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Review #1, by Simi Prologue

10th May 2013:
i luvd the first chapter 2 the story... basically i luv drarry fanfics... theyre awesome... cant wait 2 read on:)

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Review #2, by bluemonkey11 Girl

12th July 2011:
amazing plz write more its so realistic:):):):)!;);););)

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Review #3, by Dark Oasis Girl

30th May 2011:
I'm seventeen, they're f**king perverted.
I loved that line, absolutely amazing!
i wanna read more! xD

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Review #4, by Llama42 Girl

30th March 2011:
OMG I love you! And this story! And your other stories! I read one of your others and picked up a HHGG ref, so I just had to read more and...and... I love you!! ^_^_^_^_^

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Review #5, by MissSoapy Prologue

22nd March 2011:
Dear god I love this story. I nearly wet myself laughing at the idea. Great job! :P

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Review #6, by eimearanonymous Girl

29th January 2011:
It's actually impossible to find fanfiction where characters do out of character things while being kept, for the most part, in character.So I'm very impressed :D
The only criticism I could possibly make is that it's not long enough, but then again I wish all good fics were full books, :D
For the love of all things holy and magical, keep writing! :P

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Review #7, by James Girl

28th August 2010:


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Review #8, by butterbeergal Prologue

9th May 2010:
Hahahaha! Brilliant prologue! That dream was scandalous and yummy in all the right places. :P I certainly can't wait to find out why Harry's been having those kinds of dreams about Malfoy. And the 'love you' part literally cracked me up! I'm still giggling as I type this.

This was well-written; there were no grammar or typo errors that stood out so you're off to a great start. Can't wait to read more!

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Review #9, by Potter Party Pooper Girl

10th April 2010:
Wow...wow wow wow I am really really impressed this is one of the best slashy fics I've ever read. Hah. It's so much better than those predictible ones that barely have any detail. Please not be lazy cause I'd really like to read more!!

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Review #10, by taylorj828 Girl

7th April 2010:
Hi again! At last, I'm here for chapter 4! I'm sorry this review will be a bit shorter. I'm still enjoying the story, but I find myself forgetting to take notes as I read. (o: And while the dream was interesting and teasing, I'm also anxious to see what happens next time they meet in real life. (o;

Draco's thoughts at the beginning of the chapter are funny. You have an interesting way of humorously writing these characters, and what's going on with them. And I really like it!

Harry musing on himself sitting cross-legged is just funny. One of those random peculiar things that stick out, like a signature to the way a particular writer writes. I liked it. (o:

And a very interesting fantasy Draco has here, about Harry being a girl, or dressing like a girl for him. Since we the audience know that this is Draco's doing, it is very telling about himself to put this into Harry's dream. Still, I love how they are winding each other up, and I'm ready to read more as soon as it's posted!

Thanks again for taking the challenge, and I'm so glad it gave me an opportunity to read this story!

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Review #11, by taylorj828 Seduction

7th April 2010:
Okay, chapter 3!

Really funny opening lines, and I like Harry's train of thought, though I think it would have been awesome to see him simply walk up and snog Draco. Still, this plan sounds like it's going places. Hehe. (And just so you know, I take notes as I read, which is why some of my comments may not make sense by the end of the chapter... Just keep in mind!)

Seduce Thy Enemy - hahaha! (o:

Oh yes. Draco Malfoy was going to have the pants quite literally seduced right off of him.

Hahahaha! LOVE IT! You have some really awesome lines in this story!

Though it's not all that surprising for Draco to sleep with someone else regardless of his plans for Harry, still, it bothers me a bit, like it bothers him. But in that case, I'm glad it does bother him, at least.

Hahaha I love Harry seducing Draco in the library. It's about time Draco gets a taste of his own medicine!

Harry stripped his shirt off in the library? Eeeek! I love what this is doing to Draco!

It's really hilarious that they are both trying to seduce each other, and plan to go skinny dipping in the lake. It's just too much! Hahaha!

