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Review #1, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Frustration

20th July 2009:
brilliant Kassi, loved it:D

Author's Response: grazi Sephira.

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Review #2, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Preparing For The Royal Court

26th March 2009:
aww cool :) but wouldnt something like this in real life destroy a friendship? just

Author's Response: It would yes. However, your character decides to forgive and forget after submitting my character to some... Faerie hospitality.

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Review #3, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Why didn't she tell me?

26th March 2009:
hahahahaha i'm a bitchy fairy :) yay

Author's Response: Of course you are.

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Review #4, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Secrets, secrets, everywhere

25th November 2008:
i gonna die huh? lol nice thanks you kassi :P but i guess it could be paybak for me killing you off in my story too lol

Author's Response: I'm not gonna kill you. Geez. Chill out and wait till I get to the good parts would you!? You're so impatient Sephira. Really.

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Review #5, by sweetlollipops Truth Revealed

16th April 2008:


Author's Response: Thanks for the comment. I will try to make the next chapter a lot longer to please all. I have read Twilight, it is one of my favorite books and I am very eagerly awaiting the fourth book in the saga.

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Review #6, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Time

5th April 2008:
Nice ending. This is a nice LONG chapter. Well... long by your standards..
Great chappie, can't wait for nine. On this one AND UU.



Author's Response: Well geez woman! I can only do so much! Not everybody gets complete satisfaction! GET OVER IT! Blessings Sephira.

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Review #7, by Annie_Torsson Time

28th March 2008:
I can't wait to read the next chapter. This one is really good. By the way was the story Unlikey Unions?

Author's Response: Yeah it was.

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Review #8, by sweetlollipops Time

28th March 2008:
wahoo! you updated! great chapter! love the story!
: }

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #9, by Annie_Torsson Restricted Plans

27th March 2008:
This chapter is good. I can't wait to read the next one, i'd read it now but my parents are making me go to bed. I'll talk to you later like tomorow maybe...

Author's Response: hahaha. ttyl tris!

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Review #10, by TRISANA First Meetings

26th March 2008:
that letter reminds me of the paper i wrote for english about suicide...

Author's Response: well it was a suicide letter....

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Review #11, by vampcat Restricted Plans

7th March 2008:
lovin the story!!! keep updating!!!

Author's Response: To be an update soon. Started the next chapter today. Don't know when it'll be finished, but it'll be up as soon as time allows!

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Review #12, by vampcat First Date? Or First Understanding

7th March 2008:
love the story so far! im a sucker for a good vamp story (no pun intended) keep it up and update soon!

Author's Response: glad you like it. I'll add more as it comes to me. Thanks for the review.

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Review #13, by thefunnynamedperson2134 First Date? Or First Understanding

22nd February 2008:
Aww, cool! Why is my dress blue and yours black? That really is not fair, Kassi. Can't wait for number eight!

Author's Response: Your dress has black in it. And it's really dark blue. And the only reason I didn't do a switch off with the two dresses is because mine looks like the stars are sown into it.

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Review #14, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Restricted Plans

31st January 2008:
hehheh. FUN! Love it and can't wait for chapter 7!!! I guess i'll go start on Chapter 4.

You know what I've realized? I've been neglecting my others stories for the sole purpose of writing about my self and people.

Can't I get anymore conceited?

Author's Response: *remains silent about the conceited part...)
Chapter seven will be up as soon as it's accepted. ***cyber glare at validators***

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Review #15, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Thoughts and Smartmouths

18th January 2008:
Okay ready for the next one Kassi!!!


Author's Response: I just posted a one-shot. As soon as that's validated Chapter six will be up. If you're bound and determined to read it before that, let me know. I'll e-mail it to ya.

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Review #16, by thefunnynamedperson2134 OOPS!

17th January 2008:
Love it can't till 5 and 6

Author's Response: Well, I just posted 5, and six is gonna have to wait... Don't know how long.

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Review #17, by ilyytr OOPS!

15th January 2008:
i looove it...please continue:]]]

Author's Response: I shall continue as soon as possible.... After this chapter 5 is validated then I will add a one-shot story, and then add chapter 6 of Dark Love when I have it written. Luvs!

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Review #18, by thefunnynamedperson2134 First Meetings

9th January 2008:
FUN!! You need to make the chapters longer KASSI!

And you disapoint me. I thought the letter was going to blow up or something.tsk tsk.

Author's Response: Bite me. (not literally.) She was not happy, didn't have time to make the letter blow up.

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Review #19, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Lapse in Control

5th January 2008:
OMG LOVED IT!! The banner looks good too! Though you might want to delete the extra space, it'll make it look better! So what was that piece of paper? You need to make the chapters LONGER woman!

Author's Response: I'm working as hard and as fast as I can! You have to remember that I'm working on like 5 stories at once!!! AHH! *runs away and reads HPDH*

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Review #20, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Potions

4th January 2008:
I have your banner ready to go for you, but I can't give you the link in this review. Stupid site won't let me. So e-mail me at And I'll give you the link/URL, m'kay?

Author's Response: yay!

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Review #21, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Potions

3rd January 2008:
YAY!! I'm in the story! I loved it!! Hey do you want me to request a banner for you? I have a banner maker who does all of mine. She can do dark pretty well. Just tell me what you want on it and I'll pass it on to her when I get home. She's from Norway!

10/10 Kassi 10/10!!!

Author's Response: :) LOL! Of course you're in the story! Glad you liked it enough to review it.. Um, sure yeah, I'd love a banner. I'd like to get a picture of Rayne in there.
Blessings, Kassi

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