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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest Guardians

15th October 2016:
This was very well done! I like Merlin in the beginning of the story-will you come back to this? Harry & Hermione were sweet! It felt like a folk/fairy tale type of story. It has been some time, but I've notice other writers do come back after a long hiatus.

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Review #2, by mythic77 Guardians

20th March 2010:
Very pleasant story. I've followed your work on a couple of differnt sites, and you are a reliably good read (even if it's with your partner). I hope that's a compliment to you. It was meant as such.

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Review #3, by Weasleys Forever Guardians

23rd April 2008:

I love the idea of Merlin, after a thousand years outside humanity, creating his replacements; making two people from the characters of a book, and making sure that those two people have all the knowledge and friendships and love that he missed so much during his existence.

What a great idea. You should think of expanding this piece.

Now get writing.

Author's Response: hi and thanks, I have been thinking about this one for quite some time, I may decide to turn it into a full story after my next one is finished.

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Review #4, by You_Know_Who_I_Am Guardians

9th January 2008:
i dont really get this but i like the idea of merlin being hte gardien of magic and yes you should turmn it into a short story

Author's Response: Yes fictional characters out in the real world where there is no Diagon alley or Hogwarts to visit. may be I will write more for this one soon as I get a chance.

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Review #5, by BlackDemonAngel Guardians

6th January 2008:
sweet I like you could contuine it if you like.

Author's Response: I am looking into adding to tis story, thanks for the review

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Review #6, by Happy Rotter Guardians

4th January 2008:
I ain't gonna add this story to favourites until you lengthen it. Joking, but i think it would be an awesome idea to make it longer.

I really should get to sleep... after reading 29 chapters of Time Again and this story, it is REALLY getting late.


Author's Response: Yeah I like the idea of fictional characters being in the real world, I might work on this between lulls in my other story.

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Review #7, by auror_snape Guardians

19th December 2007:
Really cute. And I never would have guessed that the old man was Merlin, I was guessing Dumbledore.

And I hope you don't find this insulting, but for a H/G and R/Hr shipper, you write fantastic H/Hr stories that bash Ron. Sorry, but I noticed how many of your stories pair up H/G and R/Hr.

Author's Response: Dear old Merlin been around since before king Arthur and getting a little tired now, so he uses magic to bring two fictional characters to life to take his place... I dont think it would have worked if I had used Dumbly door. anyway glad you like it.

Now about Harry / Ginny, well I would bring your attention to the previous review, I was writing those pairings because I thought at the time I was going against what the final out come would be, then JKR goes and loses the plot and filled book seven with thirty odd chapters about a boring life in a tent, then if thats not bad enough she spoilt things even more with the last chapter of the last book, so now I write stories that go against cannon, stories that should actually have been cannon. oh well we cant have it all, at least I can tell people I got JKR's book on camping.

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Review #8, by Gryffindors_heir Guardians

15th December 2007:
i think it would be a fantastic story.

Author's Response: I will write more if I get enough responce, and maybe I'll just write more antway. thanks for the review.

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Review #9, by Potter n Mione Guardians

15th December 2007:
Wow, that was different! i enjoyed it though. Ur always a good author.

Author's Response: Yeah I thought a new angle might work, I'm pleased you enjoyed it. thanks for reviewing.

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Review #10, by KM Norton Guardians

14th December 2007:
Great story, I would love to read a longer version!

Author's Response: Maybe if I get enough interest I will develope this into a multi chapter tale, we can only wait and see. thanks so much for the nice comments.

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