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Review #1, by jacobblackismyboyfriend kisses in the rain

12th March 2009:
so fluffy and i loved it! just a quick question, who did lily kiss?
still loved the story :) 10/10

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Review #2, by jacks_angel2007 kisses in the rain

26th January 2009:
O wow. That was one of the sweetest short stories I have ever read!! I loved it!!!

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Review #3, by jameslily1313 kisses in the rain

22nd April 2008:
sooo cuh-yoot!!! i absolutely lurve fluffiness so this was soo awesum!!! and of course there was still a lil twist in the plot, thx 2 lils and siri... haha, but we all no how it ends!!! *laff then tears* but u no i give u a... way more than10/10!!! xP

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Review #4, by me!!!!!!!! kisses in the rain

13th March 2008:
amazing!loved it!wow,wow,wow,wow,wow,wow!you are a great writer and coming from me thats a lot.i usually don't many fanfics you see.but yours is .wow!

Author's Response: wow thanks ^-^

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Review #5, by baru01h1 kisses in the rain

24th February 2008:
loved it
it was so perfect
and it was so beautiful

Author's Response: thanks :)

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Review #6, by slytherensangel26 kisses in the rain

2nd February 2008:
good. i was wondering though if that best friend she was kissing was serius or remus

Author's Response: thanks, i have been asked this before so just to clarify, it was sirius. ( i should probobly edit that) lol

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Review #7, by LilyFlower kisses in the rain

24th January 2008:
Nice! Short but sweet. I found this very fun to read!

Author's Response: thanks :) glad you enjoyed it

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Review #8, by xxxmisspotterxxx kisses in the rain

24th January 2008:
Go James and Lily!!!
You wrote this really well!!!

Author's Response: haha thankyou :) i am glad you enjoyed it

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Review #9, by sophielefay kisses in the rain

13th January 2008:
this is so cute! i love the idea. and the banner is awesome... the notebook is one of my favorite movies :)

Author's Response: thankyou :) i love it too :)

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Review #10, by ananamus kisses in the rain

3rd January 2008:
It was a brilliant , inspiring and very romantic but I will be honest , Lily kissing his best friend was not such a good idea. It does give the wrong impression. She wouldn't do that. I did love the point through...especially in the rain, just like the notebook. THat was a brilliantly romantic story!

Author's Response: i know i love that film :D thanks and i know it is not something she would do but it could happen...

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Review #11, by jkr_lover kisses in the rain

26th December 2007:
Oh, this is cute, but it could be in the middle of a fullblown novel! That only makes it better though! 10/10! This is amazing how good of an autor you are!

Author's Response: thanks :] i guess i could add it into a story humm... that has given me a good idea thanks :P im glad you enjoyed it all in all anyway

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Review #12, by Lolo_Lex_gryffindorgals kisses in the rain

23rd December 2007:
That was so so perfect! I wish life was like that. That story was just so beautiful, definitely one of my favourites. xoxo~Lex

Author's Response: haha i do too :) thanks

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Review #13, by Smith_Babe_1 kisses in the rain

22nd December 2007:
Awww wow that was romantic but making someone jealous by kissing their best friend doesnt always work my friend tried it lol
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Author's Response: lol thanks :D merry xmas and a happy new year to you too :D

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Review #14, by imaginexbelieve24 kisses in the rain

22nd December 2007:
cool, love it.

Author's Response: thanks :D

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Review #15, by siriusgirl1 kisses in the rain

7th December 2007:
how sweet! i love it. i like the picture form The Notebook in the banner too

Author's Response: lol, thanks. me too :D

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Review #16, by Divine_Till_Night kisses in the rain

6th December 2007:
LOVED IT!!! Cute. You write pretty well! 10/10

Author's Response: Wow thanks :D

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Review #17, by hjplover kisses in the rain

5th December 2007:
this was really adorable! simple but so cute and very well written. although it was short, it worked out well!

Author's Response: thanks :D

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Review #18, by ChizzaLazty kisses in the rain

5th December 2007:




Author's Response: lol thanks :) im glad that i got some nice reviews after the day i have had its good that you dont have any critasism :D

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Review #19, by SPEW_elvish freedom kisses in the rain

5th December 2007:
cute, though it was a little short.

Author's Response: i know it was onli ment to be short

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