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Review #1, by Y F 17 Spaghetti and Skeeter

7th April 2015:
So, I see that you haven't updated this story for a very long time, but I just wanted to say that this story is awesome!!! I've read a lot of Draco/Ginny stories, but this is one of the best! It's a believable romance instead of the 'just falling into the others arms' like so many of the others! I like that Skeeter is still ruining peoples lives, and that Ginny is back at Hogwarts. Maybe you could add a bit more of Neville, and his take on the romance? I don't suppose you would be willing to write more? I would be willing to read it through for you... I don't really know how that beta-ing goes, so you'll have to tell me... That is if you're intrested in continuing this story at all... I don't know. I just really wanted to tell you that I love your story!!!

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Review #2, by Thegreatllama Perks and Quirks

11th June 2008:
Yay! I really, really like your style of writing, and I hope that you'll write some more Ginny/Draco fics.

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Review #3, by Troublemaker14 Perks and Quirks

18th May 2008:
*shriek* great story!! I love D/G!!! (I hate Harry nad I like it that you let Ginny cheat on him ;P) can't wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: *shriek* thank you so much!

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Review #4, by Christy86 Perks and Quirks

16th May 2008:

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Review #5, by Nate Decisions and Whiskey

5th May 2008:
Good story. Sorry i did not read it.
Whats going to happen with ginny and draco?

Author's Response: I'm not going to tell you. Keep reading.

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Review #6, by Christy86 Decisions and Whiskey

29th March 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

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Review #7, by Tom Discoveries

11th March 2008:
If Ginny and Draco are going to get together i refuse to read anymore of this story

Author's Response: Have fun with that

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Review #8, by ere Discoveries

25th February 2008:
ooh... my computer thinks ooh should be pooh... ... ... ...

Author's Response: ???

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Review #9, by Christy86 Discoveries

24th February 2008:

Author's Response: Thank you for being my most devoted fan! I hope you enjoy it ; )

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Review #10, by Fwakes47 The Aftermath

10th February 2008:
Cool story! Looking forward to seeing Harry cheat or Ginny fall in love ;) Please update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long. I promise to update sometime this week.

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Review #11, by ere The Aftermath

31st January 2008:
whoa... Draco married a girl for no reason... he wouldn't do that!!!

Author's Response: He did have a reason: it was something his father would never have allowed. I didn't say he married her after a day before he knew her. That would be something to complain about.

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Review #12, by Christy86 Searches and Bites

27th January 2008:
update soon can't wait for more things to come in the story

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Review #13, by Christy86 First Day

27th January 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

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Review #14, by Christy86 The Aftermath

27th January 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

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Review #15, by daniel_madger's_girl Jobs and Lies

12th January 2008:
this is a really interesting story! Hope you update soon

p.s. do you know who daniel madger is? if you don't he's like the hotest guy on earth. he plays edwin in the show life with derek but is really older than his character

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing my story.

p.s. No I do not know who Daniel Madger is but thank you for informing me.

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Review #16, by Christy86 Jobs and Lies

8th January 2008:
update soon can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you for at least reading my chapters. This is my first story ever and I'm not quite sure how it will end.

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Review #17, by AussieAnatomy627 Losses and Parties

5th January 2008:
Interesting idea, update soon!

Author's Response: I think that Rowling got it wrong and that Harry wouldn't want to use Defense Against the Dark Arts much after his battle with Voldemort so I thought of him going into pro quidditch. Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #18, by Christy86 Losses and Parties

28th December 2007:
update soon i really like this chapter good work and i really like this story

Author's Response: Thank you for being the first to leave a review and I hope I don't dissapoint you : )

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