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Review #1, by Princess Di The Cave

9th June 2009:
How old is Prissy in this story?
I'm glad she got over him, he really didn't deserve to be loved like Prissy obviously loved him.

Author's Response: Hmm...I think she was probably mid-twenties by this point.

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Review #2, by Lisa (fragorl) The Cave

2nd October 2008:
Hey there, just stumbled across here lookin for fanfics but this was so good I had to review :) I thought the way you caught the relationship between the younger dark lord and a muggle girl was perfect, and you managed to convey something almost like regret for his death in a way that was really beautiful! I am just rambling now, but wanted to say, loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #3, by emerald_nellie The Cave

10th March 2008:
This has been in my favourites for a while now, but I've never reviewed it *guilt*. Sorry about that, I can't think why not. I think this is definitely one of your best stories. I greatly respect anyone who tries to write Tom Riddle. I've tried (and failed) myself, so I know how hard it is. You did it really well. There were moments when I was reading that I felt truly scared of him. There is one thing I can say that I think would improve the story even more.
"Your kind will be eliminated, I'm afraid," he said calmly.
"Eliminated or enslaved."
That section where Tom is speaking, I think you could have been a little more subtle. It seems rather forceful, and while I know that is what Tom's character is like, I always imagined him to have a bit more grace and elegance and not be so blunt with what he says. I expect that he would have chosen his words very carefully and just said things a bit more subtly.
I know it's all up to each individuals interpretation of the character, but that is just my point of view on him.
All in all, I think this is a wonderful story that really portrays an accurate and realistic view on Riddle's childhood. I felt the emotions that Prissy did. I was upset when she was, and scared when she was. A really great piece of writing.
And that concludes this long overdue review. I usually review most of the things I read, and DEFINITELY the ones in my favourites. So sorry for the rudeness. =P

Author's Response: I'm FINALLY getting to my response. Sorry, especially since you write me lovely long ones. I have a lot of trobule with Tom Riddle, too, so I think this was kind of a challenge to myself. I guess I was just thinking that when he was younger, he wouldn't have quite learned how to charm people. I'm not sure, though. I'm still working on my permanent characterization of him, y'know? Thank you so much, so, so much. That really is one of the best compliments I have ever been paid. No, rudeness at all. It's nice to hear, even if it's later! ;D

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Review #4, by Luna Longbottom The Cave

13th January 2008:
Wow, this story is really unique. I liked it.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #5, by inkismyworld The Cave

14th December 2007:
It was nice at the end how Prissy finally came to terms with her relationship with Tom-I've never seen a pairing like this before very captivating to read!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I really took a chance here, since it's something I don't normally write. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #6, by Fieryprincess The Cave

8th December 2007:
Wow, I felt a iffy reading this story cause I thought Voldemort simply does not fall in love. When I read it though I love how you made if clear that he was clearly not in love with Prissy, he was in love with the power he had over her. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I just like how you put the contrast of a normal, good girl and a magic, evil man. I like the ending and I hope Prissy has a nice happily ever after. =P 10/10

Author's Response: That's exactly the point I tried to get across. Voldemort does not love people; Voldemort loves power. Thank you so, so much :)

P.S. I really think she did :D

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Review #7, by amritab529 The Cave

5th December 2007:
wow. that was amazing.
i loved it so much.
you write amazingly.
great great job. 10/10.

Author's Response: Hehe. Thank you! :)

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Review #8, by JLHufflepuff The Cave

1st December 2007:
Aww! You are a talented writer, and I really enjoyed this one-shot! I think that you realistically display how Tom would have acted towards someone he was in a "relationship" with. It's interesting getting to see her observations about him and some backstory on what they did. I like the mood of the story. Very somber but strength-giving to Prissy.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I wasn't really sure what to do about that, since Tom can't show love, y'know? I'm glad that you liked it, though. That was definitely the effect I was going for! Thanks :)

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Review #9, by maraudersmap The Cave

30th November 2007:
This was simply an amazingly brilliant one-shot. I have always been very fascinated by Tom's character, and this was just... fantastic. I don't know what else to say, really. Everything was written so beautifully, Tom was perfectly in character, and their relationship and passion was heartbreaking. The ending actually made me cry! So touching and... beautiful. Definitely going to my favs! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate you saying that, since I've always had a bit of a struggle with Tom/Voldemort's character. Thank you :)

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Review #10, by Onora The Cave

