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Review #1, by Beeezie A Stocking for Dobby

7th January 2016:
Hey, I'm here for BvB! I hope it's okay that I'm reviewing this - I just clicked on one of your signature links, and had no idea it was so old until I read the A/N.

This was a really cute one-shot. I love the idea of Harry trying to raise awareness about house elves as well as tangible financial resources to help them. It suits what we know about him as a character, and it's particularly fitting that he'd hang the stocking for Dobby, who was so important to him in a lot of different ways even before he died trying to save Harry and his friends. It fit particularly nicely with the Weasleys' Christmas as we saw it in the first scene; the love and acceptance that was so clear from the gathering transitioned perfectly to Harry talking about Dobby, in a way that I don't know that anything else would have managed. The time skips forward to show that this was a widespread and ongoing thing, rather than a one-time awareness campaign that didn't reach far past Harry himself, made this so much more meaningful, too.

While I liked the concept overall, though, I wasn't entirely sure about the scene with Draco in particular - while I can see him donating money, depending on how one sees his character developing after the war, I had a harder time seeing a Draco who chose to marry Pansy Parkinson doing that, and it makes Draco's post-war life seem incredibly sad in the middle of a generally uplifting one-shot. It would have fit better, IMO, for either his mother to complain to him about it or for him to hear about it and do it on his own.

Overall, though, this was a very cute one-shot. Nice job. :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this review. Yeah, this was written in my first year of fanfic writing and would be quite different if written now, especially the scenes with George and Draco. At the time, I didn't know that George ended up with Angelina or Draco with Astoria.

I definitely would have portrayed Narcissa softer, and Draco would have used it as a teaching moment for his son instead of doing it in secret. I believe he would have kept it anonymous still, but wouldn't have had the negative reaction from his family, except Lucius maybe.

I'm glad you liked the scenes with Harry and the Weasleys, I think I write them pretty well, and I've always had a feel for Harry's voice. I don't think he'd want to free all the house-elves, but helping the mistreated ones find better employment is something he'd definitely do.

Thanks again, much appreciated.

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Review #2, by marauderfan A Stocking for Dobby

12th December 2015:
For Day 12 of the Advent Calendar. Saw your status on the forums and came to check out your Christmas themed stories! And I just had to pick the one about Dobby because he is kind of an underappreciated character in fic, so it's always so great to see stories that feature him.

And aww! I just loved this. It kind of ran the gamut of all the possible emotions in this - it was silly and cute with all the Christmas shenanigans and dumping flour on one another, it was touching with the Weasleys hanging all the extra stockings (including Fred's. *sob*) and it was really surprising (in a good way)! I love that Harry endorsed S.P.E.W., because as he said on the broadcast he really doesn't like to use his fame for things often, but when he does, it's for something important. (And, I imagine, because its so rare that he does that, people listen when he speaks up about things.)

I bet that made Hermione's Christmas, too :D

I love that they hung a stocking for Dobby. And that it became a tradition in the family - the scene at the end with Lily was just so cute!

I also really appreciated Draco Malfoy participating in the Stocking for Dobby project, albeit secretly. It says a lot about how he's changed after the war - he's had a change of heart, even if he doesn't outwardly show it. He seems like he just kind of likes to keep his head down most of the time, and it fits his character. But I love that he donated ♥

This was so lovely and such a wonderful tribute to Dobby, the Free Elf, changing the lives of other house-elves even after his death. I adored this story! Well done :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review on this old story. It's always a pleasure to read a review of this one, since it means so much to me. Dobby's death hit me harder, harder than Fred's or Remus's or any other. I know Harry wouldn't support just any elfish rights, so that's why he made a point of saying what he did.

We don't see enough fics where Harry is generous and I really think he would be after the war. He is loyal to his friends, and would support them.

I'm glad you like the way Draco was here. I think he would feel guilty about how Dobby was treated and would want to help others, but maybe not show it publicly to shame his family.

Thanks so much for the nice review and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by shadowcat2 A Stocking for Dobby

30th December 2010:
i LOVE dobby! awesome story.

Author's Response: Thanks for the nice review. I also love Dobby and his death hit me the hardest of all the deaths in all the books. I love writing about the house elves.

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Review #4, by SaphireSmiles A Stocking for Dobby

6th November 2010:
a VERY important point. Thanks.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review. It's not often that an older story gets reviewed, so I appreciate it. I love Dobby and when he died it was harder on me than any of the other deaths in the books.

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Review #5, by Singularity A Stocking for Dobby

17th July 2010:
This was really sweet. I think you've really captured Harry's character in the aftermath of the final battle, especially in regards to his fame. I think he would definitely be the kind of person who would be a little embarrassed by his fame, but he wouldn't be above using it for a good cause...but only for a good cause.

By far, my favorite part of this story was the cameo by Draco. I always wanted Draco to be redeemed, but he doesn't really get there. This small moment when he donates money and whispers "For Dobby" really shows how he has changed in the aftermath. It was beautiful.

Dobby's death was, by far, the saddest for me, so it's great to see this story and imagine a future where he isn't forgotten, and where his life and death are used for good.

RIP Dobby, a free elf.

Author's Response: I always love a review for this story. I don't think it's my best-written story, but I think it's the best job of emotion projecting that I've done.

I always pictured that Harry would be uncomfortable with his fame, and it seems that you agree with me. I could see him using it occasionally to promote a cause he believed in and this was one of those cases.

