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Review #1, by Pinkpal1992 Holly and Kisses

2nd December 2011:
I wish Pince didnt show up :(

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Review #2, by Ellaoptimistic Holly and Kisses

25th December 2008:
Poor Draco =] Loved it!

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Review #3, by Laura Holly and Kisses

16th April 2008:
OMG please write another chapter???
that was awesome!!

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Review #4, by Luella Lovegood Holly and Kisses

24th February 2008:
i just lurve it!
such entertainment


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Review #5, by gotta get on with life Holly and Kisses

16th February 2008:
I am once again reviewing the same story. This time asking you to make the scenes more graphic(I think you know which scenes I mean) and they shouldn't get interrupted. I love such scenes. *evil grin*

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Review #6, by Californiagirl1426 Holly and Kisses

4th February 2008:
hahaha. I loved this story!

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Review #7, by dramione 4 ever Holly and Kisses

26th January 2008:
that was a good read..entertaining

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Review #8, by Lynn Delacour Holly and Kisses

19th January 2008:
Hahahah. interesting. Very nice. I love Christmas-y stories.

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Review #9, by bianca bandit Holly and Kisses

17th January 2008:
oh my goodness. that was very toxic? right word, in my opinion i loved it, there was so much passion and very good writing. this was ver no it was amazing.

10/10 by the way :D

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Review #10, by lilyandjamesfan Holly and Kisses

5th January 2008:
i love this. it was very very good.

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

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Review #11, by see Holly and Kisses

1st January 2008:
i other word very very good
hope for more

Author's Response: Haha thanks muchly.
I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #12, by gotta get on with life Holly and Kisses

29th December 2007:
It was really cute.But don't you think Madam Pince would find it odd to find Draco in the Library for such long hours and make her wonder why he's always with Hermione because even she must know how the 2 used to hate each other.

Author's Response: haha it's only a fluffy Christmas present love.
Nothing serious.

Thank you.

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Review #13, by Twippy Holly and Kisses

27th December 2007:
That was great - loved the ending!! LOL

Author's Response: mwahahah

Thank you.

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Review #14, by ihs Holly and Kisses

27th December 2007:

Author's Response: Tehehe glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #15, by Fields Of Innocence09 Holly and Kisses

26th December 2007:
Love love love it!
Very seckual =P
That scene was very hot!
I want more!!
And this time they shouldn't get interupted!!
Alright, i'm a horny betch, i'll shut up right now.
I love you =]

Author's Response: Hahah, I left your answer till last my love.

Of course, trust you to be left honey . . . horny


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