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Review #1, by haloharper Plagues, Stacks, and Flying Bludgers

9th May 2012:
This must have been when the server crashed years ago.

Omg, i just had a flashback to a thread we had together. The rigging of the toilets to explode each time they were flushed. Typical Weasley twins.

I like Cedric and Vita joking around with each other. I just wonder if he would be able to handle someone who isn't popular.

Author's Response: Haha. Brings back good memories, and we will see about Cedric. Thanks for the read and review.

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Review #2, by haloharper A Lesson in Disguise

9th May 2012:
This must have been when the server crashed long time ago.

I love Vita and know what it is like to be over looked and not popular. I think popular guys are cruel to non-popular people. They make you feel like you are something to them. Maybe Cedric finally grew up and is no longer a jerk, but only time will tell. This is one of my favorite stories. I hope you continue it again.

Author's Response: Thank you! I will try to work on continuing it, but I know what you mean about being over looked and not popular.

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Review #3, by Erica Never Thought

8th March 2010:
Just started reading your story. I love it!
can't wait to read more and I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks. I will try to update soon but I've been having writer's block.

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Review #4, by Ashikins Never Thought

9th July 2009:
Amazing I lovers it girly! well you know what I think... gross and eww for that one part

Author's Response: LMAO! Yeah a lot of people felt that way but I had my reasons. Thanks for the review.

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Review #5, by Ashikins One Blossoms, One Crashes and Burns

9th July 2009:
Again girl amazing! I lovers this Story.. poor Cedric..

Author's Response: Poor Cedric? He\\\'s not really the victim in this fanfic. LoL. Thanks for reading though.

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Review #6, by Ashikins Plagues, Stacks, and Flying Bludgers

9th July 2009:
Wow Cedric... amazing poor girl peoples are evil ya know?

Author's Response: Haha. Yes people are evil. Thanks for the review.

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Review #7, by Ashikins A Lesson in Disguise

8th July 2009:
I love Cedric... so sweet.. so kind.. and hot! I can't wait to read more..

Author's Response: Hehe. Yeah he is pretty hot. Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by Ashikins Cedric's Other Side

8th July 2009:
Again AMAZING hun I didn't want to go to work i wanted to keep reading!

Author's Response: Hehe. Thanks. :D

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Review #9, by Ashikins Special Privileges

8th July 2009:
Again Amazing :) all I can say sweetie!

Author's Response: Thank you my dear! :D

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Review #10, by Ashikins An Ugly Duckling

8th July 2009:
OMG Sara so good... but idk if I like Cedric being a dick haha you know how much I like him... Keep up the good work girly!

Author's Response: Well I kind of always thought he was that way in the series. Kind of stuck up and arrogant but we also didn\\\'t get to know him as well. Thanks for the review. :D

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Review #11, by Never Thought

5th June 2009:
xD i absolutely love your fics. This one was really good though i was a bit >.< about vita and snape, even though i knew it would happen eventually. haha

Author's Response: Hehe. Thanks hon. :D Someone else thought the same thing but it had to happen for a reason. Thanks for reading and for the review.

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Review #12, by Remy_saphire Never Thought

10th May 2009:
that was a shocker,can't wait to find out what happens

Author's Response: Thanks! Thanks for reading and for the review :D

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Review #13, by haloharper Never Thought

6th May 2009:
Not bad but i wanted more to happen. Hope the next chapter will have a lot of interesting things happen. keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by Kat Never Thought

4th May 2009:
Story was good but then you had her sleep with Snape...

Um that was just weird!


I loved the whole Triangle you created but Snape, really now..

Anyways good story but scary Chapter...

Author's Response: Well, she slept with Snape because he's the only person who practically shows her any bit of affection that is actually decent. He shows that he has cared about her while everyone else keeps hurting her.

Sorry if it scared you but I had a reason for doing it. Thanks for the read and review. :)

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Review #15, by haloharper One Blossoms, One Crashes and Burns

7th January 2009:
Wow I love it. The bad thing is I dont know who I would want her to be with. I like her with George because he doesnt mind being with her out in the open. I like her with Cedric sometimes because he show his other side when he is around her. He seems different around her only. I am so confused. She is going to have a hard time trying to figure out who she will be with.

Well keep up the great work. Hope you update soon. I love all your stories.

Author's Response: Don't worry. I'm sure something will happen that will make her decision pretty clear. You'll just have to wait and see but I'd be pretty confused too. Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #16, by Gwen One Blossoms, One Crashes and Burns

5th January 2009:
Great chapter once more! Don't worry about the delay, I think everyone needs to enjoy their vacation as much as they can.

But alright, about the chapter now. Hm, I actually wonder about some stuff.
I kind of skimmed through the previous chapter to catch the feeling of this story again and all, and I thought that Cedric and Vita were secretly dating, their relationships being kept away even from Fred and George. So when in this chapter suddenly George admits he figured out about them, if I were Vita I'd be freaked out. Also the fact that Snape knows, I'd sincerely freak out and wonder about my privacy.
But ok that put aside, I really loved George in this chapter, his way of acting so tenderly, it's really cute. Oh! and the way Cedric acts all possessive and yet he's too much of a jerk and coward to admit his relationship to his friend. I really wonder how the story will go on, there are so many different ways to go from here: Cedric acting indifferent yet trying to woo Vita, Cedric and Vita developing a love-hate relationship,... Ok, ok I'm getting carried away.

