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Review #1, by SereneChaos What She Never Said

14th July 2013:
Poor Petunia. I liked how you addressed the fact that Harry was a reminder of what Petunia was not--it's refreshing to read that as opposed to Harry simply being a reminder of her sister. Your first and last lines were so sweet! I think together they really helped bring this little story full circle. The only CC I have to give is maybe pick and choose a few scenes to play out, enough to flesh out the story a bit. Right now it reads a little bit like a summary of Petunia's life, which is nice and informative, but you could do the same thing by showing us scene snippets. Otherwise, I thought this was a bittersweet little fic and enjoyed it!

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Review #2, by marauder_princess! What She Never Said

16th September 2009:
hi there! i really like ur story! it's different from all the others and it's kinda sad, i mean i kind of feel sorry for petunia.
anyway, good job! you should write more!!
i give you a 100/10!!!

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Review #3, by Smiling Ghost What She Never Said

21st January 2008:
Oh...that was lovely

I've never hated Petunia, and I love that you've written such a beautiful story explaining why she was unable to let go of her past


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Review #4, by go greens What She Never Said

21st January 2008:
I have to say, i absolutely love your story!! It shows another side of petunia from what she usually protrays, her in depth feelings and the reason why she is so cold towards Harry and Lily. A refreshing point of view. Great job there!!

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Review #5, by Leo072491 What She Never Said

20th January 2008:
I really liked it. I always imagined what went through Peatunia's head and this is just so well written. I just love how in the end she suddenly doesn't want to be special anymore. Great job :) 9/10

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Review #6, by kyrandia What She Never Said

20th January 2008:
oh this is so good it could also be called regret

Author's Response: I've never really considered another title for it, but I think that that could be a nice one for it. Thanks for the suggestion, as well as reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by harrylilyjames What She Never Said

3rd January 2008:
Awe, this was so sad =(... the last line was really sweet. I really liked it and it makes sense- i always just took it that Petunia was a cold, heartless woman- but you've got me thinking now. Lol.
really nice story.
10/10- even though there were one or two small mistakes, I still LOVED it!!

Author's Response: Before I got the sudden inspiration to write this, I thought pretty much the same--Petunia was cold and heartless. Somehow, after I wrote this, I began to see it all in a completely different light: Her hurt that was caused by Lily being special and her just a normal little girl, wound up taking over her, and causing her to hate the one part of her sister that she had left. I'm glad that you liked it even though there were mistakes. I'll be sure to fix those. Thanks for reading and reviewing, and thanks for the beyond awesome rating!

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Review #8, by kissedbyavampire What She Never Said

30th December 2007:

Petunia has never gotten the attention she truly deserves. Thanks for giving her that, something I could never do myself. I greatly enjoyed reading this. Very good.


Author's Response: Brilliant? Really? Gee, thanks! =D I feel exactly the same as you do! I felt that there were not enough Petunia stories in the fan fic world, so I decided to do her character justice. I appreciate all the lovely compliments! Thanks! I'm extremely happy that you enjoyed reading it! Thanks for reading and reviewing! By the way, sorry if I'm being oblivious, what does the 109.9 mean?

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Review #9, by Luna Longbottom What She Never Said

15th December 2007:
I loved it, this is just how I pictured how Petunia felt about Harry.

Author's Response: You loved it? Wow. Thanks! I think that this fills in a lot about what was going on in Petunia's head. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by harrypotterroxs What She Never Said

8th December 2007:
aww! this is so sad! great job! 100-100! =)

Author's Response: Yays! Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by dianap00 What She Never Said

7th December 2007:
Makes me want to read that chapter all over again. Very nicely written. I like how you organized Aunt Petunia's thoughts in such a way. It was definitely fun to read.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you enjoy it. Thanks a bunch for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by mare12a What She Never Said

5th December 2007:
are you going to write more or i this a one-shot?

Author's Response: This is just a one-shot. Yay! My first review on this! Thanks a bunch for reading and reviewing!

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