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Review #1, by Mya Malfoy The Sad Truth

28th February 2006:
i'm sorry to say this, but i hate you for writing this songfic, it's just tooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #2, by rose The Sad Truth

30th October 2005:
please make it a story

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Review #3, by Shippou14 The Sad Truth

14th July 2005:
It was baeutiful. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #4, by nothing to be exact The Sad Truth

24th May 2005:
I guess making this a regular fanfic would be fantastic!!!

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Review #5, by Loreena McKennitt The Sad Truth

20th March 2005:
I liked this story-I am also against Draco being horrible...but this looked like a good story! I looooovvve Draco so much! Good job. Make this the prequel...sounds like a good idea. I want to see Draco become a good man! {*giggles*} Later. ~Loreena

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Review #6, by misty_waters The Sad Truth

25th November 2004:
ouch, that was so sad that it hurt!!! *sob* that was a great songfic and not newhere close to the chars being ooc. u did a gr8 job!

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Review #7, by ben dover The Sad Truth

1st August 2004:
i didnt really like it actually it was awful

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Review #8, by Jess The Sad Truth

3rd May 2004:
Hey i Like that song too and i like how you put it all together hehe sorry for my over enjoyment but I love it when things seem to connect LMAOOOO ohhh you must think im wired but OH WELL hehehehe keep it up

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Review #9, by nat_rulz The Sad Truth

29th April 2004:
how sad! poor hermione! keep the writting up!

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Review #10, by LD The Sad Truth

18th March 2004:
good story. keep on going.

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Review #11, by Bonnie The Sad Truth

26th February 2004:
You have Awsome talent!

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Review #12, by Pounce The Sad Truth

23rd February 2004:
That's sooo depressing-poor Hermione!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you should write a sequel and give Draco an excuse to why he was so harsh!! I loved the story

Author's Response: Thanx for your input!! Also, do you think I should write it as Draco wasn't really the one behind it or whatever, should I make him out to actually be pure-minded?? Please email me, with your ideas. Thanx again!! ~Laura~

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Review #13, by KayEmily The Sad Truth

15th February 2004:
That was so depressing! *sob* was a really good songfic! I love that song! It fit really good with her feelings and emotions.

Author's Response: Thanx for the review, and I like that song too...I was jus listenin to it one day n the idea popped into my head! I dun usually write Draco as evil, but hey, it fits! lol ~Laura~

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Review #14, by Dreamer The Sad Truth

30th January 2004:
Kinda sad, but really good at the same time. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanx! Now when you say keep it up, do you mean to keep the story goin, or keep up the good work in otha fics?? if its not the latter, you can email me with your ideas on how to continue the fic, Thanx again for the review! ~*~Laura~*~

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Review #15, by Monkey Eater The Sad Truth

27th January 2004:
Kinda, blah. Really boring- had to scroll down to the end of the page. The part about Italy was good. Oh wait.. that wasnt this story.

Author's Response: Yah, HAHA very funny. Keep your stories straight, okay?

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