Hmm Snape. I'm confused about the time line of this story, but I'll let it be. :oP

Hot snogging scene. I'm just saying. (o;

Ahhh so close, and then, snatched away! But a fight is always a good way to leave the boys still anxious for more, and yet thoroughly confused. I'm a fan of prolonged tension, anyway. (o: Looking forward to reading what comes next! I'm glad to be reading this story. (o:

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Review #12, by taylorj828 Aftermath

7th April 2010:
OK, chapter 2 !

Hahahahaha! I ADORE your opening paragraph! Your description of Malfoy is really awesome! You've given him your own twists, but he seems so much himself. It's brilliant, and especially the part where he decided that he wanted Harry. He!

And by the way, in response to one of your lines near the beginning, I find it hard to believe that Draco is merely interested in *snogging* Harry, haha!

After the first break, I got a bit confused about whose point of view we were in. Draco's, or Harry's Or were we switching? That part might could use a bit of tweaking.

Haha I like the part about Harry telling McGonagall he was thinking of ways to kill himself. hahaha!

foray into the world of whips and chains re one Draco Malfoy I'm taking the 're' to be 'about', but I think it would be much better to write it out.

Also, a small typo about McGonagall, who said something no unkindly. It should be 'not."

Hahahaha McGonagall was gonna give him a "your-body-is-changing" talk! teehee! That would have been amazing to hear!!

Oh, and I see here that Harry is 17; got it now. (o: (Though, is this a story after the year chasing and killing Voldie, or does it disregard that stuff?)

Oh Harry, he's got himself in a bind about Malfoy! But I like the paragraph where Harry in contemplating sitting behind one's recent object of lust. Clever use of words in that paragraph! Great tone, too. I can sense Harry's feelings about it, without needing a big explanation or description. Your word choices and phrases are enough.

Draco is such a tease in Flitwick's class!!!

And a nice awkward conversation between Harry and Ron! But Ron did well. Though I had to laugh when Seamus walked in. Clever and very humorous!

And lastly, it's very interesting that Harry decides, in the end, to make Draco his. With all his deliberation, I was uncertain that he would decide it so soon, but I suppose with Ron's help, he threw off his doubts. Harry chasing Draco? Now this will be good! I'm dead curious to read the next part..!

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Review #13, by taylorj828 Prologue

7th April 2010:
Hey there! I'm finally starting your Prize Winning reviews!

First off - awesome prologue! It's a prefect teaser, and definitely makes me want to read more!

The beginning lines are thoroughly interesting, and really attention catching which is exactly what you want for your introduction. The first lines of a story can really be the make-or-break factor for whether a person keeps reading. (Unless it's just me, and I'm an oddball!)

The phrase "get to grips with" - I thought it was usually "come to grips with", unless that's one of those American/British things.

At the mention of "boy" I had to wonder how old they were. I clicked back to the summary but didn't see any specific indication. Reading on, I gathered that this is happening in their Hogwarts years. Myself, I can always picture things mentally, better, if I have a good idea of the period and surroundings. So I found myself wondering if this was Harry's 7th year after killing Voldemort, or some time earlier. Or of course, at first, I even considered he might be an adult... Just a small detail that might help some readers. (o:

Hahaha, I liked the line about the shifting that didn't help anything. Hehehe, oh, Harry, dear boy. I like the humor that you're writing with.

And I like the trickery and subtlety you employ in describing the physical actions and responses. (o; It's enough detail to know what's happening, but still tastefully and humorously done.

messy head - hm, what about messy hair? I know what you mean with this phrase, but it's not pretty to visualize someone's messy head. For me, I mentally flashed to a NCIS or CSI crime scene. Hehe. (o;

The 'love you' was so unexpected!! But then it was a dream, so that makes more sense, hehe! I was worried for a minute that I'd missed something in Malfoy and Harry's interactions. But I'm happy it was just a dream, and that this journey will take us through any potential changes between them. Hee. (o: I'm waiting expectantly!

Excellent writing, really intriguing, and I would keep reading even if I hadn't already promised the reviews! (o; Well done, friend!

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Review #14, by Miss Lily Potter Aftermath

3rd April 2010:
Back for chapter two!

I liked this one more then the first, to be honest. I like how the plot's unravelled, whereas in the first, it was all sex. No offense, it's just my personal preferences. (:

I like how you had Malfoy talking about code names. xD He seems like that type of schemer, now that you mention it.

