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Review #1, by xxxmandymurderxxx I Play, You Sin

23rd July 2010:
awe this is so cute, i love hermione/zabini love stories. there should be more of them :/

Author's Response: yes i agree. they are a fun pair! thanks so much!

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Review #2, by FallenAngel4 I Play, You Sin

26th September 2009:
wow. ur writing never ceases to amaze me. its just so beautiful in its own way. it touches you. thanks for providing me with a afternoon ful of reading your awesome stories

Author's Response: thank you for spending an afternoon reading my work! im glad you liked this piece!

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Review #3, by xCailinNollaigx I Play, You Sin

2nd August 2009:
I liked that. There's not too many well-written Blaise/Hermione fics and I thought this was very good. I love that portrayal of Blaise; his intelligence, grace, looks, haughtiness (Is that a word?lol). It was very well done.
The short story/history behind it was good, too. About them being partners and hating it, etc...
Blaise planned the whole thing! Ah, it was great.
Nice one-shot!

Author's Response: thanks so much! im very pleased you liked it!!

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Review #4, by AzuraAzelle I Play, You Sin

6th November 2008:
this is a sexy and yet still really adorable piece. I like it!

Author's Response: thank you so much

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Review #5, by MidwinterMasque I Play, You Sin

5th November 2008:
I can't tell you how much I love this story...
LOvely banner, as well.

Author's Response: thank you so much hun

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Review #6, by undiscovered_legend I Play, You Sin

6th October 2008:
hahaha. This story is sooo cute and funny.
But why stop it there? continue?

Author's Response: thank you darling. glad you liked it

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Review #7, by jenkent I Play, You Sin

3rd October 2008:
Very nice. I thought you played off of their emotions well. Great job! 10/10 ~Jen

Author's Response: thank you - im glad you enjoyed it

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Review #8, by kittyscouldron I Play, You Sin

30th May 2008:
So is this pure lust, or is love behind it. Because it seems more lovy at the end... However.I do like this story. You make so many! I'm more of a Twilight Writer, so. But I do enjoy visiting your page, as guilty as I feel, and I get a dose of the best HP FF.

Author's Response: lol this was just a little fun. they had a moment ^_^

aww thanks hunny. i feel all warm inside *blushes* come back anytime!!

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Review #9, by hxcgryff23 I Play, You Sin

1st May 2008:
another amazing one hitter.
right out of the park!

Author's Response: thank you sweets

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Review #10, by Kiersten1218 I Play, You Sin

22nd April 2008:
Cutest Story ever :)
I love the whole Blaise/Hermione stories.
Almost as good as Dramione's :)

Author's Response: thank you hun ^_^ im glad you enjoyed it. cute was what i wanted with this

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Review #11, by kelly I Play, You Sin

27th March 2008:
omg Blaise sounds so HOTT!, im swooning imagining it.
your a fantastic writer.

cheers, kelly

Author's Response: teehee i love blaise.
thanks kelly!! *hugs*

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Review #12, by loolupe I Play, You Sin

5th March 2008:
i loved it. I loved it. did i mention that i loved it?

Author's Response: teehee thank you ^_^

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Review #13, by lisapotter I Play, You Sin

3rd March 2008:
that was extremely good! the entire thing was well written and hermione was pretty realistic. basically all i can say is that i really, really liked it “On the floor? How very … muggle of you.” i love that line. there were just somethings i picked up on...
he had keep close to himself

It was my dreams becoming reality; my hallucinations become flesh.

his hands sliding under my ribs
shirt? assuming :)

very elaborate set-up

Author's Response: thanks hun. glad you enjoyed it.

eeek! typos. thanks for picking those up!
^_^ cheers!

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Review #14, by KaraBlack I Play, You Sin

2nd February 2008:
That was really really good. I love Blaise/Hermione stories i really wish it was a main pairing on this site. But anyway, this was really good, keep up the great work. 10/10

Author's Response: thanks love and yeah, it should be - he's become quiet popular xD

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Review #15, by mochalatte I Play, You Sin

22nd January 2008:
GAH! I LOVED it! It was well written, Hermione's character was wonderful, the plot was brilliant and blah blah blah... I'm sure you have heard it all before :)
Keep up the good work! This story is one of my favs!

Author's Response: lol thanks love! glad you liked it!!

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Review #16, by inkismyworld I Play, You Sin

20th January 2008:
I liked the pace of the story and the confusion Hermione goes through deciding between Blaise and Ron. Overall good job :)

Author's Response: thank you ^_^

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Review #17, by Manifesty I Play, You Sin

16th January 2008:
I Loved it!
It's quirky, funny and Blaise is just so totally HOT!
Great fun to read!

Author's Response: isn't he just? i love writing him ^_^
thanks hun

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Review #18, by Curiosity is not a sin I Play, You Sin

2nd January 2008:
'I hated him for being so bloody perfect. His casual grace annoyed me. His intelligence annoyed me.'

