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Review #1, by randomwriter ...Not a Twinkle...

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review: Decree Number Two

Hello there :) I just read a very similar story, but the nice thing is that this picks up from the moment it left off. The writing is similar too!

I loved how you contrasted Ginny's internal monologue with reality. It was nice to see how her thoughts went along with what was happening. I love how they're talking about the kiss and how it could mean something more. We all know how long Ginny's waited for this, but from her thoughts, we can tell that she didn't just pine after him. She went out and devleoped as a strong, confident person. One Harry would be able to love. That was a really nice touch. I thought the ending was really sweet :) The idea of them having a secret room, somehow makes me feel like it's their little respite from all the darkness, which is really cute!

Great one-shot :)

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Review #2, by Red_headed_juliet ...Not a Twinkle...

7th July 2014:
This is adorable! I'm a huge Ginny/Harry fan, so it's nice to see this missing moment from the series.

I think the brief dialogue is very in canon, as I don't think that either one of them would feel the need to talk much after that. The inner monologue solidifies Ginny as a rather introspective character, and as the youngest in a large family, I think fits perfectly.

"Because it's love. And love is fear. And fear is always the one thing that makes hopes presence known and when hope rises above fear that's when you can reach out."

New favorite quote of the day.

Congratulations on accomplishing so much in so little words! The tone in this piece is very much apparent!

Until next time! House Cup 2014- Decree 2

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Review #3, by HeyMrsPotter ...Not a Twinkle...

7th July 2014:
So, one of the things I love most about fanfiction are 'missing moments' stories, just like this one! I love that you've taken that one line from the books and turned it into this beautiful one-shot.

I think you've portrayed Harry and Ginny really well, especially with the use of italics to voice Ginny's thoughts. It's so lovely to read how happy she is to finally have Harry after waiting and loving him for so long. I really liked this line:
This is wonderful. This is what I've lived for for so long

The description around their secret place is lovely, and it fits with Hogwarts so well, with it's hidden places that are just so beautiful. It felt really authentically magic and made for a lovely ending to your story.

Dee -House Cup 2014 review, Educational Decree number 2.

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Review #4, by my wicked quill ...Not a Twinkle...

11th October 2009:
interesting. i love to read peoples imagination about hit sparticular scene, it is different in everyone's mind, and i think that y jk rowling never wrote out that scene, just to let us have some fun 9/10

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Review #5, by Severus my hero ...Not a Twinkle...

30th January 2008:
It was very sweet. That being said you had quite a few grammar and spelling errors. It is good to revise your story before you post it. Anyhow Keep Writing :>

Author's Response: Yah I'm not the best speler (see!) in the world but I'll try to be better from now on.
I'm glad you liked the story, I'll try revising it!

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Review #6, by Dee ...Not a Twinkle...

1st December 2007:
well I had no idea what to write after the kiss. or maybe I had. you idea isn't a lot ginnyish... she fell in love with him a long time after this.maybe a long time after the final battle... nice try.

Author's Response: Thanks for your opinion. I just kind of went with what I thought happened. to tell the truth I wasn't a Ginny/Harry shipper until HP6.
Keep Reviewing!;D

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