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Review #1, by jamesismy_man The worst night of her life

1st June 2008:
lol i laughed so hard, when you said "voldemort raped you"
she seems to be getting some action.

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Review #2, by toonmili Misere

4th April 2008:
wait a minuite... Blaise is Black... unless he isn't in your story.

So I finally got around to reading this... so sorry I took so long.

I know how frustrating it can be when no one is reading or when you know people are reading but they are not reviewing... which is worse in my opinon.

You really got out of that cliffy.

and why oh why did they have to break up... and the kid *weeps*

I was thinking about adventures of Snape's kid. but he knows who the child is. It is so much fun to read about child that Severus does not know he has. I wish you didn't have to end it so soon.

me... I have everything planned in my head and I will post even if no one is reading. I'll just change the summary until more people get intrested in reading it. and then guilt them into reviewing...

Author's Response: lol... i had to finish this one cause i have to work on seeing pink as well as half yearly exams and stuff... i tried the guilt thing but it didnt really work very well... this chapter has had about 17 reads so i've given up for now... Celeste changed her name and therefore the kids name blah blah but Sev doesnt know exactly who it is he just knows he has a kid... there might be a spin off when i get time. I'm having serious trouble with non-english class related writing because everything is so STRUCTURED! its driving me mental!

How i see it is... Celeste Black + Severus Snape = Blaise Severus Zabini... Cause it says in HBP that Blaise's mum is beautiful but had heaps of husbands, so i thought she could be a metamorphogus but Blaise didnt get the gene.

Thanks for always reviewing!

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Review #3, by toonmili Tears and Rain

17th March 2008:
I love Celeste. she is an awesome OC and I didn't mind her and sev at all. There was a part I really cracked up for becuase all the while I'm picturing Alan Rickman. he he. funny stuff... and god stuff because I love AR. (yeah I know he's old)

I would tossed that letter in the fire if Delores has sent me that too...

I wonder what happend to her though.

Cornelius and Delores... again I'm seeing the movie actors in my head. very shocking. I never thought about what the adult wizards do... they're just like us.

And to get validated faster try being overly cautious... and use words that imply but don't actually say...

I'll have to write a scene like that soon as you can imagine and I'm already trying to think up ways I can say a lot without saying a thing... lol

Author's Response: dont worry, i love AR too and my friends think i'm weird...
trying not to giggle when i'm writing the bits between Celeste and Sev is really hard!
for the cornelius and dolores bit you have to imagine like 20 year old versions of the actors otherwise its just scary!

LOL i try to use innuendo as much as i can but sometimes i just have to say it!

This is the second last chapter and the last one is waiting for validation... i couldnt think of anything else to write so i finished it the other day.

ah man i cant believe Antique Hoax is over! I'll still love it forever though!


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Review #4, by Sab Tears and Rain

7th March 2008:
Hehe... this is extremely interesting! it's like 9:30 and i am so tired and could be watching Jane Eyre BUT I DONT REGRET NOT WATCHING JANE EYRE!! this is really good stuff! C'est tres bonne, encore s'il vous plait!

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Review #5, by toonmili Two Hands

14th February 2008:
Ha, I lovd the part when Celeste was forced to get in bed with Sev... poor woman. LOL. That would have been my first choice.

She is very intresting OC by the way. And she looks like Cissy, the same way Andromeda looks like Bella.

And Fudge and Delores... ha, I really love it.

Author's Response: thankyou! lol i checked your stories before i checked my reviews... it probably would've been my first choice too! lol... i had to figure out a way for Dolores to be really bitter and yet still love Fudge so that is where that ship came from... Thanks for the review, you seem to be the only person that always reviews me...

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Review #6, by Sab Two Hands

12th February 2008:
See... I'm a good girl... I do what im told to do :) u hang out with ur group to much if you can describe that corny scene... or maybe u hang around me too much lol but it was really good! I'm guessing you made Celeste up. u have an imagination that is to vast for words lol

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Review #7, by toonmili Nobody's off the Hook

4th February 2008:
Cliffhangers. Grr.

Yeah you were more discriptive in this chapter, nice touch. I always have to beat my self up to write more discription. I like dialouge. Some time someone said in a review that I don't have to write everything they say but i just can't help myslef... LOL

I loved the back story about Tobias being Delores' Father. Totally orginal. In fact a story about Umbridge is original.

And you got some Snape and Lily in there as well, which is my second fav ship.

Author's Response: thank you very much! my english teacher from last year said i never wrote enough description of my characters. I think i just prefer the reader to make up a lot of stuff for themselves, which is what my english teacehr calls brain candy... oh well. i gotta say that thanks to you Sevadora is my favourite ship, closely followed by Lily and Sev... my friends that write fanfic think i'm insane for that... lol.

thanks for the review! i cant wait for the next chapters of Flowers and The Antique Hoax to be up!

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Review #8, by Sab Nobody's off the Hook

1st February 2008:
DAMN YOU AND YOUR CLIFF HANGERS!!! :P it's so cute! so romantic! Sev risks his life in order to save a child that wasnt his (bet he wishes it was)! aw see this is the stuff i like to read! becareful though with your grammar... when someone speaks your supposed to start a new line! hehehehe geek much? well done!

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Review #9, by Sab A Little Bit of Love

1st February 2008:
Love the Please Note bit lol ... i really liked it! great discription! i havent read hp but i could imagine what it would look like and i get who the characters are and that's hard to do so well done!!!

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Review #10, by Sab The worst night of her life

1st February 2008:
This sounds like a conversation jiye had with our group!
Very good! You really know how to make me ready stuff dont you? lol love it... the kid would be so ugly tho! poor thing!

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Review #11, by nellyy A Little Bit of Love

28th January 2008:

another great chapter can't wait until ch 3 comes out, i'm a little confused though, is she still carrying the baby or not?

hope to have another chapter soon

Author's Response: that question is answered in the next chapter which is waiting for validation... thanks for the great review.

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Review #12, by toonmili A Little Bit of Love

27th January 2008:
This story is totally crazy... For a moment I thought you were going to pair off Snape and Umbridge. Nightmare.

Thank good he is just her Brother...sort of.

Author's Response: well the third chapter is taking forever to get validated, but you find out why they 'sort of' are in it... as a matter of fact for a while i thought i was going to pair them too but i thought it was too weird and wrong for snape... as soon as it gets validated i think i'll put up the new story with dora and snape... and dont worry, i have a notebook too. if i cant find it i write my ideas down on any bit of paper i can find... suffice it to say my wallet is full of paper with ideas on it.

thanks for all the reviews!

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Review #13, by toonmili The worst night of her life

27th January 2008:
This is by far the most original thing I have ever read in my life. I have never even read a story with Umbridge as a main protagonist... wow.

I can totally see Umbridge frreaking out when she finds out that Voldy could have taken care of her and her baby.

Spawn of Voldy, can't wait to read the next chapter.

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Review #14, by lilyjames A Little Bit of Love

22nd January 2008:
I don't think Umbridge should have gotten rid of the baby. And I think you turned things around way to quickly. You need more descriptions. I think this could be a lot better.

Author's Response: thanks for the review and the feedback.
i think she should've, but thats just my point of view.
my english teacher is always telling me that my work needs more description so i'll try to put that in for the next chapter.

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Review #15, by lilyjames The worst night of her life

6th January 2008:
Wow that attitude was unexpected. You'd have thought that she would have appreciated their help. then again maybe you wouldn't well I'm glad i read and i'll definitely keep up with this story.

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Review #16, by nellyy The worst night of her life

30th December 2007:
o this is interesting please write more!

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