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Review #1, by Infinityx A Rescue

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Oh my bloody hell a gunshot wound?! This is insane. That man is the worst person ever. Poor Harry! And i guess my question about his age has been answered now. Voldemort is still alive and Sirius is dead so it seems like the summer after Harry's fifth year if i'm not mistaken. I love the descriptions in this chapter. They help set the scene so wonderfully and your writing flows so well in this without anything to interrupt it. And your plot is progressing so well too! I love how Harry is being taken care of and in France no less. Selene is such a nice person. ;) I love how she made him wear proper glasses and gained his trust through her comforting tone and anger towards Vernon. I can't wait to know what happens next so do get back to this and update soon!

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Review #2, by Infinityx Hopeless Nights

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Ooh another vampire fic. Interesting. And omg this first chapter is just so intense and terrible. The way you've written the abuse that Harry faces at the Dursleys is so vivid and so heartbreaking. The worst part is he didn't even do anything to warrant his punishment. And even though Petunia knows that and she knows that what her husband is doing is terribly wrong, she doesn't really stop him earlier. They're such monsters and you've done a great job writing them. I love that bit about the neighbours. And that was such a valid thought that Harry had about the neighbours hearing Vernon's yells. It's such a hypocritical thing for Petunia to say, and that whole family is just messed up.

You writing is amazing here, and the descriptions are so vivid, especially in that part where you describe Harry being beaten up by his uncle. I wonder how old he is during this time though, since the cruciatus curse is being mentioned and he got to know about that in this fourth year and it's unlikely that Vernon would beat him up after that since Harry grew up and was able to hold his own. Anywhoo, this was really great. And that person who took Harry away, I'm guessing that's Selene. (you? :P) I can't wait to know what happens next!

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Review #3, by LilyEPotter A Rescue

6th March 2014:
I definitely agree with Selene in that Vernon needs to be held accountable for his actions, not only for the latest, but for how he treated Harry since he went to live with them. I suspect the Weasleys know more than Harry realizes about what happens. Does Albus realize yet that Harry is missing? Oh no, it looks like Harry was closer to joining his parents than I thought if his mother had to convince him to return because it wasn't his time yet. That's a very interesting way to keep your eye-glasses as needed. Much better than having to wait for them. :) Does Selene already know she saved Harry Potter and is giving him the chance to tell who he is?

Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Blackout Battle
Review 2/15

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Review #4, by LilyEPotter Hopeless Nights

6th March 2014:
First I have to say ouch! I've never understood how Vernon can have such complete and utter disregard for Harry. I know that Harry represents what he doesn't believe, but still to have such disregard for another person. One question I have is this: where is the Order? Are they hidden and watching Harry during this summer or have they moved to other tasks? I'm surprised Harry was still able to Apparate after enduring his uncle's displeasure. I'm hoping that he didn't end up splinching himself also. Very interesting at how Harry was saved: by a person that others considered very dangerous. Then for her to immediately act in a caring manner makes me all that more curious about her. I'm curious if Vernon will feel the repercussions of his actions in this chapter and whether that will be because the protection wards are likely broken?

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Review #5, by Omaha A Rescue

6th February 2012:
I've recently come back to fanfiction and saw this story again, update soon please!

Author's Response: Wow, you're a face I haven't seen in ages! Welcome back Omaha! I hope to work on A Darker Dream more soon since I do miss it.

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Review #6, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Hopeless Nights

7th August 2011:
Wow. I never read this story before so I can't compare the original to now. Each chapter pulled me in as I read along. I couldn't wait to get to the end to see what would happen to poor Harry. I felt for him and for Petunia actually. The characterizations of the three weren't far off. Can't wait to read the next chapter. You write beautifully by the way.