Anyways, lovely chapter once more, and I'm really looking forward to the next chapter, can't wait to read what happens!

Author's Response: Well, Fred and George kind of know because of how Cedric was hanging around Vita all of a sudden and there were some clues. She ran out to the Quidditch pitch when he got hurt and Fred and George were watching. Plus, there were some not so subtle times like when Cedric tried to reach her hand with his and bumped his in front of them and when they both took off in the library like right after each other. Hope this long paragraph clears that up.

As for Snape, I'm glad you caught onto that. You're definitely on the right track about that. He's getting a little too interested about what Vita does but then again, she ran down to him when he got hurt from Quidditch practice and if Snape was there, he's bound to see it.

Anyways, I'm glad you liked it and I like George that way too. It kind of shows her options of either being with someone whose really gentle and caring, or with someone who bases feelings more on lust at this point and time. I will try to update soon and thanks for the long review. I appreciate the comments. :)

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Review #17, by Gwen Plagues, Stacks, and Flying Bludgers

20th November 2008:
I just saw this story and I absolutely love it so far.
I was scared that like so many stories this one would be cliche but I'm more than happy that it's not.
I love your approach on Hogwarts' life, the way so many 'great and popular people' can be mean too.
The OC is really someone I can relate to and identify with, because who hasn't ever had such an experience as Vita's. You also describe her in such a human and natural way.
Your view on Cedric is also very interesting, you made me like him so much more.
I hope you'll write more soon, I'll certainly be looking out for more!

Author's Response: Oh wow. Thanks. I'm really glad you like this fanfic. Popular people can definetly be mean. I relate to Vita too because I was never popular in school. I had my own little group of friends and then some people I talked to occasionally. I'm really glad that you like her.

I always liked Cedric but I thought he came off a bit arrogant. I kind of wanted to show that but show that he could be different too if he really saw things from a different perspective. Thanks for reading and I will try to update soon!

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Review #18, by marie243 Plagues, Stacks, and Flying Bludgers

15th November 2008:
I read this quite a long time ago, but I figured you'd appreciate the review. So I love how their relationship is panning out. I feel terrible for both of them, though. I mean, neither of them would would be accepted if others were to find out. And poor Cedric. I do hope he recovers. I'm anticipating more. :)

Author's Response: Awww! Thanks! I really appreciate that after all the reviews I lost.

Society doesn't seem to be very accepting of a lot of people, even in real life. I'll try to update soon. I wasn't sure anyone was still reading this. Thanks!

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Review #19, by haloharper Cedric's Other Side

2nd June 2008:
i hope you get more of this story soon. i am dying to know what happens next.

Author's Response: I'm dying to know what happens next too! LoL. J/J. More will come soon. Thanks for the review!

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Review #20, by haloharper Special Privileges

2nd June 2008:
this chapter was really good too

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

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Review #21, by haloharper An Ugly Duckling

2nd June 2008:
hey this is an interesting story line. i to feel like an ugly duck

Author's Response: I think we all feel like an ugly duckling sometimes. Let's just be sexy ducklings. LoL. Thanks for the review.

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Review #22, by Marie Cedric's Other Side

2nd June 2008:
I hope you write more soon! Its a great story and I am anxious to find out what happenns next.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you like it. :) I'll hopefully be writing more soon. I've been trying to go back and forth between all of my fanfics. Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by livee Cedric's Other Side

26th May 2008:
thank you 4 writting more i loved it

Author's Response: You're welcome. I'm glad you liked it and I will try to work on more for this fanfic soon. You can always read some of my other ones for right now if you like. :) Thanks again for reading!

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Review #24, by miss_remus Cedric's Other Side

22nd May 2008:
Well, I'm glad that Cedric is starting to be nice to her. I guess Vita standing up for herself turned out to help and hopefully their relationship will continue to grow. Hmm, I wonder if Snape will start to regret pairing those two together... I can't wait to see how he reacts now that they're starting toget along. Update soon!

Author's Response: Well, Snape is going to have a major role in this fanfic. His reaction to Cedric and Vita will come later on. It should be one that you will like. LoL. As far as Cedric, he's kind of realizing his ways and plus the way he acted before was so dumb. I mean, it is titled False Popularity. Thanks for reading and more might come soon!

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Review #25, by potterfreak77 Cedric's Other Side

19th May 2008:
Cedric is an ass. And lessons with Snape? I wonder what he'll be teaching her. I wonder what will happen next.

Author's Response: LoL. Cedric is kind of a mixed person after this chapter. You can either love him or hate him. You will also find out what Snape will teach her. Some of the chapters will focus around his teachings. Thanks for reading!

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