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Review #1, by Dracana Coffee and Custards

4th April 2008:
omfg FRANK!!

*dies* HOW did I not see this before?! I'm seriously such a sap that I almost sat all sad and looser-like reading this, as I miss Tatsuha so much!! Even if that is really vain cause I made him . . . But still, profile checking and sniffling ensue. Aw, since all the old chars like Forrest, Auxxel, Daf and Marius disappeared, nothing is the same anymore :( I'm feeling seriously nostalgic, but reading this made me happy as well as sad.

You entirely made my day!! Love the banner too. Is all perfection, but I'd like the whole story to go on forever, lol.

Yeah, I'll stop blabbering. Disappearing now.

Author's Response: omfg HELEN!
-dies- HOW did I not see there are unanswered reviews? Thank you for reading it, pretty lousy story but I enjoy writing PW characters more than canon so... :P

Maybe I should make chaptered stories about them. -taps chin-

Yeay, I made your day! -does a jig- And um, kinda embarassing and unnecessary information, I occasionally do profile viewing of Tats, even though there are none that are new to be stalked... -ninja-

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Review #2, by crazyy_x Coffee and Custards

17th January 2008:
Your stories make me so happy xD I love you! Seriously. *awkward silence*

I take it you were on PW? x] Yeahhh, you seem like one of those people that I would stalk mercilessly [: Come back so I can have someone new to stalk, please? And if you are back, just totally ignore this. Or point out who you are, so I can stalk you. xD *rambles on*

Anyway, yeah. I heart your graphics, too. They make my life.


Author's Response: I love you too! Seriously. -awkward silence-

Haha, wow a merciless stalker!! -dies- Yes, apparently I was in PW before -whistles innocently- then I got back recently. Guess who.... Boom! Silvius Adam :P

Thanks for reviewing, your last compliment flattered me. -blushies-

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Review #3, by Nymphie Lupin Coffee and Custards

3rd January 2008:
Wow, that was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Admittedly though, I have no clue who the hell Auxxel/Tatsuha are... but I was able to follow along, so its all cool.

I'm in love with your writing. Honestly and truly, I LOVE pretty much everything you write. :) :) :) You're way too awesome for your own good!!! Way too awesome!!! XD :D XD

This gets a perfect 10/10.

have a great day


Oh!!! I've written the slash fic you inspired me to write. I just sent it through the validation line, so if you'd like to check it out, it'll be popping up around here pretty quick. However, I should warn you that its really long... like I think about 5000 words kinda long. :| But, if you feel like torturing yourself with crappy slash that goes agonizingly on and on and on... I'd really appreciate it if you'd check it out.

Author's Response: Aah... Thank you for reading and reviewing, haha :D Pfft, my writing is still crap material. But I do feel flattered :)
Oh, I'll check it right away, thanks for the review :)

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Review #4, by Ida Coffee and Custards

30th December 2007:
How could it possibly take me like four months to get off work and life for long enough to look into HPFF and my favorite author??? *dies* It's totally insane... I can't wait for things to calm down.

Anyway, I was delighted/thrilled/in a state of squealing when I saw a new story!!! ^^ I was seriously dancing around the house... and btw, Frank, how dare you claim to be the only one who ships Auxxel/Tatsuha??? I'm, like, a devoted shipper over here! *waves the mighty Taxxel banner* They're, like, the perfect couple... Almost on line with Valemura; another old favorite that never had time to quite hit it off...

Anyway, this was brilliant!! Cute, funny, amazing, squeal-inspiring... Wow; this story can keep me going on a happy high for days ^^ You're the man when it comes to PW fanfiction. All hail!!

Only complaint: could have been twenty-two times longer! Now I'm only left with a fuzzy feeling, a really strong wish that I had enough time for PW (I miss it more than I can say!) again and the sincere hope that you will write a lot more in the near future ^^ I'm gonna feed off your stories in 2008.


I'm hyper. Obviously. *dies*

PS: I miss nunchucks and many PS's ^^

Author's Response: -omfg.-


How the hell are you?! Been a while, no? Been a really effing while!! Haha. I know, ain't it a bit sad. We're the only ones holding a Taxxel banner. -sulks- But who cares! I'm cool like that! But we could shove that away when it comes to Valemura -swoons- Argh, the old days bring tears and laughter to me -cries and reminisces-

Aww, did I tell you I left PW as well? -cries- Until Helen asked me back to go to PW land, plus there was nothing left to do during free time and I manage to be a bit practical so I could split my time here and there. Trust me, it needs more than coffee and cola to survive! It needed cinnamon milk! ARGH. PW is SO different without Marius Valentine. It's like Nishimura without Valentine... Incomplete. -sighs- Or Marius without Auxxel -nunchucks-


Happy new year to you too!! Argh, the old days, mate, the old days... I could always taste the sweet past every time I reread these PW fanfics.

PS: I know! I miss them too! Apparently, I couldn't use it anymore because well there's no... You! -grumbles-

PSS: Thanks for the review!

PSSSSSSSSSSSS: Just imagine we did a lot of PSs! -winky winky-

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Review #5, by wasawzki Coffee and Custards

29th December 2007:
OMG! this story.. -spechless-
very great, dude.
keep working

Author's Response: thank you, yesa :D you liked that named slipped in, eh? hahahah

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