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Review #1, by Fantasygirl721 Snowflake

28th July 2009:
Hey this is Katrina! Decided to start with one of the shorter ones so I went with this. First of all, I loved how you tied in the Christmas Eve, 1914, that is one of my favorite historical stories. This is the first time I read a historical Potter based fic, and I must say it was a great introduction! I am not saying this to be nice, or because you are my friend, but this is an excellent little story! Really, your writing style is very good, very engaging, and with nice descriptions. Awesome work, I must say. Now I wanna go read the rest of your stuff, it is hard to find really good fanfiction. :)

Author's Response: ;D Thanks, twinny!

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Review #2, by AndrinaBlack Snowflake

10th December 2007:
Wow! That was so sad and beautiful!
I found this on the SAYS featured stories and thought I'd read something Christmassy. I'm glad I did!

I enjoyed this a lot. I like it that you use more unusual characters and you do it well. You also manage the history part very well! Historical is quite difficult to write as you have to research so much or anyway know about a lot of things. First I was a bit confused as to who it was about and which war it was but that information came nicely when it also should come, keeping it a bit mysterious in the beginning. I liked your characterisations of both characters a lot too. I loved the way you did the transitions between the memories and the present. How you first ended the memory when they were going out and then continued it in the middle of a sentence. For me that latter transition was somehow a powerful moment in the story. It somehow came so suddenly though the information was already known.

The snowflake thing was also really cute. :)
Great job!

Author's Response: First of, Annina, I apologize for me taking so long to reply to this! I've been skipping around and lazying about when it comes to replying to reviews lately, and that's entirely my fault.

Second of all, thank you for the amazing review! I'm rather fond of this piece, my first attempt at WWI, using the 'unknown' Blacks, AND at a Christmas fic that wasn't horribly fluffy beyond relief.

Thank you for all of the comments, and I'll see you around in the Mod. forum now and again!

Thanks, I think I just grinned for the first time today!

♥ Ginni

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Review #3, by NevunaRomione Snowflake

6th December 2007:
Hello! :)

I think was was amazing. It's so original, unique, I've never read anything like this before. Making a Muggle war actually have something to do with something magical...I like the idea.

This is beautifully written. I like that the characters you used were virtually unimportant canon characters, that way you can do more with them, it gives you the opportunity to be more creative, which is exactly what you did.


Author's Response: Hello NevunaRomione!

YAY! Original and Unique is something very hard to find now-a-days, especially in writing. Thanks so much - and I mainly did this because I love history. And I just have to have a war in everything recent. xD

Thanks so much, once again!

I really appreciate your time spent reading and reviewing!

♥ Ginni

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Review #4, by nana_banana_xx3 Snowflake

6th December 2007:
Hey there, hun! :)

This is such an interesting and unique idea! I love that you based this on actual facts. It's difficult for me to find good period pieces, and I think you did a really lovely job with this one-shot!

I know that I never use much dialogue, but I do wish there had been a bit more in this piece. Overall, you did a really nice job! I liked this piece a lot!!

Keep up the good work and have fun!


Author's Response: Hey there, Nana banana!

Thank you so much for taking time to read and review this! I appreciate it so much, especially on this piece.

Thanks so much!

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Review #5, by faerieall Snowflake

2nd December 2007:
I really love historical fiction. It's what got me really into reading.

This was fantastic. It was a very nice 'what-if' case scenario. It's making me anticipate the holiday season even more!

Also, you asked about Bella/Remus? I reccommed you read my one-shot Broken Heart. It's my best Bella/Remus.

Have a good day!

Author's Response: I love historical fiction as well, faerieall - and I appreciate you taking the time to read and review this piece. DANKE. ♥
(and you too, have a fantastic day)

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Review #6, by kara101 Snowflake

2nd December 2007:
Great descriptions, and I loved the way you have a muggle war and then some magic it is a unique mix. I usually do not like OC/OC but I enjoyed this. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much kara101! (If you mean by original character, it's not really originals. Isla Black was a member on the family tree that got burned off for marrying 'muggle Bob Hitchens' - but I'm very pleased you took interest in it anyway!) Thanks so much for your time!


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Review #7, by Hermionesclass101 Snowflake

1st December 2007:
The most original piece of fan fiction of read in a really long time. Beautifully written, and easily the best OC/OC I've ever read. Isla Black and Robert Hitchens. . . interesting. I loved how you tied a Muggle war into a Harry Potter fan fiction story. Very original. 10/10. I loved the way he referred to her as a snowflake. It was really sweet.


Author's Response: Haha Isla Black was a member of the Black family that got blasted off for "marrying muggle Bob Hitchens". I originally didn't plan for them to be the two main characters - but it fit that way. xD Thanks so much, and I appreciate your time and all of your compliments! Danke!

♥ Ginni

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Review #8, by dracoslover1 Snowflake

1st December 2007:
Very good story. I think more descripition could have gone when he told her that he was drafted. Also maybe you can have the story where they tell the parents that she is engaged to a Muggle born and when her wand gets snapped.

Besides these two things, it was very good.

Author's Response: Danke for the review, dracoslover - but I didn't want to focus on the part where her wand got snapped, or when they tell them they're engaged, because it would stray from the original story line. However those are great ideas! Thanks so much for your time and your review!

♥ Ginni

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