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Review #1, by Paris We Were Brothers

7th December 2014:
I was tearing up by the end! Wonderfully written

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Review #2, by theblacksisters We Were Brothers

5th November 2013:
Oh, I nearly cried. Great story, though!

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Review #3, by Luna Lover We Were Brothers

7th January 2010:
OMGG i love it its amazing!
:) okay i'm gonna go read your other storys
I loved it really i did
Love of awesome love

Author's Response: Thank you! Wow, it's been ages since someone reviewed this story. I'm thrilled you liked it. And woop woop,thank you! Go right ahead dear ^_~


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Review #4, by Happy_Hexer We Were Brothers

29th October 2009:
I'd never considered this perspective to Regulus' life before, now I feel particularly sad, which is good, means you've captured the scene excellently.

No glaring punctuation and spelling errors, which makes it a pleasure to read.

I really enjoyed this, nicely written.



Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm happy to hear that I managed to convey some emotion. Thank you for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #5, by mes2draco We Were Brothers

12th April 2009:
this is really really good. i love pieces with regulus in it. you wrote it so beautifully. this is going straight to my favourites.

Author's Response: Thank you! I had fun with this. It was a bit of a challenge to try Regulus as we don't have much canon to use, but I think it turned out alright. Glad you liked it!


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Review #6, by LunaNigra We Were Brothers

23rd December 2008:
sad, little story, love it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks again Luna!!
Glad you appreciate it =)

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Review #7, by annieluwho We Were Brothers

23rd November 2008:
very well written great work!!!

Author's Response: thank you! :-)
I'm glad you liked it. -LS

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Review #8, by voldemora We Were Brothers

15th March 2008:
This is beautiful. Simply beautiful, a wonderful piece of writing. I love it.

Author's Response: Oh, Im so glad you did! I enjoyed writing this fic, and I must say Im pretty happy with the result. Thanks for the review =)


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Review #9, by Rose Wilts We Were Brothers

28th January 2008:
(Insert awed silence.)
Why hello. That, was so beautiful. The first lot of dialogue between Sirius and Regulus was so flowing and realistic and touching. I loved this fic, it was so subtley discriptive and your imagery was flawless. Your characterization impeccable. I love this story, a favourite for sure. It truly was amazing. Keep up the phenomenal work.


Author's Response: Wow, Rose, what an amazing review! Im so flattered by your words, and I am very pleased you liked it. I put a lot of effort into this story, and its always rewarding when you get such positive feedback :)

Thanks again darl, for taking the time not only to read, but to leave such a nice review!


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Review #10, by Severus my hero We Were Brothers

5th January 2008:
Your story nearly reduced me to tears, it was beautiful. I don't have any other words to describe it.

Author's Response: I´m glad I provoked emotions! Dont worry, no need for words =) Thank you for leaving me a review.


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Review #11, by Romina Stephanie We Were Brothers

3rd January 2008:
wow, this was really good. Your portrayal of Sirius - or more like the many emotions that went through him as he headed toward his brother's grave - were heartfelt and I strongly believe that a part of him, no matter how small it may had been, always missed Regulus, despite everything. You showed their bond well by the flashbacks - the final one made the whole story all the more wrenching, since he had promised not to let their bond vanish. Yep, it was sad. You're very talented; I loved your writing in this, descriptive and insightful and varied. Well-done =)

Author's Response: Hey Stephanie! Thank you darl for the woderful revieqw, I appriciate it so, so much! I´m really happy you liked how this one turned out; at one point, I considered to leave out the final flashback but in the end, I´m glad I decided againt it. I think you´re right, it ended up more emotive this way.
Thank you so much for the time you´ve taken to leave me this beautiful review - I need to stop by and read some of your amazing work soon - they´re all so stunning! xx


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Review #12, by Dark Princess We Were Brothers

2nd January 2008:
Very nice, I have to say. This is really a skillfully written one-shot, and you've done a great job on the characterisation of both Sirius and Regulus -- two of my favourite characters, incidentally, so I'm glad that their personalities and such weren't butchered in here or something equally horrible.

The flashbacks were nice, too. Well-written and they played right into the story very well, keeping with the flow and such.

I like the stories that don't have Regulus and Sirius hating each other all the time, as it's not how I saw the relationship whenever I read the books, so I'm glad that this wasn't one of those one-dimensional fics. Especially with Regulus in here, you did a great job.

The ending bit, too, was wonderful. Simple, touching, yet still strong in the emotion and meaning. A good touch.

Favouriting, definitely, and giving it a 10/10.


Author's Response: Wow, thanks Megan, what an awsome review! *huggles*
I´am, too, a bit fan of the Black brothers, and I very much enjoyed writing this fic. There is a lot more to their brotherhood to explore than loathing and contempt, I agree.
Im also happy you liked the flashbacks, I was a bit unsure of them in the beginning, but in the end I think it turned out alright. And I am glad you thought it flowed, that is the type of thing I usually worry about when I´m in the process of writing, so thanks a lot!