(Oh, darn. My notes are gone. I'll try to remember everything. Sorry, though!)

I like how you had Malfoy give Harry the potion. That way, it seemed less like Harry was extremely out-of-tune with his emotions, and more like he was actually caught off guard. And Malfoy flirting with Harry is hilarious, I must say. (:

There were so many funny lines in this. :D You have a humor style that's really funny, and seems natural. At least, to me. (:

So Blaise and Draco are together? That part kind of confused me, sorry. I think with just a few more lines, explaining just how they were together, might be a lot of help. (And I like that Pansy wasn't a part of this. That would have thrown me off.)

I've never thought of Harry as the type to tell McGonagall that he was thinking of how to kill himself. :/ That scene seemed kind of out of character. Again, sorry. Also, was he considering it? That confused me.

Other then that, though, this chapter was great. :D I loved Ron and Harry's conversation, it was sufficiently awkward and hilarious.

Great chapter! Feel free to re-request.

(Sorry this is so short, by the way--like I said, I lost my notes and forgot most of what I had said.)


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Review #15, by Miss Lily Potter Prologue

3rd April 2010:
All right. So this took me quite a long time to get to. I'm sorry for that. :/

I like this beginning. :D I like the impossible pairings, and I like how Harry was dreaming about Draco without realizing he has feelings for him.

There were a few issues I had with this, but there were other parts that I really enjoyed. (:

I loved the beginning. (: It was sexy but funny at the same type, with him tied up and such. (: It was a good hook, and I really wanted to know more.

I like the line "He knew that hex in Potions had taken things too far." I kind of want to know more, but I assume that'll be revealed later, eh?

You had really good description--and that's not me being a wierdo, I'm not talking about just the... sexy... parts. Ahem. Everything flowed really well, and it was entertaining. (:

The only thing that made me say "Huh" was Harry's swearing. I know, this is different from JKR's world (obviously xD), but Harry continually saying the eff word was kind of out of character for him. Sorry.

I liked it. (: It was short, but I'll go onto the second chapter now. :D


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Review #16, by DracoFerret11 Girl

27th March 2010:
Ahahahaha, poor Harry. He's so pathetic. But that's all right. Great job again! Such an... odd? story. But it's good and that's what matters. And especially good considering you're able to attract people out of the direct fan-base. :D (that being me, haha.) And it's well written and funny as heck. You're doing awesomely. Keep it up.


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Review #17, by DracoFerret11 Seduction

27th March 2010:
Anddd... favorite quotes from this chapter: "a look that could have turned a cactus on"--ahahaha. And, of course: "The Potential to Be the Hottest Thing Harry Potter Had Ever Experienced in His Short Life." AND, Harry's amazing: "I donít like Malfoy, heís gross!" and, our dear Severus: "Snape wandered away happily, feeling that all was right with the world once more."

You make my day.

Seriously, I'm not a slash fan, but you're making this story so hilarious that it's impossible not to like Harry/Draco. Haha. And the characterization? Awesome! And of course your wonderful uh... descriptions. Ahaha. :D Funny stuff there. So yes, your story so far is incredible. Great job.


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Review #18, by DracoFerret11 Aftermath

27th March 2010:
Okay, so, ahahaha, first off! My favorite quotes: "secret code names" seriously made me laugh myself half to death. And the, ever-so-creepy "After all, there really was nothing as satisfying as possessing things." And, this one: "inevitable collapse and resulting madness. Perhaps it was time to kill himself." which made me giggle incessantly. Andd... "I was thinking up interesting ways to kill myself." which I think is a perfectly reasonable excuse not to pay attention. And: "You look like you want to eat him. Itís sort of creeping me out." which is totally giggle-worthy. :D

Your humor makes my life completely worth-while. :] And it works so well with this story that it's ridiculous.

So you've got terrific characterization: Harry and Ron's "awkward" conversation was wonderful. And Draco in Charms was spectacular.

Plot's great. Of course. Haha.

So really, everything's awesome!


