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Review #1, by xTimexTurnerx No Matter

6th May 2008:
hmm, I think I like this. Lots. Adding to my faves. Sorry. Bout the sentece fragments. :D

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Review #2, by Supposedly No Matter

12th February 2008:
Excellent first chapter- the characters are recognizable from each other, a trait not found often in stories chocked full of extra characters. Into the favorites bin it goes!

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Review #3, by Marauders <3 No Matter

21st January 2008:
okay loved it kinda reminds me of gossip girl with the skyler (serena) and Iris (blair) thing. but i wouldn'y have changed a bit. i really did love it and ill be waiting

oh yah so thats nice for hurry the hell up with the next one!

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Review #4, by TopazEyez No Matter

15th January 2008:
Loved, of course! You have a wonderful way of writing, you just need to make sure to look out for Mary Sue's. Excellent in making Jaclyn so self-conscious, and there is an air of mystery about her that makes it addicting. But, be careful about Skylar. I can already tell you that you are going to have problems with that OC. She's so perfect (in looks; she defiantly has her personality flaws which make her more likable and easier to relate to) that you're probably going to want to let her take center stage about most of the story, but remember, it is a J/L fic! One more thing before I shut up: DON'T MAKE THIS CLICHE!!! I have had many people tell me this and I laughed because I knew there was no way I was going to take other people's ideas for my story. It's hard though. I mean, don't make the "wild child" automatically go with Sirius just because he has the same characteristics. A twist for the story would be to put her with Remus and Jaclyn with Sirius, you get what I'm saying? There are so many stories out there that follow the same path that its hard to find one that has something different about it, you know? Let your story be the one to stand out! =D

Your Now-Faithful Reviewer

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Review #5, by Jenisa No Matter

15th January 2008:
I like it so far. Just wondering which on does Jaclyn look like whther or not she looks like the one on the banner and who the guy from the banner is.

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Review #6, by Helovesmenot18 No Matter

24th December 2007:
please update soon1 it looks like its going to be an awesome story!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Glad you like it so far. will update as soon as i can

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