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Review #1, by Phantom of the Claw Those Three Little Words

26th January 2012:
So, that's why she hates Potter.

By the way, I could make you a banner, or you could check out The Dark Arts. Or me, but I'm only a begginer.

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Review #2, by jacks_angel2007 Those Three Little Words

14th October 2008:
That was really sweet! I loved it!

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Review #3, by BonnieWritter Those Three Little Words

21st January 2008:
sweet. really sweet. thank you!

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Review #4, by Beth Those Three Little Words

26th December 2007:
Very sweet. The one line that yanked me right out the moment though was... "And it became like a repeating cd player." It's a pet peeve of mine in Marauder Era stories... one that see in a lot of stories... era/technological discrepancies... however most are way more blatant that yours... like Lily using a cell phone in the context of the story, Otherwise, it was nice... I liked how you snuck a snickering Sirius in there too. :-)

Author's Response: Hehe thanks XD About that cd player thingy I'm not sure if CD players were actually invented in their time..hmm I'll have to look it up...thanks for pointing that out though XD

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Review #5, by AbhorrentDivinity Those Three Little Words

24th December 2007:
Oh. My. God. That was so cute! James/Lily - on of my favorite ships! You're great at describing things and you have a way with it that keeps you from overdoing it. It was a little short - but I didn't mind at all because it flowed so well.

And if you're still looking for a banner than I'd be happy to make one for you. Just e-mail me: abhorrentdvinity[at]hotmail[dot]com


Author's Response: Hehe thanks! I'm glad to see you like it. And it would be really cool if you could make me a banner. I'll remember to email you.

Cheers again

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Review #6, by JamesBlackPower Those Three Little Words

22nd December 2007:
that was so romantic and great. it was a great story. good job!

Author's Response: aww thanks XD

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Review #7, by a_nonny_mouse Those Three Little Words

22nd December 2007:
Very cute!

I can make you a banner. Contact me on TDA. The link's on the home page (left side, down the bottom) - my name's stopwatch_brigadier.

Author's Response: hey thanks XD

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