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Review #1, by HarryPottersGirlfriend Chapter 1

29th May 2010:
It was great! Please make the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!
I will, but not in the near future, I have to be honest with you. But it will happen.

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Review #2, by even- angels- weep Chapter 1

30th December 2008:
love it... keep them coming

Author's Response: I will-shortly!

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Review #3, by xxbrokendreamsxx Chapter 1

23rd April 2008:
Thus far I love it and I cannot wait until the next chapter. Please update soon!.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm focusing on my other story, My Light in Darkness, so when I've made headway with that I'll focus on this one!

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Review #4, by Hana Chapter 1

15th February 2008:
Great job so far u shud continue reall good!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I actually am planning on finiushing Just a Bet? before continuing with the next chapter, thanks for all the support you've been giving! All my love

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Review #5, by Lady Lara Chapter 1

27th January 2008:
Haha, I love that book! I was just waiting for you to use it for Harry Potter! You really captured the humour of the story and Hermione's insecurities! And Ginny is such a bitch...grrr...
10 Luvies

Author's Response: Hey Lara, I know! I couldn't resist! Haha, you know she'll get worse :)

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Review #6, by something random Chapter 1

23rd January 2008:
its different but i could get used to it.

Author's Response: Thanks for trying it out!

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Review #7, by Lucy Granger Chapter 1

30th December 2007:
aw man it ended see i knew you hated me lol

great story hurry up and post the next chapter i want harry and hermione together please *puppy dog eyes*

aw yeah i went there


Author's Response: Lol, you crack me up! Thanks, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait a bit because Just a Bet? will be updated first, then this one! Sorry! Swetheart, Harry and'll see!
The puppy dog eyes hey, sorry Luce, don't work on me *smiles brightly* thanks Lucy!

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Review #8, by aintsosweet Chapter 1

25th December 2007:
Love it! Cant wait for more!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'll update as soon as my other story is updated, I promise!

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Review #9, by cosmopiltan411 Chapter 1

22nd December 2007:
adore this fic, it's a fantastic premise (reminds me of the commrcials for 27 dresses) cantw ait for more

p.s. hate ginny (think she's a total slag0-- but then again i also thought that in the books lol)

Author's Response: Hehe thanks! I loved the book so I hope the fic is at least half as good as it! Hehe, I'm not usually a Ginny basher-ecause to me, she's not even imprtant enough. I don't even consider her a character- but I decided to have a little fun on this fic. But trust me, you'll hate her even more a little later. Thanks!

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Review #10, by marcelle Chapter 1

13th December 2007:
when r u fonna do the next chapter!!! cnt w8!! dat woz brilliant

Author's Response: Hehe, I'm going to try and update as soon as possible, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Lily_Potter_Evens Chapter 1

13th December 2007:
I like it. It's sure different having Hermione and Ginny as sisters. It kinda reminds me of the film 'practical magic' with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman in it.Added to faves so please post soon.

Author's Response: Thank you, I know...I felt a bit nervous about that :)
Hmm...doesn't ring a bell, I like the actresses, so I'll look out for it! Aaawww, thanks angel, and I'll update soon!

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Review #12, by Pingo Chapter 1

12th December 2007:
Great once again.. Banner? Hehe.. You know the procudure.. haha.. :p

I really love this, but I love everything you write so.. Hehe.. Hate Ginny in it though.. Have no idea why, but I do.. Hehe.. And what's happening with this cousin?? Hehe.. :p
The only bad thing is that now you have three stories and you're getting very slow on Just a Bet? Hahaha.. Just med kidding here..

Well you did have some gramma. mistakes, but that was nothing.. Keep it up sweety.. You know I love it.. :p Hehe.. Of course I do.. :D

Well this was my little rambly review.. Bye..

Truely yours,

Author's Response: Hey, I would like one but for some reason the banners won't show! I don't know why! Aaaawww shucks, thanks! I know, I didn't want her in it either bit what choice did I have? The cousin isn't that important, it's just her wedding where I introduce the story!

I know...hehe...sorry! I'll update all of my other stories soon, I promise! Say what? Are you sure? Because I basically used the same gramma as the book...unless I'm going mad...
Bye angel, thanks for the great review!

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Review #13, by potterfan_nimisha Chapter 1

12th December 2007:
nice 1.good humor.m waiting for harry's entry
update soon

Author's Response: Thank you! The book is hilarious, so I'm aiming for the same thing with the fic! I will, thanks for reviewing!

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