Author's Response: The original was taken down a few years ago to make room for the rewrite. I'm tempted to bring Petunia back later on even if its just a cameo appearance. Thank you for the review. :)

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Review #7, by slytherinchica08 A Rescue

6th August 2011:
Wow seems to be one of the only words that I can say at the moment! It was so beautifully written and the description amazing as the one before! It all flowed so nice and well together that it was no problem to read this chapter at all. It has made me thristy in want of more to the story! I can't wait to see where the next chapter takes these characters and how it all develops in time. I liked how you added the bit with Harry's family it felt really J. K. R. to me so great job on this chapter i really liked it! Great Job!


Author's Response: Daaw!! Thank you so much! This is the biggest compliment you could ever give me. :) I wish to continue this story at some point in the future; I still have the old chapters and a few revision notes. I haven't given up officially, thank you so much!

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Review #8, by slytherinchica08 Hopeless Nights

6th August 2011:
Wow i must say i loved your opening paragraph and it continued throughout the rest of the story. It all held me in! I loved your description and loved that you kept things as they are in the books such as petunia's hair. I think you have a great start to a story here as it really kept my interest throughout the chapter. I like the mysteriousness that you have around the girl towards the end of the chapter the effect really added to the story. I thought it was an interesting idea to have Vernon as physically abusive and then Harry finally leaves them after putting up with it for most of the summer. It's a very interesting story idea! Great Job!


Author's Response: I can't apologize enough for taking so long to respond! There are no words my dear. Thank you so much for such a warm response! This was intended to be a rewrite of my first story. When I do AUs, I try to keep some details, like descriptions, similar to make the story familiar.

I know this response is hardly adequate in terms of the wait you've had but thank you again so much hon! -hugs=

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Review #9, by CoLorful DreaM A Rescue

28th February 2011:
2 of 15!

Well, Selena, what can I say?
You're a very good writer, you know... A very good one.
I've been trully caught in your story and I'd really love to read more of it. It's really original and intersting!
It's strange that you haven't posted since 6 of October...I hope you didn't leave us or something! It would be such bad...


Author's Response: Thank you very much! I meant to respond to these a long time ago, but seeing this review here today made me smile again. No I haven't left writing fanfiction, I just keep losing track of time in RL and since this story is under deep revision it can be difficult to get it update quickly.

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Review #10, by CoLorful DreaM Hopeless Nights

28th February 2011:
Guess who's here!
No... don't guess yet... Oh! And put the gun, knives and any hunting things down first...
So *takes a deep breath* ... Hey, here's mommy! Who MOMMY? That NaNo mommy that promised some ( some more) reviews to her children and completely forgot about it... Yep, exactly that mommy.
So, now getting back to the review... 1 of 15!
That was a good intro. The first paragraphs reminds me of how J.K. used to introduce us in her books. You described Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and Dudley really good, same as Harry's situation in that house. Though, I found it strange for Uncle Vernon to act that cruel... Afterall, he was scared of what Harry's wizard friends could do to him if he touched Harry.
However, the story seems really interesting! Can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!! I always find the first chapters the hardest so I'm pleased you liked it in a way. This story is actually a rewrite of an older story, so it some ways thats why Vernon acts that way.poor excuse I know.

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Review #11, by Hedwig6393 A Rescue

24th December 2010:
Excellent! I can't wait to see where this will lead.


Author's Response: Thank you for your review!

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Review #12, by evanesca A Rescue

10th October 2010:
This is absolutely fantastic and I wish more chapters were posted because I would totally read them. I await chapter 3! This was SO GOOD.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! After NaNoWriMo is over, I hope to start working on the updates again.

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Review #13, by evanesca Hopeless Nights

10th October 2010:
This was wonderful. WOW!
I am now officially addicted...

Author's Response: I'm very glad to hear that you're addicted to this! I hope to begin working on updates again after November is over. Thank you for the review!

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Review #14, by mr and mrs potter A Rescue

7th October 2010:
awesome i am so glad u finally updated it was really sad when he was getting beaten i cant wait to c where u take this story keep up the writing .. :D

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I was happy to be able to update this finally, and can't wait to do so again soon!

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Review #15, by Reuben A Rescue

7th October 2010:
Hmm, I like it so far. Believable, intriguing, makes me want more :) Update soon please!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I hope to have A Darker Dream updated next month after NaNoWriMo has finished.

