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Review #1, by Natalya Injury Induced

20th March 2010:
nope only if u go back and add more smile will i review :) lol

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Review #2, by Grawp Injury Induced

10th December 2009:
hahahaahaha u write such funny stuff always laugh

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Review #3, by Fireball Nymph Injury Induced

10th April 2009:
I LOVED THIS ONE-SHOT! So fluffy and perfect. I really like Kelly, and I think Sirius was really funny and cute! And when he was sorta hurt by the fact that Kelly didn't like him! That was so cute. And I never thought Lily to be the type of person to snog in public. I always thought she would be more. composed. It seems like her type of personalty. Well, I loved all your characters. Not one of them were bad. And Remus was absolutely adorable. So shy, like I always imagined him to be, especially around girls. Well, I would really love it if you made more one-shots like this. In fact, right now, I'm about to go and see if you already did and read them! Well, like I said, great one!

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Review #4, by jacobblackismyboyfriend Injury Induced

13th March 2009:
so sweet! i loved the fluff 100% :) keep writing! 10/10

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Review #5, by Tres Amigas de Harry Potter Injury Induced

15th April 2008:
Very nice! Romantic, too. Is this what all you people call "fluffy"? Just wondering, so I could be in on all these terms.
I liked that they got together over an injury!
Oh... injury induced! I get it now! :) ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, there's some fluff. But Soiree and Seance is fluffier. Yup, now you get it... :) LYLAS 4EVER!

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Review #6, by waffles Injury Induced

1st December 2007:
excellent story.
write more!
oh whos the guy on your banner?

Author's Response: Thanks! It's a one-shot. But I might write a sequeal if you want one. The guy on the banner is Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. Like him? Too bad! He's mine! :)

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Review #7, by Nymphie Lupin Injury Induced

1st December 2007:
aww, thanks for the smiles!!! :P :P :P I loved this! It's so fluffy, so damn fluffy. Great job with the writing!!! I simply loved it. :) :) :) and this was so adorable too. I loved the ending, "well... I'm Sirius Black and I don't give a damn." it was PERFECT!!! I mean it was a REALLY PERFECT ENDING to a PERFECTLY FLUFFY FAN FIC!!! And they ended up together!!! absolutely sweet. Just the kinda chick-y fic-y I needed!!! :) Thanks for such a great read dearie, I really loved it. I wish I had your inspiration right now, I'm like suffering from some seriously bad writers block. I CANNOT STAND IT!!! Anyways, fabulous job. You totally get a billion out of ten... but the site's rating doesn't go up that high, so you'll have to settle for a ten out of ten... yes I know, depressing isn't it! LMFAO!!! Well ttfn!

Author's Response: Hi Shea! Thanks! You're always so sweet to me :) more smiles! I'm not depressed, don't worry! Since you're out of inspiration, we should collaborate! I don't why your lack of inspiration means we should collaborate, but we should all the same, for a one-shot or something. That would be fun :) Talk to you soon!

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