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Review #1, by smitzfitz The Poet and the Pendulum

18th February 2008:
woah this is so good!
you have to update really really soon because i cant wait to find out whats gonna happen!
is there going to be a lot of slash in this?
i hope so :D
haha, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: thanx hun for the review! =]
i havnt been on here in awhile because i have college atm as well as work itself lol
however, i have been writing in what little spare time i have and i will update whenever i can! =]
i don't kno about the amount of slash as of yet, but i think there is going to be a healthy amount for those who like slash stories (its my first try at this so be linient with me lol...)
=] thanx for reviewing, i'll try and get the next cupl of chapters up soon!

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Review #2, by ** Michelle The Poet and the Pendulum

21st December 2007:
OMG! I love this story! I just couldn't stop reading it! Well done hun!!! Is there another chappie to come?
And yes, it is Michelle! lol! I've finally come back! Yeah! =)
Oooo... and I need your help for a fan fiction that i'm writing on here so please get back to me and hopefully i'll see you over christmas.
And well done for making me like Draco for a change lol =)
9/10 *I'll tell you why. The story was amazing but the lyrics were really long lol sorry :(

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Draco for once... its really strange that you don't like him in Kiss and Tell and yet you've changed ur mind in this story... why is that though?
I welcome you back as well my dear... and the reason the song is sooooooo long is because it actually is supposed to last 13mins lol... and its going to be the only long one in, I justhad to use it here for the intro lolz!
And yes, I will help you on a fanfiction, let's just hope you post this one and actually finish it this time lolz!
Cya chick and thanx for reviewing! =) xXx

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Review #3, by torturedsoul The Poet and the Pendulum

20th December 2007:
That is a good story; you should definitely continue this one! I like the play on words, and the way you don't always repeat your self like other authors do sometimes. Anyway, hope to see another chapter or two up soon!

Author's Response: Play on words? Where?
I can't remember putting in any.. you'll have to quote me so I understand where ur coming from I'm afraid lolz xD Sorry... *embarrassed look*
Erm... I try not to repeat myself if I can, but sometimes its necessary for the plot to be understood lolz... I'm gunna start on chapter 2 tonight tbh with ya, so hopefully it'll be up soon or even b4 xmas rolls around the corner... and yes, I can update!!
I love being a trusted author!!! ^_^
Thanx for ur review... its greatly appreciated! =)

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Review #4, by cassy The Poet and the Pendulum

15th December 2007:
great so far. we need more chapters

Author's Response: Thanx!
I want to do some more over xmas but I have loads of work to do lined up for my sorry self... I hope to get another one up before the New Year like lol!
So thanx for reading and reviewing now & I hope you carry on doing so! =)

(Btw... those who have reviewed me, next time you review, tell me if ya like Nightwish or not? Cheers! ^_^ )

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Review #5, by LovNyoU The Poet and the Pendulum

15th December 2007:
omg i like! need more!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it!
I hope the rest of the story is good for you! =)
I hope to write more before the New Year comes in lol, just hope I don't get loads of hmwk over xmas lmao!
Hope ya keep on reading! =)

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Review #6, by Twippy The Poet and the Pendulum

14th December 2007:
This is a fantastic start!

Author's Response: Thank you!
I hope to write the next chapter before the New Year comes in, that's if I don't have a lot of work from college over xmas lol!
Thanx for ur reading, and I hope you keep on doing so lol =)

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