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Reading Reviews for Tru Revelations
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Review #1, by LittlePauline Bewitched, Electric Eels, and Irish Jigs!

31st July 2009:
I really love it! Write faster and more! *cute puppy face*

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Review #2, by Dancing_by_Magic Bewitched, Electric Eels, and Irish Jigs!

25th March 2009:
Bewitched is quite possibly the awesomist tv show!! :P
I'm named after the main character! :P
I really hope that you update pronto!

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Review #3, by Dancing_by_Magic A Horse, Nazis, and Wooing!

25th March 2009:
That word always makes me laugh for some reason. :P
Great chappie!

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Review #4, by Spicky Compartmental Troubles.

22nd February 2009:
yh, i guess, i just thought it was a vision!!!
LOVE it!!!

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Review #5, by Spicky Prologue

22nd February 2009:
thanks for the choice!!!
i think that i will read on

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Review #6, by StepUpx_Gryffindor Compartmental Troubles.

19th February 2009:
I tried not to smile. In 4th year Id had a vision of the 2 of them getting married. So Id known since then that theyd end up together, it was just funny seeing Lily shout at him all the time!

okay i totally smiled when i read that :)
tis true, i can def. see them together if i was in her situation:D

again, same note on the rushing.. i think sirius being intrigued by tru is sweet.. but too much too quickly. don't want sirius to think that he all of a sudden liked her the second chap, now do you? you want to keep the reader guessing :P the change in perspective is fine, but i think it would become tedious if every chapter was like that. once and a while is good. i like that you included bellatrix & lucius. my evil friends XD

good chap!

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Review #7, by StepUpx_Gryffindor Prologue

19th February 2009:
well, i think that this chapter was a bit rushed. you're like me when it comes to first chaps.. really short ;P that's my style too... except instead of just blurting out her seer-like abilities, you could have introduced it in a more appealing, or cooler way. You don't really know where she is while she's 'thinking' this. it definately fits prologue status, but i think you could have added a reality to where she was at the moment.

for example:

she could be in potions, bored out of her mind, turning her quill over in her hand, thinking 'he shouldn't have done that', and then have an action where the boy in the class did something disasterous... that would set a background for introducing her kind of power ^_^

sorry, i leave annoying reviews, i know T_T i am just incapable of critiquing in just a couple sentances lol.

i love how you described why she was 'weird'. reminds me of myself... i find that comforting :)

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Review #8, by XGiirlWhoLiiv3dx Bewitched, Electric Eels, and Irish Jigs!

6th June 2008:
I love this chapter! I hope you update soon with the next chapter and have more Tru/Sirius moments. =]

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Review #9, by buffyroxz Bewitched, Electric Eels, and Irish Jigs!

23rd May 2008:
i love its awsome. please write more soon
i've got a suggestion tho instead of using lucius malfoy and beltrix why dont you use snape because he was at hogwarts at the same time as the mauraders were and it would make more sense for them to pick on him...but it is ur own story and im just a reviewer

Author's Response: thank you for your review!
I'm concentrating on my other story at the minute, but holidays will start soon and i'll have all the time in the world to write! lol
Anyhoo, I know Bellatrix and Lucius weren't at school with them, but I decided to lower their ages because it makes for a more interesting story! lol I know its a bit AU but its just all a part of the story! But thanks again for the review!

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Review #10, by Gryf_Queen Bewitched, Electric Eels, and Irish Jigs!

28th April 2008:
I like your story. Pretty good, I guess. Update again soon!

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Review #11, by turnmeawayagain Bewitched, Electric Eels, and Irish Jigs!

5th April 2008:
i really like this story, tru is a little off and i like that, more down to earth that other o/c. good job cant wait to read more

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Review #12, by Angel_Potter Bewitched, Electric Eels, and Irish Jigs!

1st March 2008:
Great story i know it's hard with potential writers block and the low aproval time but please up date soon i want to read more... you're getting a 10 by the way. Once again fantastic writing and i hope you update soon.

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Review #13, by lollipop_marauderette Bewitched, Electric Eels, and Irish Jigs!

4th February 2008:
awesome poseum seem really good


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Review #14, by lollipop_marauderette A Horse, Nazis, and Wooing!

4th February 2008:
dude i seriously love remy and tru


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Review #15, by lollipop_marauderette Compartmental Troubles.

4th February 2008:
hilarious she rox my sox!!! seems cool


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Review #16, by KatyBlack Prologue

3rd February 2008:
lol great now i want to read more . lol jk . but i 'm going to read more . 10/10

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Review #17, by sugarhigh Bewitched, Electric Eels, and Irish Jigs!

3rd February 2008:
I'm loving the story so far. It's funny and cute but I don't think the protagonist is that weird. even though she always states that she's weird. It would be alright if she alone thought of herself as an outcast but even others call her a "freak". so...make her a little weirder? please? Thanks, and keep writing

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Review #18, by Lombie A Horse, Nazis, and Wooing!

30th December 2007:
hehe. i liked the horse bit. lulz for me :D

in the earlier chapters there were a few run-on sentences, but the writing is getting better with each instalment. keep writing, i really like where this story is going! (also, you get a cookie for not giving your char a creepy mythical name or something. :D)

Luv Lombie

Author's Response: I like cookies!

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Review #19, by Prefect Massy Prologue

29th December 2007:
I already reviewed you, but I'd like to give you my email address because I created a banner for you! ^_^
Here it is:

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Review #20, by Prefect Massy A Horse, Nazis, and Wooing!

22nd December 2007:
This is such a cute story! I love Tru, she has the random and cynical sense of humour I have! I just love it! But you might want to watch spelling. Oh, and something that annoys me just to let you know, it irritates me when people use 'ok' instead of 'okay'. ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you!
Once i have a few more chapters up (Which should be coming soon...) i'll go through them and check for spelling and stuff!

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Review #21, by snaps4josie A Horse, Nazis, and Wooing!

22nd December 2007:
That was gooD. Is this finished?

Author's Response: Nope, nowhere near finished actually!

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Review #22, by tragicYETmagic Compartmental Troubles.

22nd December 2007:
HEY its magic and tragic here

WE love your storyy ITS COOL AS!!!
cant wait for the next chapter
tru being a seer makes this story way more dramatic and its GREATT!!! we love it heaps cant wait for more

love tragicYETmagic

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you!!!
The next chapter will be coming... well... i'm writing it now... but i also have coursework...
Anyway, i didn't want it to be just about romance, so i put in the seer thing too!
Thank you again! x

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Review #23, by WaffyTaffy66 A Horse, Nazis, and Wooing!

14th December 2007:
I absolutely LOVE this story w/a passion! I love how sirius thinks of tru, and how he is nice and gentle and not an idiot, which shows up in a lot of other fics. UPDATE PLEEZ!

Author's Response: Well, Sirius may start acting like a bit of an idiot when he realises that Tru isn't going to just fall at his feet! lol! Update may take a bit longer, cos i'm going on holiday today! yay! Anyway, i should finish the chapter by monday, and then it has to be validated! But i do have another story which is being validated at the mo! Thank you!

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Review #24, by ChiannaMalfoy A Horse, Nazis, and Wooing!

14th December 2007:
I like this...Tru doesn't seem much like a Mary-Sue, and I like the seer bit...makes it really unique. Sirius is acting like a bit of a queer...though that is acceptable.

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Review #25, by Bella 15 A Horse, Nazis, and Wooing!

10th December 2007:
lol i love when james says, "There is a thin line between love and hate!" then remus says "You guys are ridiculous."

Author's Response: lol thanks! I thought it was something James would say to explain why Lily seems to hate him so much!!

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