That *points above* was my favourite line of the story! It was a lovely story and I loved your descriptive work of. Good job on it! I also love how you've portrayed Blaise - very mysterious but unusually open about it too (to us - not Hermione!) Great work again! I feel so sorry for Ron now! Ah well... he'll get over it! 10/10

Author's Response: heheee ron will get over it...actuallly, i don;t care if he doesn't...not a ron fan ^_^
thank you hun - im so glad you enjoyed it!! i love writing blaise!

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Review #19, by avani1230 I Play, You Sin

23rd December 2007:
aww... i loved it... absolutely loved it!! you def. have talent... great job!

10/10 =]

Author's Response: thank you ^_^

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Review #20, by gotta get on with life I Play, You Sin

16th December 2007:
Short and sweet.Loved it.

Author's Response: thanks ^_^

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Review #21, by Lostmyheart I Play, You Sin

13th December 2007:
Omg, that was ... brilliant!
It was hot, it really was. And I liked every word of it :D
I'm going to put this into my favorites and I'll give you 10/10!


Author's Response: thank you Aviaja! i;'m glad you liked it ^_^

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Review #22, by Fields Of Innocence09 I Play, You Sin

12th December 2007:
hehehe this made me giggle like an idiot =P
I seriously am in love with Blaise, you always write him so well!
You should definately write more Blaise stories, i'm serious!
Amazing job 10/10 =D

Author's Response: yay! so pleased you liked it hun!! it was fun to write - light and silly!! blaise has become a fav to write, due to TDKY, so you may well see more of him here ^_-

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Review #23, by InnocentBeginning I Play, You Sin

11th December 2007:
Haha, well done.
Loved it muchly.

Author's Response: thanks hun ^_^

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Review #24, by SnowyBella I Play, You Sin

10th December 2007:
I still think the way you write is fantastic. It reminds me a lot of CelticKisses' style, but you do definitely have your own twist that makes it your own, you know? There are a couple of things that bothers me about this story though.

For one, I think this is a great story for a kind of branch out one-shot that relates to another one of your stories. I'm aware that as a one-shot, you probably didn't have it in your head for background to be a main issue to focus on, but it seems like your story is picked up out of nowhere. I think it would be fabulous if it was kind of a side-along of another story that explains the whole thing further, do you get me? At the same time, I do think there was kind of a cute charm about how everything was like it was all in motion, you know?

I'm probably a little biased since I really like slow-moving relationships and I enjoy reading them more, though I can tell that's not really the same for you. ^__^

I think I read another review of yours that claimed you had pretty clever little quips in here, and I have to say that I agree. ^___^ I love how you don't over-do it and keep it nice and subtle. Once again, personal preference, I know, but you can't really take personality out of much, can you?

So pretty much: all in all, it was a good story. I think with your stories (not to be taken offensively) your writing is what takes me in, more than the story itself you know? I think that's great and I would love to have that just because you can succeed in almost anything. But I'd say that you as a general author should work on expanding your area. I mean I definitely see a variety, but not a huge one, you know?

And with my love of slow-moving relationships that aren't quite as physical, and my love of your amazing writing, I would just go crazy with a combination of the two, so I might just be egging you on for my own pleasure. ^__^ All the same, experimenting is good on all scopes, right?

And very much unrelateed to the rest of this review, your banners are fantastic. ^___^ I drool over like half of your graphics back at TDA. ^_^

Amazing story, once again!

Author's Response: hey selina. thanks for an amazing review hun. this was sort of picked up from nowhere - i just got this image of the two of them in this situation, but to tell you the truth, i am considering writing more, either prequel or sequel, but i dunno yet. but i do know what you are saying- there was an absence of background in this.

and no offence meant at all hun - thats an incredible compliment actually. writing fanfic...i have written so much now that i am beginning to worry i am recycling, and i guess i am in a way, but i understand what you mean about expansion. its something i am trying with a few of my newer fics - different characters, more OC's and different eras. i just find the post-hogwarts the easiest to write, lol. that my writing draws you more than the plot - i actually don't mind that at all ^_^ fanfic, to me, is purely writing practise - i will never make it my life, whereas my original work...that is much more important.

aww thank you. i have fun with my banners. i will sometimes make several before the right one for the fic pops up.

thanks selina!! i really appreciate your comments!!

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Review #25, by joojoo I Play, You Sin

8th December 2007:
What lust! Gorgeously written, as usual. I love the way you wrote out the love/hate feelings they both had, and Hermione's primary reluctance to have Blaise kiss her. Actually, I love the way you wrote everything. No angst in this whatsoever! *round of applause* I mean, I knew you could do it, what with "Let Me Count the Ways", but this was just as good, if not better.
And speaking of LMCTW, I think that this fic could just as easily have been a Lily/James. Did you choose the characters last minute or had you pre-planned it all?
And now, I want you to write a Sirius/Lily one-shot. Hehe. You think you're up to the challenge?
Much love,

Author's Response: hey sweetie!! heehehe thank you! i know - proud of me?? i am! lol it was hard to write without my regular dose of deep despair! i had the characters planned for this - the fic came to me fully formed in an instant.
ahhh a sirilily!! i have been thinking about it...i may take you up on that challenge, lol. i'll let ya know ^_^
thanks darling!!

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