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Review #19, by DracoFerret11 Prologue

27th March 2010:
Ahahaha, okay so here's the review:

I really don't actually read slash. Pretty much, ever. But I think your prologue was incredible. I was actually looking through the review threads on the forums and saw this, so I decided on a whim to come check it out. And it's rude not to leave a review after reading. So, I continue:

The characterization here is magnificent. I totally appreciate Harry's "Oh. My. God. I'm. Insane." thoughts. Hilarious. And the first couple of lines made me laugh aloud. :D Wonderful.

Okay, usually I'm also not a fan of cursing, but you made it work! Like, it wasn't tasteless, it was characterized. Awesomeee! And Draco makes me smile. The silly, creepily-seductive boy that he is. XD

So, for a prologue, you did amazingly. And you've got me hooked for at least the next chapter.

We'll see how it goes.

Very nice job.


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Review #20, by dracos_hotter Girl

20th March 2010:
It's very, very hard not to love this story, but when I read about the suspenders I just burst out laughing. I had this hilarious visual involving Harry fighting Voldemort and -- you know, it was funnier in my own head. Oh well.


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Review #21, by dracos_hotter Seduction

17th March 2010:
Ha! "discomfit" I found a spelling mistake! Yeah, I've been terrible at actually technically reviewing this story, so that's my contribution before I have a fit over Draco and Harry.


FINALLY! I mean, it's been just two lonely chapters, but FINALLY! Score!

Adds to favourites =)


Author's Response: Oh noes! (What should it be?) That's okay. I don't mind the non-technicality of your reviews. AND FITS ARE FUN!

Ah, good times. I'm so so glad you liked the smut. There's also more smut coming up (though it's dream smut again) in the ... next chapter, I think? Hope you like it. :D


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Review #22, by dracos_hotter Aftermath

17th March 2010:
You know, I started reading this without being promted... and got called away =/ Bummer.

But whey-hey! Go Draco! And yay for Ron's *deep* and *meaningful* (okay, it wasn't exactly Ghandi) speech. Friends are made for making exceptions, right?

I'm actually going to continue onto the next chapter now, hopefully without any interruptions...


Author's Response: Aha. Yay! I thought you might do (I think you said something in the last review) but I wasn't sure and I loove your reviews, so I thought I'd ask. :P

I'm so glad you liked it! Draco is lovely, isn't he? *licks* And bahahaha to Ron ever being deep and meaningful, but I'm glad you liked the speech anyway. :P I thought he wouldn't really have too much of an issue with it, personally. So that's good. Much less angsty. :)

Yay for more reviewage!


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Review #23, by dracos_hotter Prologue

16th March 2010:
Here with your review.

I adore slash. ADORE it. So I was delighted to find some Harry/Draco sitting in my inbox =)

I almost got hopeful at the start. But dreams! Oh deceitful wonders! But sexy dreams, no less... Not that anything concerning Draco isn't sexy. (Like my pen name? Appropriate, much?)

This is sexy -- the closest you can come to NC17 on HPFF, so quite erotic. Especially with my over-active imagination.

I'm going to have to continue reading, from pure fascination and delight =)


Author's Response: Hi! Oh goodie, I love your reviews. ^_^

YAY! ME TOO! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I love slash so much. *huggles slash*

Haha, I know, right? I am totally evil! BUT, don't worry, for if you keep reading you will find that pretty much EVERY CHAPTER THAT FOLLOWS HAS SMUT. Real life smut! Yay! I'm also thinking of making this into a kink!fic. :D You know...each smut scene I have to come up with a new kink. The best part is, it's even more challenging cos I've got to keep it to an M rating. Exciting!

Ah, Draco is sexy as. And yes, TRES appropriate! :P

Hehe, well, I'm glad you liked it. Especially cos I just put up a new prologue (the original sucked le suck) so it's good to know it works.

YAY KEEP READING! (and reviewing? *is about as subtle as an elephant on roller skates*)


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Review #24, by Mitskuni_so_cute Aftermath

14th March 2010:
Hehe, love this. Ron's conversation with Harry is so cute.
"So what do you wanna be, mate?"

Author's Response: Ha, glad you liked it! Yay quotage! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by Mitskuni_so_cute Prologue

14th March 2010:
Awww yay! Is it really a dream, though?

Author's Response: Hehe...hmm...you will find out soon!

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