28th November 2007:
Time for me to take the time to review The Cave I think. :D
Supposed to be doing french homework but shhh. :P
I know; I find it so hard to write Voldemort, older and younger. I am working on two voldy ficlets at the moment, but lets just say they're not going well. ;)
Prissy is vair good; quite dependable and strong in some ways, but not in others. She's matured alot since she was young; that was shown well. She's a very three-dimensional character. Good work. Was she difficult to write?
Tom is v. good also; the mood swings are just like him. Purring one minute, angry the next. Characterisation spot on.
Also liked the inscription on the rock, and how she separated them. Imagery used very affectively here. ^_^
Aww, thankyou for saying I'm a wonderful reviewer; I'm touched. :) *hugs back* xD

Author's Response: Psh. French homework? Seriously? I never do mine...I mean...I am a fantastically organized student. Yeah.
Ickkk. He's just so...evil. It's difficult to write about pure evil. You'll have to let me know when you put them up, so I can take a look :)
Ah! I'm glad that you didn't judge her by her name. I was just writing it very quickly and that name happened to pop out. I actually did have a bit of trouble with her. I didn't want to make her seem whiny, but I didn't want her to be unbelievable.
Aha! I'm glad that you liked that. I'm trying to throw in more and more imagery and stuff like that. It's always been a weak point of mine.
No, seriously, though! I always enjoy your reviews. I mean, I love all reviews, but I can really tell that you think about yours, and I just love that :D

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Review #11, by NevillesSoulmate The Cave

26th November 2007:
It was really intersting to read something written from the point of view of someone in the cave with Tom. I really loved how she had feelings for him. You have a great writing style that works well. Very good one-shot.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I really never intended to write anything about him, but it was just the story that sprung from the banner. Thanks again! :)

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Review #12, by harryfroggy123 The Cave

25th November 2007:
Wow, I love this story. I was fanatically reading Marry for Murder, and I was thinking *I wonder what that author is doing right now.* So I inserted your account name in and saw all your stories. You are busy writing girl! ( I'm just assuming you're a girl because "Pretty Purple Pelican" if you are a guy I am SO sorry if I offended you ) you have written a ton! anyway, I hope that you would consider reading my stories, even though they are nowhere NEAR as good as yours are-"The Other Chosen One"; "Bubbly"; "Her Lovely Face". 90/10!!

Author's Response: Haha, well, thank you! I'm always up to something, I can promise you that! (And, yes, I am definitely a girl. Dontcha worry!) I just had this random bout of spastic writer-ness (I don't think it's entirely over yet). Hey, no problem! I'll check them out when I get the change; it'll probably be during X-mas break, though. Thank you, as always :)

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Review #13, by dracoslover1 The Cave

25th November 2007:
This is a good little story here. You can tell that she does care about Tom, but he does not seem to want to return the favor. I like the second to last line of the story: that seems to wrap up the entire story in a perfect sentence, if that makes sense.

The one thing that I am having a little bit of difficulty with is Tom's reaction to when she called him Tom and not 'My Lord'. We know that he had a temper, even in his youth. I would suggest perhaps improving that little spot and showing his temper in this section of the chapter. That would defiantly show to her that he is a changed man and would help support her thoughts on when she said that she noticed the darkness creep into his soul.

Overall, good. I give it a 8/10.

Author's Response: Good, good. I'm glad that came across. That's exactly what I was trying to show.

You know, normally, I will not go back and change things like that, but this suggestion makes so much sense that I think I'll have to. It wouldn't take too much effort, either. I've always had issues writing about Voldemort, and I found writing him as a young man even more difficult, so any help on his personality is welcomed. Thank you very much for the suggestion and review. :)

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Review #14, by rdheyes The Cave

24th November 2007:
do you realise that i am in love with you? i dont know who you are, but im in love with you. everything that i have read of yours is just so great. i think that its great that each of your stories is so different. so many authors stick to just one pairing or era (im guilty of that). i have never read anything like this before, nor about hagrid or petunia or anything like that. im sorry, i didnt review them so ill make this one a long one. i think all your stories are written REALLY well and they are all really great ideas. i especially liked this one, though. it was just so haunting and creepy. in a good way, i mean. i have never written anything about toms youth. ive thought about it, but had no idea how to approach it. i think it is one of those things that has the potential to go very wrong. but yours went very right. so well done with it and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Well, goodness! Thank you very much! I am so happy to see all your reviews. They are quite enjoyable to read. I guess I just wanted to see if I could do more than one thing. Tom/Voldemort has always been a very difficult character for me to write, but I definitely recommend trying it! Thank you very much!!! :)

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