Really, thank you Megan for taking the time to read and leave such a thoughtful review! x x x


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Review #13, by magic29 We Were Brothers

29th December 2007:
Beautifully written, great job :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you! Glad you liked it =)


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Review #14, by Diandra We Were Brothers

26th December 2007:
Wow, this is so beautiful. The tears are falling from my eyes as I write this review. This made me so sad, and it really makes me think. I have a little brother, and I'm not very nice to him at times. From now on, I'll think of this and I won't be so mean.

I love how you described them in their younger years. They were just so close and sweet together, and then, in the first flashback, they became much more distant. It was wonderful the way that Regulus used the 'no good and evil, only power' quote, it was fantastic seeing the way his ideas changed.

As you've probably figured out, I absolutely love this story. It's beautifully written and flows really perfectly. Sirius' thoughts and emotions were just fantastic. I can't wait to read more from you, well done. Happy holidays!


Author's Response: Hey there Diandra! I´m so glad you stopped by to check out my latest story, and I am so thrilled that you liked it. Sorry about those tears though! *hands tissue* (And I´m glad you´ll behave to your little brother from now on!)

So you enjoyed the memories? Good! So did I. It was a bit of a challenge to write them, but in the end I think it turned out nicely, if I may say so myself! Lol, I´m oh so modest! =D

Thank you so much for the praises love. All these kind words are making me blush! And off topic: I have just finished my Remus/Sirius story, and I´ll post it as soon as I´m allowed to! I really hope you´ll like that one, too.

Thanks for the grand review m´dear, I appreciate it more than I can say!


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Review #15, by Lilly Barker We Were Brothers

20th December 2007:
omg I was ready to weep, and I did.
That was so sad. Which is a good thing since you were going for that. It was very sweet. And it made since if you were to look back at the first memory after reading the second. I saw there that he had not forgotten.
Omg I just realized that I have put in his death into my story. Omg that's gonna be really hard on me. I'll use this for inperation on that part when it comes.
Which will be awhile but still...
okay now back to ur story, I really love, as I do with all of your stories but this one was very very sweet!
♥♥♥10♥♥♥ extra hearts for you!
Lilly ^_^

Author's Response: wow lilly! what a wonderful review, as always!! I´m so excited you liked it! it was a bit tricky to write, but I´m pleased with how it all came out in the end.

omg! you did?! how could you! :P need to check it out. I know I keep saying that, but really, I will check out your story, they look really good so dont worry Im sure I´ll like them=)

and thanks again for the beautiful review. You always make my day with your fantasic comments! it feels so good to have such a faithful reader!

lots of love!!


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Review #16, by BlackRosesRed007 We Were Brothers

19th December 2007:
Might I just say that was an AMAZING story.
I loved it.

Very good writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for those kind words! I´m so happy you liked it :)


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Review #17, by Dollmage We Were Brothers

17th December 2007:
Beautiful. The perfect amount of flashback versus story line.

Author's Response: Thanks! I was trying hard to accomplish that balance, so thank you =)
I´m pleased you enjoyed it!


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Review #18, by OTHgrl23 We Were Brothers

17th December 2007:
so SAD.
so indescribably sad.
but beautifully written

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I´m glad you liked it in spite of the sadness =)


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Review #19, by Jennifer. We Were Brothers

17th December 2007:
that is unbelievably so sad. and beautifully written.
i loved it.
you made me cry.
wow i can't believe this. i'm like still in shock how beautifully you wrote it

Author's Response: Thank you Jennifer! *blush*
I really appreciate your comments, and sorry for making you cry!
I´m thrilled you liked it.


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Review #20, by sierramalfoy We Were Brothers

17th December 2007:
OMG that was really good!!! i nearly cried, they are about to spill over!! i feel sooo sorry of reg and sirius!!! especially after knwing what reg does in DH!!! aww!
good job!!!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! *hands over tissue* Dont cry, lol. I´m glad you liked it, and I know, the Black brothers never had it easy, huh? Chreers for the review =)


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Review #21, by CornishPixie We Were Brothers

17th December 2007:
Wow. Intelligence interlaced these brilliant sentences, and I could feel everything Sirius was feeling. The flashbacks were cruel and heartbreaking things, both in different ways of course. If only, eh? Sometimes I think I wonder that as much as Sirius must have. Also, if only Sirius had lived long enough to know that his brother hadn't gone all bad. At least...if he had, he'd come back to being good.

Really, amazing work with this one-shot. Very good writing. Very good descriptions. Good job.

Author's Response: Ah, what a wonderful review! I´m so flattered by your generous words, really. Thank you so much for the praises; I´m so glad you enjoyed it.
Regulus really growed on me during DH, so I decided to write this for him... Oh well, enough of my ramblings! Thanks again for taking the time to read and review =)


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Review #22, by Nausicaa We Were Brothers

17th December 2007:
*cries* for poor Sirius and poor Reg, who I felt so bad for after reading DH. Great Fic. :) Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: Thank you, Nausicaa! I´m so glad you enjoyed the read, and thank you for taking the time to leave a review =)

Merry Christmas to you too!


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