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Review #1, by TheOtherHermione Colourful

8th October 2011:
This was an AMAZING story^_^ i loved it so much!

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

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Review #2, by LilyFire Colourful

19th July 2010:
I really like this's one of my favorites...You just capture everyone so well. Great job!

Author's Response: aw, thanks so much! I'm not particularly happy with it, but I'm glad you were!

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Review #3, by Fragility Colourful

16th July 2009:
I'm very impressed with the depth of this story, the feeling in it. Wonderfully put together, the mixing of the lyrics and the story to emphasize certain feelings.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #4, by searching4neverland Colourful

13th June 2009:
Wow, this piece was amazing! Your Tonxs is fantastic, every time you describe a part of her character it just makes me love her more! I espetially like the part of her and Molly fighting, and the bit before that, with Sirius and her was priceless :D
When she said "Now you can touch me" it was really sweet, i liked that moment you created.

I guess you can tell I realy loved this story, its deffinitely one of my favorites! Il have to read more from you!

Author's Response: haha, wow, this is so great! Thank you very much!

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Review #5, by Paloma Patil Colourful

15th December 2007:
Love this - and LOVE the detail that Tonks' middle name is "Theodore". Jeez - Ted must be as crazy as Adromeda to give the poor child a name like that, eh? Well done.


Author's Response: yay, I"m glad you liked it!! Yeah, I figured Andromeda had her bit, so Ted had to be equally cruel. ^_^

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Review #6, by Rock n Roll Colourful

10th December 2007:
wonderful as always :)

Author's Response: AHHH!!! JEN JEN!! I MISSED YOU!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOU HAVEN'T REVIEWED IN FOREVER AHHH!! Oh well, it's not like I don't know where you live! *evil cackle* I mean, *innocent giggle*

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Review #7, by Severus my hero Colourful

8th December 2007:
I think you should have tried to make some distinction between the 1995 and the 1997-98 scenes. Otherwise it was quite well-done, though a tinsy bit out of character Remus (I don't think he would have confessed he liked Tonks). But nonetheless good job.

Author's Response: yeah, I'm bad with transitions, so I tend to use lyrics as that instead. I'll work on that, thanks for the feedback!

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Review #8, by Harry and Mione forever Colourful

4th December 2007:
Aaw, sweetness! That was beautiful, I really loved it! You are really good with song fics/chapters (I've tried, let's not go there) and I know how hard it is. How you find the time to write so much and do it so WELL is a mystery to me.

10/10 I really, really loved the ending and it had me sniffling a little bit. Promise me one thing, NEVER EVER STOP WRITING! Or, I'll track you down and force you to start again *winks*
Great story and just because of the end paragraph I give you another 10

Author's Response: oh thanks so much love!! I actually came up with the ending because I lost my plot bunny groove. I was going to have it only in OTP, then thought " could I make this more depressing?"
Oh, and I promise, I'll NEVER stop writing! It's my passion! I'm going toward a book, actually, but I'm 14 so I've got time. I love you hun!!

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Review #9, by Emily Colourful

1st December 2007:
I adored this. Super fantastic.
Big Smiles!!

Author's Response: oh thanks i love smiles!!!

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Review #10, by vampirate_lycan Colourful

27th November 2007:
Aw! The last bit had me tearing up. So sweet. Just beautiful. So well written. Well done. A definate 10/10.

Hey, on another note I was wondering whether you wouldn't mind reading my story.

Well done again.

Author's Response: thanks so much!! I would love reading your story, I'm always wanting new things to read!

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