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Review #1, by Silvertongue26 The Change

3rd January 2010:
whoa..! WTH happened to Hermione..? Was she jinxed..?

Author's Response: sorry I cant really respond to this story! my best friend kaykay wrote this..

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Review #2, by Slytherin_Princess44 the switch

24th January 2009:
I like it, but each paragraph is to spaced. And more details of whats going on can help.

Author's Response: i know!! i'm so sorry my computer dose that on its own accord. i'll try and fix it soon!

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Review #3, by artemisia the switch

7th March 2008:
hey kay kay it's your BFF here so HI! I put a new story up for us called encounter with a Ballerina it is gonna be awsome! i JUST PUT IT UP 3/6/08 it's great hope you read it your story's realy good! see u in class!

Author's Response: MEH! dont write me !!!

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Review #4, by slytherindracomalfoygirl the switch

6th March 2008:
this is really really really really really really good

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! Be sure to check out my ther storys also. Im updating a new one right now.

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Review #5, by the_awesome_one In Trouble

16th December 2007:
Ok, well a beta reader reads over your work and checks for grammar and spelling errors and also leaves suggestions to make your story better. And you send your beta the next chapter and they check it over, send it back to you so you can make the changes and send it back to the beta.

We need to be able to contact each other by email if you agree and would like me to beta your work. My email is in my personal info so feel free to email me anytime!

Author's Response: ok

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Review #6, by the_awesome_one the switch

9th December 2007:
I think you have a really good start, kind of confusing but good. It kind of seemed rushed and I think you might need to do some point of views like how Hermione feels, her thoughts, Draco's thoughts about what happend etc. But please keep going its a really good story so far! Oh, and if you don't already have a beta I would be more than happy to help.

Author's Response: txs 4 the suggestions that'll really help and a beta? i dont even know what that is so sure you can help!

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Review #7, by Draco_is_my_Boi the switch

8th December 2007:

Author's Response: thank u

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Review #8, by ArtyGirl evil little bitch

6th December 2007:
So, I may have a couple grammatical mistakes here and there in my story, but I'm not going to be excessive about it! I have 4 chapters just like you, on the other hand I have 98 reviews. HPFF users love my work. Rarely, RARELY, will you find a grammar mistake.

FYI, I am a teenager, too.

Texting is no excuse for bad grammar. Here, on HPFF, a public site, I would be ashamed to write like you.

I like texting and IMing, but I use that spelling ext. only when appropriate.

Take my advice and use spell check.

Author's Response: interesting i will oh i took a look at ur banners ugly i would be embarrased 2 have that thing as my banner HA HA!

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Review #9, by HPisHott1029 the switch

6th December 2007:
damn you ronald weasley!! lol...great story, although I miss the Slytherin Hermione...

Author's Response: she may come back you never know and thxs for the compliment

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Review #10, by ArtyGirl The Change

5th December 2007:
Haven't you ever heard of grammar?! That was atrocious! Learn how to capitalize your letters, and then maybe you will get some reviews. This isn't texting or IMing. This is important and viewed by thousand, and you are giving off a bad impression to anyone who reads it. Ha, to think I was going to offer you a banner. Ha, yeah, well, I changed my mind. 2/10

Author's Response: you did not just go there!? excuse me but i would h8 2 read ur work so wat if im a teenager who likes 2 use texting its not my fault u probably have grammer issues in ur story just as well

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Review #11, by maquel In Trouble

2nd December 2007:
when more chapters are added this will make a great read, lookin forward to more

Author's Response: thx im writing rit when i can validate again

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Review #12, by natilee In Trouble

2nd December 2007:
nice plot line! hurry up and write more chapters!

Author's Response: thx i will

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Review #13, by hajelaz In Trouble

2nd December 2007:
It's so confusing.
rnpls elaborate wat hermione is upto...

Author's Response: my 2nd chapter got deleted because i was hving some probs with my computer but i am validating the second chapter rit now and the chapter you just read is the 3rd also wat Hermione's up to will be revealed in the 4th chapter!

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Review #14, by hajelaz The Change

28th November 2007:
good start :)
couldn't wait to see wat comes next??
but y didn't anybody do abt that falling object or was it just in her mind??

Author's Response: it will b revieled in the next chapter which is being validated remember its also a comedy *D

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