A lot of people really love the Draco part. When I had finished the story, I realised that something was missing and that was how the stockings affected someone outside Harry's family and friends. Then I had the brainwave of Draco because it was his family that owned Dobby in the first place. I wanted to show a changed Draco, but still not one who could openly support SPEW. He still hid behind anonymity.

Dobby's death was also the hardest for me. I told my wife not to be surprised if I cry during the DH movie if they show Dobby's death. I think above all the other characters, even Harry and Neville, that he exemplified the Gryffindor spirit.

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Review #6, by Joanne K A Stocking for Dobby

7th December 2008:
This was such a sweet Christmas story. I had a tear in my eye when Harry said he wanted to hang a stocking for Dobby, it was so sweet and noble, and very much something Harry would do. I found it interesting that Malfoy decided to donate to SPEW, it was a different side of his character and it shows how much he has grown since the war. It was also sweet having Lily ask to hang the stocking at the end and Harry pulling out the same old green sock. It was a little confusing at first when you started jumping ahead in time, and I wondered why Malfoy had a son when Ron and Hermione were only newly married, but I soon realised that it was a later Christmas. The only thing I picked up on was that you had George married to Alicia, although in canon he marries Angelina. I wasn't sure if this was just a simple error or if it is meant to be that way. Overall I really enjoyed reading this sweet little Christmas fic, it was a lovely tribute to Dobby and all the other house elves.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the very kind review. This definitely is meant to be a story of short vignettes and jump through time and I'm glad it wasn't too confusing that way.

A 12+ fic is way out of the ordinary for me, as I usually write darker adult themes, but I love the house elves and this story needed to be told. I meant it to be Alicia, because at the time I wrote this story, I didn't know that George and Angelina were married canonically. If you look closely, you'll see Draco's wife described as 'pug-nosed', which means I used Pansy as well, since I didn't know about his canon wife at this point either. I doubt that I'll go back and make it canon with the wives as I don't think it makes a lot of difference to the main point of the story.

Draco, ahh. I don't think that people really change, which is why he's doing what he's doing more out of guilt than any other reason, and he's still cowardly enough to hide his actions from his wife and son. I picture him trying to assuage familial guilt with money.
So, yes, he's grown some, but deep down, he's still arrogant and cowardly.

This story means a lot to me, since Dobby's death was the one that hit me hardest in the books, even more than Dumbledore or Snape. (Strangely enough, Hedwig's death really affected me strongly too).

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Review #7, by Lunicle A Stocking for Dobby

10th October 2008:
Aw, that was really sweet. Unfortunately, it made me wish it were almost Christmas./random

I think it's really cool that you've done a story focused on House Elves. Dobby was such a sweet, pure character but there aren't many fics out there with him in them at all.

Also, your writing just gave off such a strong, family feel- I could really feel how everyone was so close and ready for Christmas. Nice emotions!

This is so sweet. 10/10


P.S. Your Author Name is AWESOME! (I love Irish legends, and I assume that's where you took Pookha from.)

Author's Response: My name is indeed taken from the Gaelic/Irish legend of the Phooka/pookha/puck or many other variant spellings.

I actually have a second house-elf story as well, focusing on Winky.

I'm glad that you liked this story. It's quite unusual for me to write a 12+ story as I usually write darker stories. I just had a vision of Harry trying to help Hermione with SPEW as it goes through hard times.

Thanks for the nice review.

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Review #8, by ian A Stocking for Dobby

2nd March 2008:
this was a cute story

Author's Response: Thanks. A cute, polite little story is a bit ooc for me, but my muse took me here, so out it popped.

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Review #9, by brenda A Stocking for Dobby

30th December 2007:
cute and creative luv it!10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. Glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by Pretty Purple Pelican A Stocking for Dobby

24th December 2007:
Wonderful. At first, I was like, "Well, this is nice how he managed to turn such a simple family tradition into a beautiful story." But then you started on the bit about S.P.E.W, and I was completely taken aback. What a wonderful idea! I'm so glad that Dobby is being remembered. You've really got a charming story here. I love that Harry got on the radio, and I loved the bit with Draco. Absolutely perfect. This may have been the best Christmas story I've read. Congratulations, and Merry Christmas! :)

Author's Response: Of all the deaths in DH, it was funny that Hedwig's and Dobby's hit me the most, even more than Fred.

I like the bit with Draco because I think it keeps him still too cowardly to directly confront a problem.

Thanks for the great review, I look forward to your reviews because you always have kind words for me. Happy Christmas.

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Review #11, by ginwannabe A Stocking for Dobby

22nd December 2007:
I miss Dobby!! I cried so hard when he died. This is a beautiful story!

Author's Response: Thank you, it's quite a departure for me, so I'm glad that people like it so far. I deliberately wrote it sparsely.

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Review #12, by Hermione15 A Stocking for Dobby

16th December 2007:
I loved it! It was so cute! Hmm maybe I will hang a stocking for Dobby this year to remeber him!

Author's Response: Ty. Show your support for elfish rights!

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Review #13, by Lozzy_4992 A Stocking for Dobby

15th December 2007:
Incredibly sweet, loved it, well done.

L xxx

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. Sweet is just about what I wanted. A 12+, non-dark fic is a bit out of the ordinary for me, but the darn plot bunny just wouldn't go away.

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