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Review #1, by harrypotty The Sorting

11th June 2008:
very good naticus maximus! Having fun in latin and german this year? thought not. but otherwise good story. like it a lot (i've added it to my favourites!)!

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Review #2, by Lucy The Sorting

4th June 2008:
an amazing story...

Me and my publishing company will definely be following this talented young author's work.

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Review #3, by ronisthetruemaster The Sorting

11th May 2008:
The 78 mile long list of names is a great feature as I recongised a few names in there!

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Review #4, by dobbythefreeelf The Sorting

6th May 2008:
Well done!

A lot of listing but still very good. Longness is good!

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Review #5, by Crookshanks_rox The Sorting

24th April 2008:
Please write a review on my story!!!

Read the 1st chapter first!!!

Author's Response: Please write a review now!!!

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Review #6, by dobbythefreeelf The Journey

15th April 2008:
Right NJ, though I ODVIOUSLY think longness is good I like your story and get a move on and write another chapter.

Author's Response: DobbyTheFreeElf, the other chapter is on it's way, being validated at the moment!

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Review #7, by the only EMMA (from your school nat)(the one with the J surn The Journey

11th December 2007:
BRIL. but NJ i have a nit to pick with you. WHy do you say Hagrid retired when it says CLEARLY in the last book. "remember Al, hagrids invited you to tea"! otherwize dearest, its BRILL

Author's Response: ok ok

just coz i cant QUOTE from the book...

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Review #8, by Crookshanks_rox The Journey

7th December 2007:
Please write a review on my story!

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Review #9, by ronisthetruemaster The Journey

7th December 2007:

Author's Response: Thank you Flob for your kind comment...

I must say it's well deserved though!!!!

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Review #10, by Emailycat The Journey

6th December 2007:
It's really good, but i would love to see more written on the page.

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