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Review #16, by benpowerman A Rescue

6th October 2010:
well done i hope i get to see the next chaper soon 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! After NaNoWriMo is over, I hope to start working on the updates again.

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Review #17, by ferror Hopeless Nights

20th July 2010:
I love this story. I have read it at ff net. Keep updating. Btw, is it possible to send me (cying _10243 @ hotmail. com) a link or copy of the original A Darker Dream? I have pm you at ff net under the name of ferror. Thnks.

Author's Response: Hello ferror! I just e-mailed you actually, I'm so sorry about the long wait you had to put up with, and thank you again for the reviews!

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Review #18, by bjon66 Hopeless Nights

29th September 2009:
Seems like a good start.. I never read your other version so this new to me.. I hope you update some day..

Author's Response: Thank you for your review bjon66. There are many differences in this resubmission than the original, as some of the older readers could tell you. I hope to start submitting later this year, after dissecting notes.

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Review #19, by Flying Squirrel Hopeless Nights

3rd July 2009:
Aw poor Harry! I like the sound of this woman, she's coool. I've never read the original so I can't tell if you've improved but your writing in the story is cool beans. It's been TWO YEARS since you've last wrote. No excuses you need to update.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review Flying Squirrel. I was going through a rough patch in life and had to stop writing for a bit, and even though I'm returning finally, it will be some time before A Darker Dream is updated again. Thank you for your patience.

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Review #20, by gingirl12 Hopeless Nights

15th February 2009:
Please write more I miss a Darker Dream so much

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, but I'm sorry to say that A Darker Dream won't be updated for some time.

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Review #21, by rewop777 Hopeless Nights

15th December 2008:
Hey Selene, this is one of my favorite stories, thanks for writting it. I was wondering if there is anyway you could please email me the first version while you keep writting this one? my email is rewop777atmsndotcom

Author's Response: rewop777,

I'm so sorry about the delay, there is absolutely no excuse for it. I can't remember for the life of me if I e-mailed you previously or not. If I haven't, I beg for forgiveness, and if you're still interested please drop me a line sometime and I'll dig out the copies. Thank you for your review.

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Review #22, by Scott Hopeless Nights

2nd October 2008:
Have you decided to stop rewriting this story? If so, will you repost the old one somewhere or email me the 1ink you told maddog in the previous review. My email is srouse501 @hotmail com. I hope you start writing on this again. It is an excellant story and the previous version is excellant. Please respond.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review Scott! I hope you enjoy the original just as much.

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Review #23, by Sanguine Hopeless Nights

28th May 2008:
I really enjoyed the previous version of your story and I'm hoping for even more in this one. Have fun writing this and go at your own pace.

Author's Response: Thank you for enjoying both the previous and current version of A Darker Dream. I can't apologize enough for the long break in writing, and I'm sorry to say this one won't be updated for some time. Thank you though for your review and support.

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Review #24, by derek Hopeless Nights

27th May 2008:
ur my fav fan fic author, tht was godlike plzz add more quickly

Author's Response: Thank you very much, derek. I try and update when my creativity and schedule allows, but sadly that isn't as often as any of us would like. Thank you for the review.

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Review #25, by maddog098 Hopeless Nights

16th April 2008:
love the story so far but could you increase the updates and would it be possible to email me the origional chapter. my email is
i would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the original chapters i loved it, and wanted to compare it to how the rewrite turns out

Author's Response: Maddog098, if I could increase the updates, I would do so in a heart beat. To be honest, time has been non-existent for me for a bit. Full-time student, full-time job, homework, validating, miscellaneous Staffer work and real life have kept me away from writing. I do hope to get this thing update at least once before my trip this summer.

I appreciate you asking! While I'm not comfortable with sending actual copies of the chapters to people, I'm in the slow process of creating a website for the stories. The first seven original chapters of this story are already up and ready to read. I'll send you the link at the next chance I get. Thank you for your patience and your review, maddog098!

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