more plz

Author's Response: thanks!!! i might upload the next chap soon...

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Review #13, by The_Hardest_Thing Threats cut deep

29th April 2008:
please update soon!!! I wan't to read more this is very interesting!

Author's Response: thanks so much!!!

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Review #14, by groteskq_fatality Threats cut deep

28th February 2008:
lol.its quite funny.
and i love how chill she is that shes a vampire.

ahh twilight.

lol.update soon! :]

Author's Response: thanks so much!!! i agree with you!! the twilight series is so good!!!

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Review #15, by me_? Threats cut deep

19th February 2008: you can write new chapters!
its a very good story!
i have a they grow up? or do they stay that way for ever?
and...when is mione going to "turn beautiful"? its just that i want to know how shes looks like

love it!

Author's Response: ok... sorry i didn't explain to well but they never grow up! once they turn into a vampire they stay the age they are forever!!! and hermione is really beautiful but draco just doesn't want to admit he... he was trying to make fun of her!!!

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Review #16, by BlondeChick2009 Threats cut deep

4th February 2008:
yay, update! lovin the interactions, pansy's such an idiot. i love to make fun of her. and its pretty intersting that draco and hermione can be hissing insults about their nicknames, and then be smiling and smirking about them. in truth, i think they like it when the other calls them their "pet" names. Wonderful!

Author's Response: thanks... for a moment there i thought you where going to say you thought it was weird the way they suddenly change thier attitudes but am very happy to know that you like it that way! :)
update is on its way soon!!

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Review #17, by _SummerbabE_ Threats cut deep

3rd February 2008:
wow! your story is really interesting!
keep up the good work!

Miz xox

Author's Response: thanks so much!!! there is more coming soon!! :)

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Review #18, by Celina Farewells and Hellos

2nd February 2008:
I loves the first chapter! Very interesting. It captivated me. On to the next chapter! xD

Author's Response: glad my story is so captivating!!! hope you like the following chapters!! :)

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Review #19, by londonmarie The Follower

2nd February 2008:
That was intense. Creepy. I'm a littl scared.

Author's Response: sorry to creep you out, but it shouldn't be to scray from now on. keep reading though, and check back for more chap

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Review #20, by londonmarie Farewells and Hellos

2nd February 2008:
Love this chapter. Love the password, great idea. Right his room was under "construction". hm.

Author's Response: well, it is said to be under construction but Dumbledore knows something about Draco that no one else does, so he put him is with Hermione. keep reading and more chaps are coming soon!!

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Review #21, by SnowyHedwig Threats cut deep

2nd February 2008:
I am really enjoying this story, you are writing it very well! Update soon, I can't wait to read more...

Author's Response: thanks, there is more coming up soon! :)

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Review #22, by xhardcorebulletsx Danger, danger and more danger

1st February 2008:
Somebody has been reading The Twilight series.. is my guess.

please be sure to check spelling at gramatical errors. Also, try not to get them in bed right away. Develop the plot first! It'll make the story better. If Hermione hates him so much, then why did it seem like she got over it right away?

Author's Response: ok so the spelling may not be great and i am really sorry for that, the plot is developed just so you know!!!
Hermione, well she doesn't really know what to think! she's a vampire now and everything to her seems differant and strange!

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Review #23, by sourxtruth Threats cut deep

1st February 2008:
omg love the whole thing!! keep going its rocks!!!

Author's Response: thanks :)

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Review #24, by Nessa Threats cut deep

1st February 2008:
I love it so much! This story rocks!!

Author's Response: thanks!!! keep checking as more is coming!!!

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Review #25, by dracodemonlover Threats cut deep

1st February 2008:
oh.HUrRy n write THE 6th ONe. This is so great. i luv two things. vampirez n draco!!!

Author's Response: the next chap is coming soon don't worry!!! :)

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