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Review #1, by emmapotter I Was Only Ten Years Old...

15th January 2009:
Aw.That was cho chweet.I LOVED IT!! Very Well Written! Have I Mentioned How Much I LOVED IT?? I gues I have..LOL
1000/10! ;)

Author's Response: wowza! Thanks for all the love! :D

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Review #2, by pyromain I Was Only Ten Years Old...

13th January 2008:
Great story truly loved it.

Author's Response: thanks. I really glad you loved it. it was my first story challenge. :)

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Review #3, by Ladymoon I Was Only Ten Years Old...

13th January 2008:
That was wonderful. Thank you xD

Author's Response: your welcome...that seems weird. it should be thanking you for reading my story then reviewing it! so thank you! try my other pieces. :)

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Review #4, by GriffinClaw I Was Only Ten Years Old...

10th January 2008:
Oh my gosh, I love this story! It's so cute, and adorable. It has the perfect amount of humor for a Potter/Weasley kid. I loved the moral you put across is such a subtle way. Everything was so natural, the parents downstairs while the cousins are all messing around upstairs. The teasing, name calling, pesky games, and sibling squabbles made the story that much more real. The narration was funny/witty and it held my attention while still keeping me on track to find out what Christmas is all about to Lily Potter. I loved the opening paragraph, it was a perfect set up and the ending concluded things brilliantly.

What else can I say, I just loved it. One of my favs.

Author's Response: o wow! That was a really good review! So detailed...i LOVE when the reviews are long. i'm really glad that it seemed real to you. My first draft, i was struggling with the narration because i wanted it to be literary and well written, but i also wanted it to be a sort of casual storytelling by a fifteen year old girl (which was surprisingly hard despite the fact that i AM a 15yr old
Check out my stories plz!
Hugs and cake!!!

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Review #5, by harry101 I Was Only Ten Years Old...

9th January 2008:
thast gorgeous!! love it!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really happy you loved it. Maybe you should try out my other stories...or even other stories for this story challenge...some of them are really cute.

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Review #6, by ShadowedDark I Was Only Ten Years Old...

2nd January 2008:
Awww thats the sweetest thing I have ever read. A great Christmas tale. I like how she's telling the story rather than being there. Because narrating it makes it a whole lot more symbolic. I also like the last line.
"TO MY FAVERIT CUZIN..." It gives you warmth. I love it. =D

Author's Response: That was the sweetest review i've ever gotten. Thank you! Yeah i really like how she narrated it too. Alot of other Next Gen Xmas tales had the little kids living it...they were cute but i really wanted to show what Lily learned. Christmas is definitely a time to reflect...which is what Lily does in the story. Happy Holidays! R/R my other stories too!

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Review #7, by RamAriel I Was Only Ten Years Old...

2nd January 2008:
I loved it all of your other stories. Merry Christmas and a HAppy New Year to you . Did you get the 3-Disc HArry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix DVD? TTYL BYES!

Author's Response: Thanks Ram! I did get it!!! Yay! When i read your review, at first i didn't know it was you so i was just like, "Wow, somebody asking me about my DVD....did i leave a comment about that? hm..."
Happy Holidays!!!! (sry about all the typos in that story)

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